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Where Can the Anger Go?


Where Can the Anger Go?

Carolyn Coe

KABUL—At a busy four-way intersection in the northwestern part of Kabul, traffic is stuck. There is no traffic signal, and cars are threaded through one another like a woven rug.

A passenger car is in front of our taxi. The driver, with two children in the car, has managed to wedge into position, perpendicularly blocking three rows of cars. On the other side of his car are vehicles headed in the direction he came from, and another line of cars is trying to cross in front of his. The driver with the children cannot move anywhere.


For me ,The most Important thing in mediation or non violent conflict resolution I learned was how to listen ,for some not an easy trait


This poor country has been under siege by one power or another since 1979. Before then were known for their friendliness to out outsiders, they had their problems, no doubt, but what desperately poor country doesn’t. After almost 40 yrs. of conflict, how much more does the world expect them to endure ?


At one point non-violent conflict resolution was being taught in crowded urban areas. I wonder if those programs fizzed away due to lack of funding which of course does not mean that communities can’t organize their own.

Certainly people in war zones need coping skills but people in countries which are responsible for constant war would benefit from learning non-violent coping. Teaching tolerance would go a long way to reduce or even neutralize all the war propaganda forced on us.

Thank you for this refreshing article



This before the so called “Great Powers” , the members of the UN Security council, decided they would spread THEIR version of the Permament war State to Afghanistan.

The curse of the Afghan people and of peoples in Countries the world over is OTHER Countries meddling and in particular those Countries that bray they are “Shining Cities on the Hill” and Model democracies.

This latter is more pictures from the 1960s. You can see in the way the women dress slow progress being made. Note how the headlines implies the regression of the Country due to the Taliban. The Taliban were a result of US meddling. The headline should read “Afghanistan before the USSR and The USA decided to meddle”


I believe conflict resolution can play a big part in curbing gun violence at home.


This piece misses an important question: WHERE DOES THE ANGER COME FROM???

I’d hazard a guess that if the U.S./UK/Euro/NATO imperialist militaries, lackeys, allies, etc. stooped bombing Afghanistan, stopped slaughtering the many and diverse peoples of Afghanistan, stopped stealing the resources of the Afghan people, stopped consuming Afghan poppies in the form of heroin, et.al., etc…they may have a chance to figure out their own lives.

JUST STOP, STOP, STOP whatever they are doing to the Afghan people (while they build a reparations fund to partially repair the damage they have caused in the nation and to its environment) maybe the Afghans could catch their breaths, chill, listen to their individual and collective spirits and begin to figure out a way into the future that meeds their needs as human beings.

And you can be damned sure that Afghan women will be in the lead of the re-creation of what it means to be an Afghani in the 21st Century.

First, DO NO HARM FOR CHRISSAKES!!! WE are not the answer to their salvation. Hell, we can’t even save ourselves from the capitalist, imperial Dystopia that envelops us. Maybe the “anger management” and ignorance of our own imperial dominance of humanity would be better employed in the good ole USA.


This is an important comment. Cut off the violence at its source.


Thank you


Thanks for the links to these images of a peaceful time in this part of the world. I knew they existed, just not where to find them.

Side note, for those of you who enjoy the magical plant, the farmers from this part of the world made a important contribution to you’re happiness. The sub-species, a natural land race from this area is the foundation for almost all indoor cultivars enjoyed around the world. These genetics were, for the most part, given freely to anyone offering friendship to the farmers growing it at the time.
Sadly outside pressure forced/persuaded the farmers to switch from this benign plant to the cultivation of poppies to produce heroin, for the increased profits for the outside entities.


Anyone who wants to see the world as it is rather than how the US establishment wants you to see it should read this.


The US did its best to draw the Soviet Union into Afghanistan in 1979, into their “Vietnam” as Carter National Security Advisor Brzezinski termed it. It actively recruited Islamic extremists in the 1980s to fight in Afghanistan, including backing Osama bin Laden. The withdrawal of the Soviets led to anarchy in the 1990s, with the Taliban eventually able to prevail and establish peace, if a brutal one. After 9/11 the US blamed the Taliban and, rather than focusing on the perpetrators (most of whom were Saudis), they invaded Afghanistan, overthrowing the Taliban and returning Afghanistan to a war zone where it’s continued suffering for 17 long years.

I grieve for people in Afghanistan, but I can’t stay blind to the culpability of my government. If there were any justice in the world, many of the folks running things in the US would be permanently behind bars.