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Where Are the Presidential Candidates on the Minimum Wage?


Where Are the Presidential Candidates on the Minimum Wage?

Ralph Nader

As the 2016 campaign season gets underway, working families across the country will be very interested in where presidential candidates stand on raising the minimum wage.

Currently, the Federal minimum wage is $7.25 an hour or roughly $15,000 annually, far below the $23,500 government's poverty threshold for a family of four. Some candidates have already made their positions on the minimum wage clear, but there are many that still have not.


Don’t forget the Green Party’s Jill Stein, who has come out for a $15/hour federal minimum wage and 20 million living wage jobs creating a sustainable future with a Green New Deal.


It is only logic that very few people seem to have anymore, that when wages go up so do products and cost of living. I have NEVER seen anything good come from raising minimum wage. If you want a wage increase talk t o your boss about a raise. Minimum wage jobs are starter jobs, if you want to make more money learn from it and move on to a better job as we all have done. But raising minimum wage is not going to get you there. Especially if it goes to $15 an hour. The $3 hamburger you are flipping will cost us $7 if it does. The business owner has to keep his profit margin so if wages go up so does his product. DUH… Doesn’t anyone know simple math anymore.