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Where Are All Saudi Arabia's Protesters? These 14 Are Awaiting Execution


Where Are All Saudi Arabia's Protesters? These 14 Are Awaiting Execution

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Following President Donald's Trump recent visit to Saudi Arabia, U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross came under fire for his tone-deaf remarks in which he lauded the lack of public protest he witnessed while in the country.


The U.S. claims to be THE world leader while it consorts with the most vile of dictators and oligarchs.
When myriad contradictions cannot correct the distortions of corrupted political culture, we know that authoritarianism has achieved its goal.
“The medium is the message.”


Welcome to the house (kingdom?) of Saud…


When the guy with the gold medal and chain put them around Trump’s neck he should have jerked the chain and put the world out of its misery. Another example of the international gang of criminal oppressors and their wannabes whooping it up at the cost of misery for uncounted millions. Where was Kathy Griffin when we needed her to catch the deserved bloody head? The only difference between what the Trump death head mask represents and the course of action elitists are proffering is that the latter’s method for remedy is slower in its impact. It takes time to die from diet soda, fast food, alcohol, and nicotine, which is why when you add no healthcare to the death equation things move along much more quickly.


Gee, when I read the headline, I thought the Saudi government was going to execute the 14 Saudis that allegedly brought down the towers on 9/11. :smirk:

  • I’m sure the orange turd was taking notes (or having them taken), on what the Saudi government does to control dissent, for future use here at Saudi on the Potomac, when he has finished the Grand Plan for the Dictatorship of the Trumpire, aka the US Fourth Reich.
  • He and his fascist billionaire cabinet and his Nazi appointees in strange places like law enforcement and the courts have got to go, and soon. I don’t think the planet can survive them, not in a form any of us would recognize.


Are you referring to the Saudi on the Potomac?


The USA is jealous. We can only arrest protesters. But if they were deemed “terrorists” we would hold them for ten years without charges


Nope…that place is much to damp for desert dwellers.


…crossing our fingers…but how to do all stuff exponentially instead of only one?


You heard the orange candidate expound on Guantanamo and torture… He and his psychopathic cabal don’t need suggestions from the Saudis…or ISIS for that matter… mt, I fear we’re basically done for…no empire lasts forever…and as offended parties or enemies accru…argh…


Indeed, Rome pissed off enough “barbarians” to the point that the barbarians eventually outnumbered Rome. Ooppss… Do these rich white guys running the US think they are too exceptional that basic math and physics don’t apply? They always do.