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Where Has All the Money for Our Schools Gone?


Where Has All the Money for Our Schools Gone?

Scott Klinger

As fall approaches, millions of moms and dads are scrambling to prepare for the first day of school, excited to support their children’s success.

But are schools ready to receive our kids and foster that success? Increasingly, the answer is no.


This is a great idea and strategy:

"Starting next year, the Governmental Accounting Standards Board will require more than 50,000 government bodies to report how much tax revenue they’ve lost to economic development tax breaks given to developers and corporations."

But the list should be expanded to include:

  1. Where did all those millions ($) sent to Haiti as aid go?

  2. Where do all the billions handed to the MIC go--the billions that it is not obliged to account for in any audit?

  3. What is the sum of all of the off-shored corporate profit hidden from tax obligations?

  4. What did Wall St. do with the trillions handed over to them? In which instances was that cash used to buy up tracts of foreclosed housing only to thereby drive up the costs of rents?

While several Southern States have turned the failure to pay parking tickets into grounds for arrest and jail time that's rung up as a bill against the offender, the very rich are playing fast and loose with gigantic sums.

Small wonder then, as Thomas Piketty's Study concluded, that almost all wealth has been driven to the tip of the financial pyramid in recent years. It's been engineered for that purpose!

Meanwhile, Old Money can't wait to place the next Republican Scrooge into office to ensure that funds will be directed towards business interests while public schools are left to rot... all so that a pretext for their supposed "failures" is put in place as rationale for donating these public properties to today's robber barons: the hedge fund vultures.


In 11/2013 Governor Inslee signed off on the largest tax break any corporation has received in US history, $8.7 billion through 2040 with other perks to Boeing. Gets who suffers? Public school kids. All signs point to Boeing leaving anyway. Bobby Jindal did not do school kids in Louisiana any favors either with all his corporation tax breaks. Furthermore, another Paul Ryan nightmare budget coming up calls for moving state funds ( public school) to private charter schools, and slashing Pell grants. Even money poor Cuba, does a better job educating its people these days.