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When You Give to Them, They Do Whatever the Hell You Want Them To do.”


When You Give to Them, They Do Whatever the Hell You Want Them To do.”

A few journalists actually doing their job have given us a chilling portrait of a post-Citizens-United American democracy where elections and power are won more by corporate cash than political leadership. A Guardian look at sealed documents in the investigation of Scott Walker campaign finance violations, and a Newsweek analysis of murky Trump connections around the world, reveal the pay-to-play democracy Bernie et al keep warning us about.


The "article" is about a terribly important topic, the importance of which will only grow into the foreseeable future.

What a golden opportunity wasted on haste.


I cannot, and will not, in good conscience, vote for Jill Stein, due to her anti-vaccine stance. I hope Hillary stays in the race so that I can vote for her and to at least help try to stop Trump from getting in. If Trump wins that White House, we're screwed....big time. So are those people who are gung-ho in support of him.


Literally Correct the Record propaganda. I'm glad you gave a very detailed and well written rebuttal, I'm just skeptical that it will change a Clinton supporter's opinion. People who take the New York Times as gospel won't bother to read a comment on CD, no matter how much more accurate it is.


I stand by what I've said, Ireneh. That so-called "link" between vaccines and autism was firmly disproved and tossed out by the wayside...years ago! The British-born Dr. Andrew Wakefield, who started the anti-vaccine movement lost his accreditation and his license to practice medicine, because it was found that he'd deliberately and knowingly used falsified, flawed data to back up his "research" Sorry, but I don't support Jill Stein's position on this and never will.


I stand by my position that Trump would somebody who'd be even more likely than Hillary to get us into more wars and support Israel unconditionally. I will vote for her in November, because a vote for Jill Stein would definitely help out Trump, which I definitely do not want to take a chance with doing. Trump is even more dangerous than Hillary Clinton, imho. The stakes are way too high, here!


Get the facts straight before making your pronouncements, then you will not look as foolish.


We are terrified of making a choice between Lesser of Two Evils, hardly a choice but a guarantee of the death of our Democracy and a sentence of austerity, despair and destitution for our children. Bernie Sanders evolved from a relatively unknown politician into a national statesman and beloved candidate for the masses, an improbable power house that the Owners of our Democratic Party feared with good reason and would never have allowed to succeed.

Hillary, as Trojan horse and MIC Favorite, functioned as intended. She, DWS and the DNC (aka Democratic Party) destroyed our would-be hero's campaign just in time, just before he could effectively challenge the coronation of their chosen Queen, and just before she, herself, imploded. Could any fascist, Right-wing Army of Brown Shirts ask for more?

Bernie's supporters are suing DWS and the DNC (aka Democratic Party) for RICO election fraud. http://trustvote.org/

Bernie did actually and honestly win the primary and his lawyers are submitting proof of voter fraud such as: deliberate misinformation, altered registration files plus millions of uncounted or destroyed ballots, votes for him that were hidden away. If Hillary, the official party nominee and winner (by fraud) of the Democratic primary, is unable or ineligible to formally accept the position of president, the DNC will install an accepted (by them) right-wing replacement. IN SPITE OF THE THEFT Bernie Sanders was and still is the true and rightful choice of the masses. Bernie Sanders must be the legitimate nominee.

Bernie called for Political Revolution as our only hope. When will the time be right? When do we rise up as a nation to finally clean our own dirty house?. Send the liars and cheats to in our government to Federal Prison where they belong.


If you're talking to me, Countryrds, I've gotten some facts, and I'm not going to engage in a protest vote this time, because the stakes are too damned high. Don't be such a jerk. Thanks.


I'm not saying we should stop all research, sweetie-pie! I'm saying that the so-called autism-vaccine link has no backing, because it was debunked and tossed out by the wayside...years ago. The fact that a lot of people are stupid and/or vicious enough to refuse to realize that is rather sickening. That, alone, is enough for me not to vote for Jill Stein.


At least Hillary seems to be somebody who, under the right circumstances, could be moved to reason. There's no way that would be possible with a Trump Presidency.


Please don't be so hard on people who are choosing to vote for Stein or to write-in Sanders. No one can speak about the reasons why someone might choose to vote this way - EXCEPT that person. And each, individual person has to live with his/her choices.

Besides, you are wrong in telling Sanders/Stein voters it will be their "fault" if Trump is elected. It is the Electoral College which selects the American president and NOT the individual American voters. Even if a candidate 'wins' the popular vote, but loses in the Electoral College - it is the Electoral College that is counted.

So Sanders/Stein voters should stick to their moral guns and NOT be misled by people who would try to frighten or 'guilt' them into voting for HRC. It's a shoddy, strong-armed and misinformed tactic.


Kindly refrain from the name calling. Hillary is a sick, physically and mentally, war mongering, corporate loving disaster. Blood will be on your hands for supporting her, not mine.


Oh, come on now! I'm not name-calling. It seems that you're the one who is right now.


That's a bunch of hogwash.


I disagree with you here, KOK01958. You vote for Stein or anybody like that, and you're helping Trump...period.

I also don't like Stein's positions on certain issues, and if you've got a problem with that, so be it.


Again, I disagree with you, KOKO1958. Trump is extremely dangerous, and you should realize that any vote that's left blank, or is put in as a protest vote all too often goes to the person that's not liked. In our case, it will be Trump who gets those votes. I'm not going to waste my vote and help out somebody who's extremely dangerous, unstable and likely to really take this country over a cliff. Hillary, at least, strikes me as someone who could/would be moved to reason. Trump will never be, especially because he's such a liar, a bigot, and a dangerous huckster.


I stand by everything I’ve said, ireneh. I don’t trust Jill Stein any more than I trust the two major candidates, and I refuse to help Trump’s Candidacy, whether you like it or not..


I stand by my position that the stakes during this Presidential year are far too high to take any chances with votes going to Trump, which is what will happen if people vote for Stein or any other protest votes. I'm not going to do that this time around. I've done it other years, but this year's stakes are too high.


You are right, and I stand corrected! As much as I wish it was Bernie Sanders running against Trump, that is NOT the reality of our current presidential race. Therefore, I will be voting for HRC in 2016.

Trump is a very dangerous, delusional and sleazy con man - not to mention being a sexual predator with no conscience and a 'taste' for violence, revenge and demagoguery.