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Where Does #MeToo Start?


Where Does #MeToo Start?

Galen Sherwin

Reckoning with the prevalence of sexual harassment and gender-based violence in the wake of #MeToo has prompted many to reexamine the conditions that have allowed harassment and violence to flourish. One place to start is our public schools, where young people develop critical understandings about gender starting at an early age.


I learned my lessons on this matter by having parents who had a true partnership. Boy was I lucky.


I’m aghast! To actually see this sex division being taught in public schools floors me! We really have to put up with this crap in the 21st century?! Yes, there is masculine and feminine, but both these are on a continuum. Some males are more feminine and some females are more masculine…in attributes, mindset, thought processing, preference, etc. Patriarchy, hierarchy–that model is the root of all evil! How about: Next to, along side of, beside, or; as our First Americans believed (before the white man corrupted them), and as Spider Mother taught–life is a circle. The web of life is a Matriarchal thing.


Ignoring the differences between the sexes brains, psychology and development isn’t going to set anyone on a path toward fixing anything, only making it worse. If this was a solution, the mass shooting thing would have been continual when gender roles were far more inflexible, instead of being a modern day development. Humans are not purely blank slates.

Males are not defective women, they are different. This doesn’t mean better, it just means different.


“Where Does #MeToo Start?”

With impeaching Clarence Thomas.