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Where Does #MeToo Start?


Where Does #MeToo Start?

Galen Sherwin

Reckoning with the prevalence of sexual harassment and gender-based violence in the wake of #MeToo has prompted many to reexamine the conditions that have allowed harassment and violence to flourish. One place to start is our public schools, where young people develop critical understandings about gender starting at an early age.


I learned my lessons on this matter by having parents who had a true partnership. Boy was I lucky.


I’m aghast! To actually see this sex division being taught in public schools floors me! We really have to put up with this crap in the 21st century?! Yes, there is masculine and feminine, but both these are on a continuum. Some males are more feminine and some females are more masculine…in attributes, mindset, thought processing, preference, etc. Patriarchy, hierarchy–that model is the root of all evil! How about: Next to, along side of, beside, or; as our First Americans believed (before the white man corrupted them), and as Spider Mother taught–life is a circle. The web of life is a Matriarchal thing.


Ignoring the differences between the sexes brains, psychology and development isn’t going to set anyone on a path toward fixing anything, only making it worse. If this was a solution, the mass shooting thing would have been continual when gender roles were far more inflexible, instead of being a modern day development. Humans are not purely blank slates.

Males are not defective women, they are different. This doesn’t mean better, it just means different.


Hey, y’all. This is a pithy article. It inspires me to dive deep.

This article goes to the root of so much that troubles us now.

It thus presents a tricky conundrum. One that individuals and institutions that maintain allegiance to mental supremacy will find difficult to impossible to solve.

The problem here is nothing less—and nothing more—than the nature of (unintegrated) cognitive mind.

Male, female, both or neither, the cognitive mind of the human at our current stage of development excels at certain functions.

Mainly, the mind excels at dividing. This—not that. Black—not white. Male—not female. Sentient—not sentient.

This function is obviously critical to some aspects of competence within physical reality as we currently perceive it. It’s good to know that stone and water are very different from one another when diving into a lake, right?

The problem is that the mind sees everything in the terms native to it. So when it is the master, we perceive—and thus ceaselessly create—a world of parts and pieces.

A world of relatively inflexible rules. For rules are mind’s favorite tool. Rules make mind at ease. Mind experiences a sense of control, of predictability, when there are rules.

A world of subjects and objects. Since the mind sees everything in its own light, “subjects” turn out to be only those who think like “me” or at best “us.” Anyone who doesn’t think like “me/us” is not really a subject; anyone who doesn’t think like “me” or “us” is an object, and is treated as such.

The mind itself is the root of our species’ “mindless” violence to those we perceive as “other”…

Another big problem with the mind as we mostly know it as master: it is too slow and clumsy to navigate well during moments of rapid change. Like when you’re slipping on the ice with a big bag of groceries in your arms. Or when Earth herself is changing rules that have held for many, many generations of humans…

Rules, while undoubtedly useful in certain instances, are slow to make and slow to change. So when we’re mind-bound, rule-bound, we try to make a changing Self, a changing world, fit mind’s pre-existing rules.

We could instead allow ourselves to respond as ably as possible, spontaneously, and trust that new rules will arise in time, through experience. But that is not what the mind-bound usually do. Because doing that makes mind feel insecure, vulnerable, threatened.

Mind-bound, we wait too long to respond to the wider world’s summons, because we insist that the changes must “prove” their reality to mind, in mind’s terms, so mind can make new rules before proceeding.

This, our species’ current mind-bound ecological suicide mission…

So mind today has trouble with sex and gender.

Because this is a terrain where everything mind was so sure was either/or now turns out to be different. Where it now seems everything is both/and…

Because this is a place where the world is changing the rules, and mind doesn’t feel in control. Things are no longer predictable!

While our rules regrading sex and gender seemed useful for a long period of human history, they aren’t working anymore. Because this is a moment of rapid change.

Yes, males ARE different from females. How not, after countless generations of our minds’ maturation, in which we spent a lot of energy on perceiving and learning to respond to some physically-evident differences?

And: the emerging greater reality is that everyone human is simultaneously utterly unique, and more alike than different. With regard to sex and gender as well as everything else.

(Poor supremacist mind!)

Physical reality itself turns out—much to mind’s surprise—to be sentient. Changeable. Creative. Mind’s most seemingly fixed realities turn out to be always changing, albeit often on scales that are difficult for mind to follow.

Males are changing. Females are changing. There were always people who didn’t fit in either category; they are changing, too. The whole Earth is changing now.

We have no time to argue about it. We have no time to waste trying to make the world conform to mind’s outworn rules!

Unless we enjoy the spectacle of violent rendering, that is. For the old world is being displaced, whether we like it or not.

To the extent we resist, we will experience and foment violence. Violence arises when change is coming, like a baby birthing—and all other ways are closed…by the mind. The only creation on this planet that is capable of lying.

Let’s lie no longer. Our existing schools are not responsible for—nor can they fix—our troubles with sex and gender.

Our schools—these creations of the mind—will crumble under their own internal contradictions unless we allow ourselves to fundamentally change.

And who says that these institutions crumbling would be the worst thing that could ever happen?

Things are chaotic right now. Who really feels they know just what to do? Do we even grok the world enough now to know what the kids need to be learning? Really?

We know the value of a “time out” in our personal lives at such moments. Who says we don’t need a time out on a much larger scale?

Maybe everyone should stop going to work, stop going to school, for a little minute. Maybe everyone would benefit from months of gathering, months of simply holding one another and listening to the flow of fear, grief, confusion and despair. And the inevitable, resultant, flow of inspiration, courage, and comradeship…

Hey, mind, isn’t it logical to think that new ways of doing might naturally emerge from being together in new ways?

“But oh no, we couldn’t do that! What about money?!? How would we survive?” The mind’s reply is predictable.

Money is a bunch of rules mind made. They can change. Anytime.

How will we survive? Mind doesn’t know how the heart keeps beating from moment to moment, yet it does (‘till it doesn’t). Just because mind doesn’t know how we’ll survive doesn’t mean we won’t.

And: we’re all going to die sometime. Even mind can see that what matters most is how we live, right now.

Let’s stop hurting each other with mental supremacy. Let’s start healing our wounds, and the world’s wounds. Right now.

Male, female, both or neither, all the kids deserve nothing less from us.


“Where Does #MeToo Start?”

With impeaching Clarence Thomas.