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'Where Are Scott Pruitt's Emails?' Sierra Club Demands After FOIA Request Turns Up Only One Message Sent by EPA Chief


'Where Are Scott Pruitt's Emails?' Sierra Club Demands After FOIA Request Turns Up Only One Message Sent by EPA Chief

Julia Conley, staff writer

The Sierra Club and a government watchdog raised questions over the result of a FOIA request regarding Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) chief Scott Pruitt's four work-related email accounts, after the information released showed that he had sent just one external email over 10 months as head of the agency.


Welcome to neoliberal mob control in America. Trump/Pruitt is Yeltsin 2.0.


I have to conclude that Trump picked the right guy to dismantle the EPA. Trump said he would bring in the best people. What he didn’t say was the best people to dismantle the government.


Pruitt reminds me of a wimpy version of a warlord in Mad Max.
He struts the world with his taxpayer-supported goon squad, helping corporations rape the earth.
He should be fired, and his deputy director, a coal industry goon, should also be fired.
More than that, Trump and Pence and all politicians who advocate earth-rape should be fired.


Of all of the Cabinet members, Pruitt is the least wealthy. His attempt to “run with the big dogs” is costing him dearly, and his credibility is now even poorer than he is. (Compared to the billionaire boy’s and girl’s club he got into.)


With psychos willing to gun down children in classrooms all over America, and we don’t have a single one that will validate Scott Pruitt’s desire for a dozen body guards. The world has truly turned upside down.


I read this morning that the Supreme Court said that law enforcement can’t just grab peoples’ cell phone records…there has to be a warrant and a reason. It seems that land lines don’t get the same care. I have also read that a government worker’s emails are government property and are to be kept!

So, I am wondering if Mr. Pruitt’s land lines were checked and his cell phone. Or---- does his Superman’ phone booth, where he turns into —Awful Eco man----does that have encrypted lines?

This is the awfulness of the Hillary way of keeping records where ALL work related messages notes etc. are supposed to be kept as a permanent PUBLIC record------and not on the computer of the pedophile husband-----of your assistant. Why was all your SOS work on the home computer too?

Of course, didn’t we all figure that the FIRE in Cheney’s VP library was
probably burning up real history that we’ll never know about-------------
I think that Mike Huckabee , when he was governor erased ALL his emails. when he left office.

This secret writing seems to have been going on for a long time-------but it seems like with Pruitt, that any work he does evaporates like the messages in spy movies.
Maybe he’s not doing any government work at all--------is that Ashley Madison site still up? : )
SO----------good for you Sierra Club! Maybe Pruitt isn’t doing any work at all! But he’s still getting paid! Go for it Sierra Club and get those emails!!!


Weeks of no activity sounds par for the course. Do people expect that dismantling of an agency takes a lot of constant activity and effort? Bah, hardly. More like a glorified vacation job with willful disregard for daily activities (they’re part of his “deep state”) an occassional bad decision here and there will probably do the trick.


I vote that we fire them into the sun courtesy of Trump’s space force.


If you work and have a govt phone and it shows no activity for extended periods (and you were supposedly at work, though we can’t know because he won’t release his schedule) then it is safe to say he isn’t working but still collecting a check and reaping the benefits of being a govt employee in a high level position where he thinks he can tell everyone to fuck off. That trump says or does nothing would lead me to wonder if Pruitt has dirt on Trump or if they have a special relationship of the grabbing sort.