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When you’ve Lost Bernie Sanders: How Netanyahu destroyed the Israel Lobby


When you’ve Lost Bernie Sanders: How Netanyahu destroyed the Israel Lobby

Juan Cole

Senator Bernie Sanders, the most consistent and prominent progressive in the US Senate, has decided to skip the speech of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to Congress on March 3, which was orchestrated by Israel’s ambassador to the US Ron Dermer and Speaker of the House John Boehner in an attempt to derail President Obama’s negotiations with Iran over its civilian nuclear enrichment program. It is Bibi’s Kanye West moment.


The headline for this article may be one of the most misleading that I’ve seen on CD.

The stated intentions of several Congressmen and Senators not to attend a speech hardly qualify as a stampede. Characterizing their displeasure over this one event as indicating a destruction of the Israeli lobby is exaggeration almost to the point of hyperbole.

I find it odd that Cole never uses the word “zionist” to describe Israel’s supporters in the US, a characterization that no American politician seems eager to deny. Biden has explicitly described himself as a zionist.

In order for this issue to affect the power of the Israeli lobby in the US, the current system of election campaign financing would have to under fundamental changes, something that is very unlikely to happen. As long as money rules US politics, AIPAC is going to have its way.

Overall, the author clearly failed to think through this topic. Cole seems to have been searching for a subject for an article and decided to invent one.



There may well be hyperbole here, no doubt, but seeing a tiny crack in a heretofore, unbreakable facade, it might be understandable for someone to point it out and, to whatever extent they can, try to exploit it in such a way that they hope might enlarge that crack. Hey, it might be wishful thinking on Cole’s part but it’s my wishful thinking too so, I’m OK with it.
Oh, and it is quite possible that someone other than Cole wrote the headline.


Thanks i too noticed the odd title compared to the body of the article, there is a definite disconnect there and as you have correctly stated as long as money rules in our political system there is little if any hope for change from the top down.


I read recently that 90% of Netanyahu’s political campaign money comes from the US.
So the criticism that he’s coming here to campaign seems valid.
He should of course be arrested for war crimes the moment he steps on US soil.
… like that’s going to happen …


Ninety per cent of Israel’s economy comes from the US.



Over a week ago I message my senator, Sherrod Brown, urging him to boycott. Haven’t had a reply yet. My message included the possibility that this could have the very consequence mentioned above. All for the better - for everyone.


“He can’t win, of course…”
I am sick to death of statements like this. Usually these statements are made by people who want to look like they really know what’s going to happen in the future because they are so intelligent. But when statements like this are made over and over and over again they unfortunately have an impact on the outcome. Sure, Bernie is not as well known as Hillary, he doesn’t have a bunch of billionaires bankrolling his campaign, he could probably be ruined by the 2 major parties’ machines…but the reality is the extraordinary can happen IF WE MAKE IT HAPPEN. Every time some pundit says, “he can’t win, of course,” people who hear or read this message think they shouldn’t vote for him lest others will think they are stupid or are throwing away their votes, etc. My days of voting for the least repulsive candidate who “may” have a chance of winning are over. From now on I am only voting for who I actually want.


Like the logic - using same, i support Stein …


one war criminal visiting a group of war criminals


Connecticut is solidly enough blue that I can vote Green. I can’t afford to spend any money on politics.


I think we need to vote Green no matter where we live - Democrats need to know that they can no longer count on us to “save” them in swing states - not until we show them we are quite willing to “spoil” it for them will they understand the “politics of fear” no longer is operative …


Massachusetts turned mainly Red during the most recent gubernatorial election; Charlie Baker, a Republican, was voted into office as the Governor of the Bay State. I want to be able to vote for somebody I really like, and not just a “Lesser of two evils” Candidate!