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Where Did Tax Benefits Trump Promised Average Americans Go? Straight to Big Oil, Big Pharma, and Their Crappy Insurance


Where Did Tax Benefits Trump Promised Average Americans Go? Straight to Big Oil, Big Pharma, and Their Crappy Insurance

Julia Conley, staff writer

Any tax cuts working families received this year after the Republican Party pushed through its tax law have likely been canceled out by higher costs of gas, healthcare, and other necessities, according to Americans for Tax Fairness (AFT), due to President Donald Trump's policies.


It was lies, all lies.

“He” knew it, we knew it, and they (his base) bought it.


And they still, probably believe it it. Or they just forgot they were due a remittance from the government.
Look over there! Crazy Progressives who want free things! It must seem too easy for the 'garchs.


Trump’s base continues to relish the payroll withholding reductions since they do not know the difference between the reduced withholds they got and actual tax cuts the 1% got. They will not be clued into the difference until they file their 2018 tax returns in 2019, AFTER the 2018 elections.

No matter how many clues they get they are likely to continue blaming everybody and everything except themselves and Trump for all their problems, just as they always have.


We have corporate welfare in America-- Alot of big companies get free hand outs.

Privatizing Profits And Socializing Losses
DEFINITION of 'Privatizing Profits And Socializing Losses ’

Privatizing profits and socializing losses refers to the practice of treating firms’ earnings as the rightful property of their shareholders, while treating losses as a responsibility that society as a whole must shoulder, for example through taxpayer-funded subsidies or bailouts.

What you don’t pay directly at the pump, you’re paying through higher taxes to fund our military’s efforts to defend oil and oil trade routes around the globe. You’re paying through increased healthcare costs, as our medical system is forced to deal with all the people sickened by the air pollution coming out of vehicle tailpipes. You’re paying through the damage that climate change—caused and accelerated by the greenhouse gas emissions from our cars and trucks—wreaks on our communities. You’re paying through all the money our government gives away to oil companies in the form of subsidies.


Point is, T.O.B., nothing that the “Crazy Progressives” were advocating for was going to be Free.

With a tax system based on equality, these “free things” were actually going to be benefits included in your taxes, get it, stuff that your taxes were actually paying for.


To pay for higher gas prices?


As if this will prevent Republican voters from repeating their mistakes.


If only they viewed this as a mistake. This is one of their successes!


Sorry to say, but higher gasoline prices are a good thing. We are not going to reduce our usage the stuff as long as it is so cheap. So is “For Tax Fairness” for cutting the gasoline tax, leaving us with no funds for improved public transit? Becasue that is what Trump and the right wing state governors will no doubt propose next.


Exactly, the gasoline-guzzling car-culture of the USA has go to go.


The politicians, yes. The rest, not quite.


We could start by prohibiting the manufacture of SUV’s, monstrous trucks and "mini"vans.
Not that we will.


Easier to just banish internal combustion engines.


In California where I live gas prices are almost a dollar higher than our neighboring states. Why is that so Mrs. Feinstein and Pelosy? Why again we see oil companies cheating California motorists?


Doing away with gas guzzlers will only cause anger and resentment in the half wit foolish building contractor type group. They’ll find ways around SUV. The better plan would be to charge higher sales tax for SUVs which might compel those fools to think.


I agree and further I think that $5 a gallon is the magic limit for people to think before hopping in the car for little errands and other wasteful driving.


I don’t believe people see the tax cut is a scam. If so, it would be talked about openly. It’s only sites like this and a few popular people like Oliver, Noah, and Colbert on the telee. With the propagation of violent or irrate childish behavior for Trump followers, what conversations could possibly take place that wouldn’t be interrupted by some crazy? I think at this point, our society is more like what the Thorn Corporation’s view in Omen 3: keep a knife at their belly and they will do what they have to eat. We are at a point of survival in everyday life. I think it would be easier in the wild at this point. The weekest would fall away, like orange freaks and anyone who couldn’t work, American politicians in general.


That was my point. I was being ironic. Should have said.


This might be a time that we can say “It’s the economy stupid”. To be more exact, the average American can afford bigger cars, and manufacturers build them to satisfy the market. Even so, we have to say no. Or else the next step might be that we just have even more, but smaller, vehicles still burning fossil fuels. Hydrogen would be an exception but big oil woun’t go there.

Mass transportation will never be cheap, but it could be clean. G