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Where Does Hillary Stand on the Iran Agreement?


Where Does Hillary Stand on the Iran Agreement?

Eli Clifton

Billionaire Haim Saban, a longtime Clinton donor, defended Hillary Clinton’s commitment to Israel in an interview on Israel’s Channel One preceding the former secretary of state’s announcement of her candidacy for the Democratic presidential nomination last Sunday. When asked about Clinton’s position on the Iran framework agreement, Saban claimed to “know where she stands but I can’t talk about it.”


Hillary stands on whatever lies and deceptions will get her elected. If she become President of the U.S., a third world war of devastating proportions is almost certain. This will be the final chapter in the book of lesser-of-two-evilism which so-called progressives have used to bring us to the brink.

Look at her. Look at her eyes, and her expression. Look at her grossly overweight body which she tries to hide with clothing and photo angles. This is a very dangerous, and seriously mentally deranged person.


Oh I am sure if you asked her what she thought of poverty and of peace an of war and of violence by the State against its Citizens she would say all of the right things,

With Iran I am sure her “stand” will be carefully tailored so as to garner as much support as possible.

It will also be immaterial. She is fully part of the one percent and a thug like the rest of them. If she stands a chance of making a buck out of it or can put more money in the pockets of the one percent she would bomb Iran in an instant.


I was with you right up until the grossly overweight bit.

Weight based bigotry is something we can do without.


It’s no surprize that our warrior Goddess would try her best to start a mega war which would most possibly directed to the Russia. Obviously, in a sense it is WW3. For its, the preparatory stage is already started and as anyone would expect this current worse fiscal condition would go down to the worst level. So a terrorist attack would be concocted to keep the hungry tides under control. Well afterwards it is certainly the darkest moment of the nation when a situation might arrive that citizens would get out with pitch forks seeking for the politicians. I like to see the action of our warrior goddess at that moment.


Is this a rhetorical question? She stands with israel. Enough said.