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'Where Is Justice'? Top UN Court Rejects Marshall Islands Nuke Case


'Where Is Justice'? Top UN Court Rejects Marshall Islands Nuke Case

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) on Wednesday rejected three nuclear disarmament cases filed by the Marshall Islands against the United Kingdom, Pakistan, and India, on the grounds that the court does not have the jurisdiction to handle them.


Israel has never signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.
Until Israel gets rid of its nuclear weapons program, no other country will either. Especially Pakistan.
Israel is making the world a more dangerous place to live in because of it's nuclear policy.


And we can't forget that Israel's nuclear policy is US nuclear policy in disguise.


The Marshall Islands filed lawsuits against all nine nuclear-armed nations (including Israel) at the International Court of Justice. That case didn't go forward because Israel doesn't respect the jurisdiction of the ICJ.


OK, so we dropped two nuclear weapons on Japan to end WWII. Japan had attacked Pearl Harbor to start WWII; so it had the faint odor of retaliation...the feeling being that perhaps they deserved it.

My question is: what did the people near Bikini Atoll ever do to us that we felt it was acceptable to detonate nuclear weapons in their back yards from 1946 - 1958? How many weapons did we detonate in the back yard of these quiet peaceful people? 105 atmospheric and underwater nuclear devices were detonated in the Marshall Islands.

One Hundred and Five nuclear weapons, people. That is over 51 times as many as we detonated over the heads of the Japanese during an all out war. While that was ONLY 12% of the number of detonations, it was 80% of the total yield of all US testing during those years. In other words:


Cancer...radiation poisoning...birth defects...habitat lost for thousands of years. Where is the justice for these people?


You obviously don't understand - the U.S. is an "exceptional" nation. It can do whatever it wants with impunity and really - it is all about doing so much good for the world. The people of Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan can tell you all about it.


Eisenhower thought differently. He advised that, "...dropping the bomb was completely unnecessary."

Dwight Eisenhower's view on using the Atomic Bomb


What was done to the people of the South Pacific is a tragedy and crime of immense proportions. I would also like to point out that the damage is not limited to humans, but extends to all of the sentient beings (whales, dolphins, etc.) living in the sea, and many more who live in areas where the fallout drifted through the atmosphere.


In my opinion, it was a war crime. We were so righteous at Nuremburg but how much different can incinerating hundreds of thousands of civilians be than some of the stuff the Nazis did? As they say, the victor writes history but I don't think the full book has been written.


Indeed. Japan had essentially lost the war by then. If the U.S. had shown some more restraint then many lives wouldn't have been lost and maybe we wouldn't have this Sword of Damocles hanging over the world.


Nope. The last chapter will likely be written by nature, either detailing that humans were too irresponsible and wiped themselves out with nuclear weapons or didn't hear her climate warnings in time.


The United States dropped the bombs on Japan to prove to Joe Stalin that we had the weapons and wouldn't hesitate to use them on Russia if need be. "Yessir," said the man to the crowd, "I got the gun an' I ain't afraid to use it. Just ask the dead guy over there." But nothing to fear folks cause we are after all professionals, and know what we are doing.

What a load of crap this all is. The people of the world have very important things to take care of and massaging the egos of the neocons and libs is very low on the to-do list. Besides the big boys need to get out of their offices and pick up the messes they've left laying around: oil spills, toxic waste dumps, coal ash, all that that stuff that makes life so unhealthy for the rest of us.

I'm so sick and tired of the whiney excuses and the cry baby reasons given for running the world like it belongs to a couple of jerks and the rest of us are the nannies and janitors.

Oh well, it's a beautiful day and I'm getting out to enjoy the sun and fresh air.


Of course the UN would reject this. They know that what is coming soon will make the Marshall Island case be barely noticeable by comparison.


The creation of nuclear weapons and the threat to use them is surely a crime against humanity in its own right.

The UN's IJC is utterly useless.


Also contaminated were the Americans who ignorantly worked to set off these bombs. Officers were provided with radiation monitors the grunts got no such consideration. Today many of these guys are sick and compensation is a battle they should not have to fight.


Courts around the world have usually ruled in favor of the rich and powerful. The ICJ is no better than the rest however with this ruling they are saying that nuclear weapons are more valuable that the future of the planet!!