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When Your Name Is Up In Lights: How Many Women Will It Take?

When Your Name Is Up In Lights: How Many Women Will It Take?

Senate Democrats aren't the only ones calling out serial-lying, binge-drinking, sexually assaulting frat boy Brett Kavanaugh for a choir-boy narrative now in tatters. Added to their demand he withdraw after a third accuser spoke up: Affadavits from and ads by Ford supporters, more evidence he's lied, his weird release of a 1982 calendar conclusively listing no rapey stuff, and a vital, painful, connect-the-dots query after the sentencing of Bill Cosby: "How many women must bleed to be heard?"

I am really getting really rude about the GOP insanity, so apologies in advance to anyone offended: sexist

I am amazed that the GOP does not hear things emanating from the Jesuit school boys lIke, “No means Yes and Yes means anal.” I wonder which Jesuit class they learned this is?
Close your eyes and listen to the boys chorus as they sing:

"AVA MARIA … NO esta SI, y SI esta ( how do you say anal in Italian? : )

Hi Edward A. Hara. The comment re No means yes----is actually what was said to have been said that the parties with the kavanaugh group…it has nothing to do with homosexual acts. In fact heterosexuals do anal too, which is what the comment , "No means yes and Yes means anal " came from. I guess you missed that part of the story.

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Trump in his news conference today seemed disappointed in his little disciple Kavanaugh----Kavanaugh needs to learn the art of lying.

This has gone beyond belief----it is amazing how republicans are so full of themselves----and don’t let Flake or Collins off------the fact that they don’t want the FBI to look into anything says it all- Flake or Collins could have demanded an investigation and got it because the vote is so close. Any democrat that votes for this guy should be out.