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'When You Drill, You Spill': Hundreds of East Coast Businesses Tell Obama to Ditch Offshore Plans


'When You Drill, You Spill': Hundreds of East Coast Businesses Tell Obama to Ditch Offshore Plans

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

"When you drill, you spill."

That what owners of hundreds of small businesses along the U.S. Atlantic coast have written in a letter to President Obama, urging him to ditch any plans for offshore drilling in the region.

The letter (pdf), sent Thursday and organized by Environment America, states, "Our coasts are worth too much to risk."


Meanwhile the letter is sent to a president who allowed drilling in the extreme conditions of the Arctic Ocean and not the relatively balmy conditions off Virginia Beach. I agree with stopping all drilling (we don't need the oil) and instead erecting Wind Turbines instead.

I can't help but think about Arctic Drilling and how inevitable and how terrible will be the spills up there.


When the first offshore rig off the coast of the Carolinas is hit by a Cat 5 hurricane, the barrier islands and the Atlantic seaboard will not recover from the disastrous effects for millennia (not unlike the reverberating and ongoing effects of the Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf). I am absolutely dumbfounded by the actions of the "Hope and Change" president pontificating about how he will be a staunch advocate for the environment and champion the cause for increasing alternate energy sources such as solar and wind power and who then does a 180 about face to mollify and cater to the fossil fuel energy, mining and chemical giants that are inveterate destroyers of our planet's environment and ecological systems. What a total sell out and disappointment he has turned out to be. WTF...he could have done so much with his veto over his second term to fulfill his campaign promises that have proven to be empty rhetoric.


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You are absolutely right in everything you've said. Obama seems literally to have sold his soul (in more ways than one) just to be president. He could have went for that place in history that was virtually guaranteed to him but instead he strove towards complete mediocrity. He seems to have been assigned the role of defusing the righteous anger Bush/Cheney corruption left us and also to literally quash real hope by disappointing all those who believed his promises. It is as if he is our punishment for having hoped to change the status quo. Obama was intended to discourage people from hoping again. "All resistance is futile" Says the Oligarchy and Obama made sure we wouldn't trust or hope to change that.

That is why Bernie really scares the oligarchy. He wasn't expected. He wasn't planned for. It was supposed to be a race between the two 'heirs apparent' Hillary and Jeb.

Bernie has a record that allows people to hope again because he doesn't have to make promises that they have to believe. They can just check his record and they see it. No promises just facts. His record overcomes the doubt Obama's betrayal left in people.

It amazes me. Yay Bernie!!!


The fact that is always ignored is that oil companies ALWAYS create leaks and spills. And they NEVER get them cleaned up. Never. They don't have the technology to contain spills nor are they able to clean them up!
Multi-billion dollar fines do not even matter. Why? Because once the damage is done it is NEVER undone. The wildlife cannot recover amidst oil pollution. The flora and fauna are simply excluded and their existence threatened in the presence of oil pollution. Go look at the swamps and shorelines where spills have occurred. They are never cleaned up. We as a country deserve to be able to look after our environment. Stop the drilling in the arctic and in our waters. Keep our beaches pristine, as much as possible.


Either we as a nation stand-up for a sustainable future or with exploitation and pollution. Citizens must press elected officials to choose sustainability over profits above all else, something they have so-far not done, a direct result of the pernicious corrupting influence of big-money in politics. Campaign-contribution bribes and millions gifted by industries that despoil the environment must be stopped to change direction toward sustainability.

The "revolving-door" between government "regulators" and corporate shills/agents must also be ended - the connection and subversion of government agencies that should be working for the 99% rather than the 1% pirates is indisputable as we have seen too often to count.

When Obama approved sonic-cannons to be used in oil&gas exploration off the Atlantic East Coast and potential drilling/spills and RD Shell Arctic drilling he showed clearly (as he had with many, many previous decisions) he stands with exploitation rather than conservation and sustainability. This is the kind of betrayal of the future and sustainability we must fight against regardless which political party does the betraying and openly or behing closed-doors serves the corporate/banker/financial pirates/parasites.


So very well put. - "The Audacity of Hope" has morphed into "The Audacity of Hype".


Telling Obama this and telling Obama that what to do and what not to do is totally fruitless. He only listens to his Wall Street, corporate bosses. He will give a nice speech to please those "hoping" people and then turn around and do the opposite. Once in a while he will throw a crumb out there for it not to become obvious whose bosses he listens to.


Where they drill they are certain to spill.The record is abysmal & Obama's tepid response to the BP Gulf Spill was weak & appalling , the congressional GOP response was shameful & appalling as taxpayers picked up the tab..
Ken Salizar should have been fired.
BP, Halliburton, didn't even pay pennies on the dollar for damages.
Those companies should have had their assets seized to cover permanent damages & to never be permitted to do business in the USA again.
Environmental damage,oil wars,tax havens for big oil,& corruption, figure in all those cost's in a gallon of gas & we are paying more than $100.00 per gallon.
Yes offshore drilling has clearly failed the American people in a very big way!


Bdox. While I agree with what you say, it is not entirely true. Mother nature knows best how to take care and does. However some challenges put forth by man are problematic & should not be!


Now you know why the oligarchs are worried about Bernie upsetting their rigged game. The game being how little they will get away with having to pay for the damage their spills cause.

If they had to pay the real cost then they'd be far more careful about preventing spills and being prepared for them with the appropriate equipment on hand or nearby. They don't clean up, except on the surface. They tell us the oil will degrade... which is fine if you intend to use that beach in a future reincarnation maybe but it will be ruined for decades to come biologically.

They are supposed to reseed and replant forests after clear cutting too. They don't do that either.

They are supposed to clean up superfund sites until Bush/Cheney dumped that on to the tax payer and then cut funds to the superfund program at the same time.

Maybe...just maybe... the oligarchy will get the boot (at least in good measure if not completely) if Bernie can make it. It seems obvious that people sense he is for real and are supporting him... now come the dirty tricks and backstabbing bulls*t.

Go Bernie... we are rooting for you to make it through all the way to the WH.


Sanders may do a lot but those changes won't come over nite maybe not in our lifetimes still we have to challenge them @ every step..The oligarchs have a mean machine in place


Obama is nothing more than a wall street errand boy!


Its too bad Palm Beach, Florida doesn't have a huge oil reserve a 1/4 mile off shore. I'm sure all those rich people there would love to have the source of all their wealth planted right on their favorite beach- as one big polluting eyesore! Oh the fun that would be!