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When You Mistreat Teachers, Beware the Unintended Lessons for Students

When You Mistreat Teachers, Beware the Unintended Lessons for Students

Steven Singer

Not only a horrific violation of Deyshia Hargrave’s rights, but defies the very purpose of public school.

"The board is fighting to give the superintendent a $38,000 raise. Yet they refuse to give another penny to teachers – all while class sizes have jumped from 21 to 29 students, according to Hargrave." (Photo: Screenshot)

When I was in grammar school many years ago, I became aware that there was such a thing as a school board, and that it had a great deal of influence over my life. I also learned that the head of the school board, a very wealthy woman, sent her children to private schools.

I never forgot that lesson, especially what it said about her attitude toward me. I wonder if she ever reflected on her contribution to my political leanings? The school board of Vermillion Parish may have planted the seeds of its own demise.


Look at the little girl in the lower left of the top picture above. Man, did she ever get an education that night. The poor child will remember this for her whole life!


And there you have it: the fatal flaw in unfettered Corporate Capitalism.


Hilts’ title “City Marshall” sounds sooo Third Reich. It appears likely that it is intended that way.


What if…enforcement figures like that Marshall started refusing to follow an “elite’s” order(s)? Started speaking up for those who are being penalized for exercising their 1st amendment rights?

This school board was corrupt in its administration of raises, and allowed (or encouraged) its house-boy sheriff/marshall/goon to trample not only over the rights of Deyshia Hargrave’s civil rights, but the teachers/workers, students, community, and indeed our nation - Deshyia, the abused victim of this neo-fascist silencing & violence should sue the abuser cop and the board-member ruling-class for all they are worth - I don’t give a crap about “only doing his job” rubbish either - they have insurance! The perps on the board and arresting pig must be taught the lesson of free-speech, who they really work for, and the Bill of Rights!

This was, like many incidents in the labor movement, when hired goons abused, beat and murdered workers and strikers - this is just another manifestation of that long history/legacy, and cops hired to be goons!

a privileged few do not want to share the wealth of this nation with those who create it. They intend to keep it for themselves, as their predecessors did. So we must keep alive the idea of One Big Union. It represents our best hope for halting the exportation of jobs that pits worker against worker across political boundaries.”

http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article12207.htm - Excellent read!

"The history of America is the chronicle of class struggle. The current fight is the same fight that working class people have always waged. In the past there were three distinct classes: the upper class, the middle class and the underclass" - "in the hills of West Virginia in the spring of 1920 was the battle of Matewan that pitted the mining companies against the coal miners who were desperately trying to organize a union. Far from being atypical of the oppression and wage slavery that characterizes America to this day, the events that unfolded in the coal fields of West Virginia are emblematic of class struggle, as documented by the historical evidence."

The “trainiing” cops get to take-down and cuff anyone and everyone regardless any perceived or imagined “threat” must be driven home - else we continue the increasing slide into overt neo-fascism!

This is a continuation of the historic fight for workers rights and pay!

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Remember, it is only called embezzlement when someone in the middle to lower tiers takes money they have some control over at some point. Those at the top of the organizational chart have the control all the time and use it to funnel the money to themselves, without consequence (normally) to themselves. Old, old advice, “follow the money” and you will find who is in control.


TomJohnson12h skeezyks
"And that’s a good thing. "
I would put a question mark at the end of your statement. What is good about a child seeing a woman who is probably her mother being forced to be silent and abused ? If the other women in the audience had stood up and supported their neighbor with solidarity some positive results would be extracted from this event. As a result of no formal support and protest at the time when her rights were crushed I can see that this child as being afraid to speak out. People do have power when they ban together in solidarity. I am aware of the constant battle of workers for their rights, the NSA and Cointelpro and the FBI and the massive corporate power but we still need to fight. How long will it take for people to wake up before all of our freedom is totally wiped out.


The public has power if they use it.



This is my state. I grew up here, but I’ve been very fortunate to have lived all over the world. My daughter was educated overseas until she was 12 & we returned to the US. The schools abroad were fabulous. The teachers, stellar. When oil companies wanted to do business in the Middle East, the sheiks told them Great—just build your schools! The schools were built & financed by oil companies & corporations from the US. When a school ran out of room, they were told to buy real estate & build a bigger school—or get out of the country!
Returning home, a friend who is a teacher complained about how her school couldn’t afford art supplies & how she had a few students that could only be reached with art. It broke my heart. I sent her $200. I had to. But it pissed me off to no end that American corporations won’t support schools here, but pay every penny a school needs elsewhere!:rage:


The people of this country are very myopic as can be demonstrated by their values. They have allowed this country to become fractured by falling for the crap (also called) propaganda fed to them since the 50s. Mass media, television and commercialism have turned their brains to mush. Only a full infusion of refugees can return thought to this land. Refugee who are happy to have food and the freedom from living in a war zone could potentially infuse some new values into this consumer plague society. Those of us who have lived long enough to remember the lessons from the depression and our immigrant parent who worked long hard hours are the few remaining folks who have seen the demise of our values. usa is a moral wasteland


He would have to be a Firefighter from Spain to do that.

Were on the same page with this issue, but you might want to lose the “house-boy” bit. Takes us a long way down the “plantation road” if you know what I mean.


Why are we brainwashed into thinking that progressive populism would not be strongly embraced in these currently republican controlled states???maybe its because democrats along with republicans wanted midwest populism to fade away.

We see this confrontation but no real reporting on the underlining issues.

E, you know I pretty much always agree with and support you, but maybe you were a little too hot when you wrote this post…”house-boy”? Shoulda chilled a little first. Mea culpa accepted in advance.

Otherwise, I agree with the whole post.


He’s probably in the role he’s in because he would rather not think for himself.

Steven Singer writes a very good article. He expresses thoughts I have had many times myself.

Don’t do as I do, but do as I say is morally and intellectually bankrupt. Too often the government is the leviathan enemy. To borrow from MLK, we have guided missiles and unguided men.

Government operates for the most part in a moral vacuum.

I do hear both you and Toni. My criticism of people wherever they come from and whoever they are - like my praise and respect - can sometimes take-on aspects that can bring images to mind that may be construed in a poor light. My apologies - I did think about that phrase, and like black Republicans who should know they are being used (or do and don’t care) is infuriating.

There have always been people who sell-out their brothers and sisters to serve the bosses who deserve nothing but contempt. My writing here at CD on race (and gender) issues and politics among other issues, I hope shows my intentions and heart, regardless a perhaps thoughtless phrase once in a while when I lose it - I am not perfect. Thank you both ReconFire and Toni!


I didn’t see any reference to a teachers union in Vermilion Parish? If the teachers had a union, preferably a strong AFT local, they would have been able to meet this aggression in an organized manner. Years ago, I saw AFT teachers respond to similar small bore threats with United action, locked arms, shouting down the speakers etc which quickly stifled such petty tyrants.

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