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Where Do Republicans Go From Here?


Where Do Republicans Go From Here?

Charles P. Pierce

“A shepherd must isolate such an animal (with scrapie) from healthy stock immediately because it is infectious and can cause serious harm to the flock.” —German agricultural publication, 1759.


This is the Anthropocene in its ‘great acceleration’ phase.

Too many people - too many robots - ecosystem Earth flashing red alert alarm bells everywhere we turn.

George Monbiot has an article in The Guardian:

“As robots take our jobs, we need something else. I know what that is” (George Monbiot).

It is worth a read because, like this article, yet another human being is seeing a world gone mad, as Charles Pierce suggests.

Where do any of us go from here ?

That is also a question no one seems capable of answering in any meaningful way.


Republicans used to have a degree of pluralism within themselves. With Reagan, party loyalty began to trump thinking at all levels. Big money has recognized this and been used to bolster those with the most draconian ideas. The complement of the party falls lockstep in line behind, being in need of campaign cash. The result has been to pit the interest of big money against everything else. These are the seeds of revolution. It’s 1789 all over again.


Prions kill their hosts. It’s the only way to stop them. The republicans are killing their host, the American government. What will we have after death? It won’t be life. It will be a parade of prions in dress uniforms.


Ya gotta love it; State Rep “Douche”.


Yes, as I have been saying for a long time now, the Republican Party is now an openly, blatantly fascist organization that is attempting to destroy the last vestiges of democratic institutions that stand in the way of their complete control over all levers of government power. It is a Hate Cult that embraces lying as strategy, racism, white nationalism, xenophobia - hate of all others that do not meet their criteria of “Pure American” (white, right-wing); they attack the very law enforcement agencies of the U.S. to prevent treason by their Party members being discovered; they attempt to destroy any and all opposition to their fascist agenda.

They are a direct threat to the safety and security of the United States and the rule of law. Period. Full stop. This needs to be shouted from the rooftops, and thousands of stories like this one in Esquire need to be written about it. The Republicans are not just “crazy” (although they are certainly that) - they blatantly embrace un-American, anti-American, un-Democratic, openly-fascist policies and actions.


In Yemen contagious fatal disease is rampant under the constantly falling bombs that are a profit center for western nations especially the US. Climate change is causing death to plants, animals and people. While the US does not have the population density of much of the world, areas of brutal poverty exist and are increasing. Republicans are “smash and grab” for themselves with massive brainwashing. Write a comment and they cite a phrase from FOX etc. Their time to capture all they can using their empire is here they think. Never under-estimate the danger they represent to life itself. Time to organize into communities that will help survive with shared goals. “Nations” have been co-opted.


"Where do Republicans go from here?"
They go straight to hell where they join their Democrat friends and sip on cider for eternity. The bible says so. As does every American president in the frenzy of religious zealotry masquerading as elections . . . . . one nation under God???
lol :weary:


If you really want to feel the dispair in pit of your stomach, all you have to do is consider the excellent point behind Charles P. Pierces’ article. Things are not normal people…we are well and truly off the rails.

The fact is, the Republican party truly is full blown insane. This is not simply fun with words…I mean in every possible way, that the Republicans are full blown crazy…and proud of it. There is no doctor or drug to cure them…and there is not a shred of evidence that anything will bring them back from the brink.

No my friends…no matter what we do, the right is taking us all over the cliff with them. Fear the worst my friends. If you are under 30 get out of this country now. There is no saving this…


Yet you turn on the TV or open the paper and all you get is people desperately trying to pretend it is all normal and business as usual. No matter what we do at this point, the right is going to drag us all off the cliff, and I don’t see any way to prevent it.


Well written Ditton!


Personally I’m thinking Panama.


You are quite correct except that going “over the cliff” is not at all a certainty. Trump only has about 1/3 support. There may be time to correct all this, and there may not, but I am an optimist.


I am glad to hear from you Dan !

It’s a little lonely out here in ‘Splinterlands’.

I did hear from Aleph_Null the other day. Glad to see he is still keeping track.

You know, I mention the Anthropocene for a reason.

Many in the scientific community are focused on what is called a ‘golden spike’ signature to demarcate the Anthropocene.

I think this demonstrates our hubris and lack of big picture imagination.

For me, a geologist by training and I think inclination (nothing more nor less than a natural historian), the Anthropocene was born with homo sapiens sapiens, say two hundred or perhaps three hundred thousand years ago, whenever our signature became embedded in the rock.

Our signature is one of man-induced mass extinctions of often keystone species, especially those good to eat or slow moving, first in Africa, where the fauna had at least grown up with us, and later, in wave after wave of extinctions in Australia, and then, one by one, in all the lands of the Earth.

This dispersed signature is the opposite of a golden spike, but it is more true than not - and more revelatory of the predicament we have gotten ourselves into today. Proper recognition and study might even help us out and into a sustainable future - who knows.

Even in the Mayan Popul Vuh, the ‘revolt of the tools’ seems ominously prescient.

And I was thinking after I posted this am, that I had neglected a group of people who have seen what is coming - the artists.

Dystopian genre - from Star Wars thru Avatar and the Rambo series (strangely), T-2, etc…

Time to get an anchor - our archetypes - timeless - tried and true.

Because this time cannot last (being unsustainable), it will not last.

So we go into training - and prepare as best we can.

Ciao from Calgary

PS: You might find this fascinating - my wife sent it to me:


He has far more than 1/3 for all practical purposes. The majority in Congress 100% backs him up, and all 3 branches of government. He also has a large portion of the gargantuan MSM propaganda machine helping him out. When all democratic institutions that would normally check a monster like Trump are completely paralyzed by Republican control, that leaves elections alone to check him. But even if Pepsi beats Coke this fall, they won’t impeach or even censure Trump. He may not be able to pass much legislation, but then he hasn’t done much of that anyway, even with the Rethugs in control. It is the other things he is doing that are being normalized and destroying the country, and that will not stop even with Pepsi in control of Congress. The Dems are not an opposition party. We need true fighters, true opposition, in control to scream the truth about Trump, to expose his lies, to call him what he and the Rethugs really are. That ain’t happening with Pepsi.


Glad to hear your note of hope.

I replied to Dan - the link to Dr. Gabor Mate is well worth the 27 minutes.


Where do Republicans go from here?

6 feet under comes to mind.


If democrats should win control of congress this fall they still have Trump or Pence to veto any decent legislation. That means we have to manage for 3 more years and then, if we have an OVERWHELMING change to super majority control by democrats, then better things would happen. There are enough progressives to push for better things, and if we care, we could push a super majority of democrats to do much better. Of course, getting that super majority (because some democrats are little better than republicans) is not so easy.


It is telling that the Dumbs have to be pushed so hard to do the right thing, to do what the majority of Americans have stated they want. And even then there is no guarantee they will. This is why I hate them just as much as I hate Republicans - what is worse, the evils that the Republicans do, or those who look the other way/refuse to stand up to them? The Dems are complicit in all of it.


If you look back in history, no elected government just decides to “do the right thing.” They always have to be pushed. At this time democrats can have all the fun they want at tilting at windmills.