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Where Every Bullet Landed

Where Every Bullet Landed

The murder and mass wounding of over 700 Palestinian civilians peacefully commemorating Land Day in occupied Gaza by Israel's "massacre forces" was, it turns out, premeditated: A now-deleted IDF tweet boasts that “everything was accurate and measured. We know where every bullet landed.” With Israel's admission to war crimes - again - the BDS movement is calling for an arms embargo against an Israel whose "impunity for the murder of Palestinians (must) come to an end."

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Einstein is widely quoted as saying that WW IV will be fought with sticks and stones. Since the days of that quote we have been witnessing the misapplication of numeric/statistical technological into an electronic maelstrom subject to the greedily embraced dynamics of the exponential function.

Einstein was witness to an epochal change in the prosecution of war, addressing it with the language of the era from which he emerged. Heavy armament mass produced and employed on a global scale. Likewise there is little indication that our perspective on social and planetary well being actually assimilates the recognitions of the exponential function.

We must be be exceptionally attentive to the existence - studiously intentionally implemented - of one of the most scurrilous deceptions ever perpetrated. Our reality is not just the majority of our collective resources being handed over to massive killing machines, but at the same time the weaponization of communications - literally near the speed of light via electronics and internet.

As has been noted by Chomsky in “Manufacturing Consent” in 1992, “They who have put out the people’s eyes reproach them of their blindness” -John Milton. This is genocide masked as a snake oil show. The facades mounted by the predatory premises bare their fangs, or rather, more accurately, work tirelessly to make targeted human beings (sometimes all of us) bare fangs at whatever target is chosen. The longer the baring, the greater the blood lust. This epitomized by Netanyahu, but he is far from alone.


A graphic example of Israeli racism and exceptionalism, treating Palestinian men, women, and children as less than human - one of near countless! The world is slow to denounce Israel’s premeditated violence and brutality, mostly due to a corrupted and censored US (and world) media and press, co-oped and subverted - controlled by Israeli lapdogs, sycophants and subversive agents of the war-criminal.


This terrorist state/entity should NOT in any way be a US ally, much one with whom we “have unbreakable bonds” - more like chains to a mindset that should be standing in the dock at The Hague!..although their brutality, warmongering, and racism fits perfectly with the trump regime and many other complicit US presidents…


I just happen to be reading a book of fiction, ‘Silesian Station’, by David Downing, the second in a series based in Berlin in 1939.

As some of the Jews are emigrating to Palestine, one of the characters voices this comment, which I find applicable to this sort of state-sanctioned racist viciousness;

'You don’t fight race hatred by creating a state based on race. That’s what the Nazis are doing.’

Ah, the corruption of power, eh, Lord Acton.


Breaks my heart to think that the point of your article wouldn’t make anyone sickened into weeping. That any one human could do this to another and not feel troubled to the very depths of their soul. THE CORPORATE MACHINE.

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Israel is systematically exterminating Palestine and Palestinians.

As such, they have embraced the very same final solution they were victimized by.

If that’s what never forgetting means, Zionism has become a force for evil.


I know that some may view this as “anti-Semitic”, and others will regard wheat-pasting as a form of vandalism and therefore “violence”, but isn’t it time that we hold protests and slap wheat-pasted pictures of suffering and grief-stricken Palestinians on those big heavy ornate doors of our friendly (Israel-friendly, that is) neighborhood synagogues?

Yes, I’m aware of the argument against this - Christian to secular USAns of all the mainstream political stripes - from hard right to liberal, also fervently support Israel’s ongoing violent ethnic cleansing, so we shouldn’t be picking on just Jewish USAns. But then again, who has the ear of Israel, and how has Israel’s ear, more than US Jewry?

Yes, certainly psychologists are familiar with the phenomenon of male children of violent abusive fathers being at a high risk of becoming violent abusive fathers themselves.

But does this phenomenon also occur with whole ethnically-identified societies?

The answer to your question is yes, hate can organically move from single to group state very quickly. You might find some clues here and I’ve only just begun, maybe you can add to it?

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