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When Your Media Are ‘Disappointed’ by Opposition to Bigotry


When Your Media Are ‘Disappointed’ by Opposition to Bigotry

Janine Jackson

As the aggressive behavior of his supporters becomes as much of a story as the violence implied in his politics, Donald Trump is bringing together folks who agree on little else to denounce him.


Cokie Roberts: oh, how I don’t miss television…


Trump destroying the U.S. 's reputation with its allies. Sounds good.


“So it might not seem extreme for Cokie Roberts, commentator emeritus at NPR, to say in a column that Trump’s nomination would be a “devastating blow” to the US’s reputation around the world.”

Because “the US’s reputation around the world” has not already been trashed by the behavior of the US around the world…

In the Gallup International global poll, the USA is by far seen as the greatest threat to world peace…


Cokie Roberts is a radio (NPR), not TV reporter.


Yes but cowardly western leaders for unfathomable reasons go along with US policies.

Example France is attacked by ISIS and days later Holland says he will play along with US in fighting Assad. Assad, is at war with ISIS so to fight Assad Is to aid those who just murdered his own people.

Donald’s racism cannot be ignored by countries with large immigrant policy. Misogyny cannot be ignored.

Maybe western leaders will censor the U.S.


As an expat for over 30 years, I can safely say we don’t have much of a positive reputation abroad. As for our Democracy, its pretty much an illusion like in Iran. The Corporate International determines who we can vote for in the Presidential elections by funding candidates in both parties. Both parties are similar in terms of economics and foreign policy, and differ only in broad social policy.

When we lost our Democracy is a matter of debate. Perhaps as early as 1933 as we have been under a continuous state of Emergency since FDR invoked the War Powers Act of 1933, which continues on under the name of the National Emergencies Act which has been invoked repeatedly since enacted in 1976


I think the Donald is a Clinton experiment gone out of control. So now we should all be worried about racism in the republican party. The truth teller is Sanders—a rigged economy and a corrupt political system. Sanders calls out the media in this country but doesn’t get into the weeds. I hope he will do this as he moves forward in his campaign.

Its interesting how the corporate media fails to see how they contribute to this shipwreck!


That infamous, notorious Cokie Roberts style–

where she feeds spontaneous sounding questions to a seemingly unknowing twit

whom she answers with carefully couched bias.

Emeritus, really? Sans merit ever!


His campaign is over. He’s likely just gathering up scattered votes for Clinton now. Ya know, probably doing what the plan was all along: to put a new coat of paint on the democrat’s facade as the party of the working & poor. More of a whitewash job than anything else…sigh.