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'Where Does This End?' Conway Shamelessly and Illegally Promotes Ivanka Brand

'Where Does This End?' Conway Shamelessly and Illegally Promotes Ivanka Brand

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

White House adviser Kellyanne Conway, it seems, "crossed a very bright line" when she openly encouraged people to "go buy Ivanka's stuff" after President Donald Trump slammed Nordstrom department store for dropping his daughter's fashion line.

Appearing on "Fox & Friends" on Thursday, Conway told viewers, "Go buy Ivanka's stuff. I hate shopping, I will go get some myself today," before adding, "I'm going to give a free commercial here."

Watch below:

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“President Trump and the administration will use the government apparatus to further the family businesses.”

Just corroborates what I have been saying ever since Trump began running for POTUS; that Trump running for president was purely an ego, business, decision.


It isn’t a free commercial. It’s taxpayer funded. As is Trumps own potus tweet. The barrier to self dealing has not been lowered, it has been demolished.


Where does this end? This is going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better. The Trump’s are going to actually be as rich as they pretend they are once they are through with the White House.


There is only one thing that needs to be done.
Get rid of these pesky ethics rules!
“The Business of America is Trump” :slight_smile:


Yeah…KC wearing the Ivanka brand as a free commercial…that will work. She is clueless and must really think that she is a trend-setting fashion maven. Not even Goodwill would feature Iv rags in their display windows. Rave on, mindless marionette. Your children must be very proud of you…or do you care as long as the money keeps rolling in. Wonder who likes to see their face plastered all over the media (TV, print) more: Conway or Trump…a close race, to be sure. And Spicer is closing in to make it a triple dead heat.

And who in the administration or Congress will prosecute any of the Dump family or Conway for their illegal self-promotion? The newly confirmed Attorney General, perhaps?


Not that this isn’t outrageous or illegal, but I guess this is really today’s diversion du jour, meant to distract us from other, more immediate and catastrophic activities, such as:


This is exactly why you have seen, and will continue to see, me refer to Trump as … Trump & Company. Point proven.

No shit!! With Drumpf (Sieg Heil!!) one has to prioritize outrage and attention. He has unleashed a veritable ocean of contemptible actions. He hasn’t drained the swamp. He has replaced the water with pure excrement. His actions and those of his anti-Christian minions are not meant to distract – they are the products of demented minds and soulless, amoral people. As such, they are the honest expressions of those who cannot tell right from wrong, as well as people who enjoy deliberately hurting others. We are awash in shit, and it is difficult to tell which lumps deserve the most immediate attention.


Aren’t there impeachment proceedings scheduled yet. What is Congress waiting for?


Conway the Charisma Queen Con thinks that by manipulating people with her sweet talk she can pass anything over them. Big Mistake!, as her boss would say.

Didn’t Hillary do the same when she, her husband and the Clinton Foundation profited from her position as Secretary of state? Trump’s doing the same but blatantly so. Sometimes it takes an ugly face to make us stand up against the corruption that’s been going on for several administrations.


These are the OVERT, in the light-of-day examples of law breaking by the Trump administration. Can you imagine the ones happening under the table, in the shadows? He cannot resist the money. It’s pathological with him. He stole money from contractors/investors. One can only imagine the self-dealing magnitudes we’re yet to see.

Trump’s using taxpayer facilities, systems and employees to benefit his and his family’s businesses. Jim Wright, former House Speaker was forced to resign for far less.

Every day that the House Progressives/Dems do not raise a motion to impeach, they are condoning and complicit in the illegal actions.


Trumps been pushing the envelope since he started campaigning and never held accountable. Just like Nixon was not jailed nor Reagan nor Bush. Banks were not held accountable. Bribery and fraud by politicians and billionaires are not held accountable for their corruption so why should Donald Trump be held accountable. So far it works for him so why should he change his strategy of lies and liars which has been republican mantra for years.

Dems are lame at holding them accountable or at the very least exposing the corruption but their afraid they would be held accountable for their misbehavior.


I don’t want Pence as we will still get the hollowing of democracy.


Absolutely demolished.

He’s using taxpayer funded IT systems and equipment, offices/facilities, official government accounts (@Potus) and employees (KC e.g.). Not to mention any time he’s giving to thinking and considering about things not germane to the office of the president and the oath he took to look after the constitution of the USA.

Perhaps if he’d spent more time going through the plans of the disastrous Yemen invasion and less about Ivanka’s shoe sales a Navy Seal and an 8 year old girl might be alive today,


I don’t want Pence either, but my biggest concern is Trump’s potential for using tactical battlefield nukes in a fit of extreme rage if one of his properties, either domestic or international is attacked.


The Twitter tag on the video is #GRABYOURWALLET

So, is that supposed to represent “Grab Your Wallet” or “Graby Our Wallet”?

Ah, the ghost of Leona Helmsley–who shall one day be revered in the United Plutocracy of America–lifts its hoary visage and moans once more, “Little people! Little people!! Little people!!!..stop your beeshing and pay your taxes.”


The Clinton Foundation is a charitable foundation - not the property of the Clinton family - nor as in any legal chartable foundation, do the Clintons control donations to, or disbursement from, the fund - a board of trustees does that. The Clinton Foundation scores quite high in transparency and accountability - better than Oxfam America or 350.org - Go here:

But I have already gotten too complicated in my explanation, so just like climate scientists explaining their models, I must be dissembling for Killary, right?

And there is no evidence that Hillary profited from her position (i.e. kickbacks or the like) while Secretary of State except for the salary. of course, she profited from the position afterward, but that is not unethical - we all do that with our job experience.

Back in the real world, the policies and record of Sec of State Hillary Clinton have much to criticize and condemn. But the left needs to realize that they were mentally and emotionally manipulated by big-data-fake-news in the employment of the Trump Campaign.