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Where is My European Union?


Where is My European Union?

Alex Andreou

I am a Europhile. Not only that, I am a product of the Union. I have structured my life around the idea of free movement; my identity around the notion that I can be more than one thing: Mykonian, Greek, Londoner, British, European. For the first time in my life, I am beginning to wonder, whether the European project is now simply too broken to be fixed.


Thanks Alex for an honest accounting of the Greek situation. Greece must exit the EU and it must nationalize its own industries. Greece will be on its own though as corporate Europe will do whatever it can to destroy the aspirations of the 99%. Nevertheless I feel that a “stand alone” Greece can triumph. Good luck.


Let’s remember that the Greek citizens didn’t do this, the banks did. Period. End of sentence.


Over time the USA has worked out methods by which the wealthier states, New York or California subsidize the basket cases like Alabama or Mississippi. Nothing like that was done in the EU. Romania is next.


The “fracking boom” is due to the fact that costs in water pollution, global warming, health effects, earthquake damage and other costs are not factored in. It is an illusion, like the housing boom.

The oligarchy profits from our job losses. They see numbers on spreadsheets, not the starving and war-torn that make the numbers rise.

Taxes are no solution. “Progressive taxation” is not possible when oligarchy politicians make the tax laws to finance wars, pollution, environmental destruction and other atrocities.

Why not eliminate all taxes and cap wealth instead? Cap the net worth of investors, owners, the super-rich and everyone else by yearly popular referendum and electronically distribute the excess wealth to all citizens equally.

A wealth cap is greed control. With it a change in people’s goals and attitudes will follow. Former super-rich parasites, war-mongers and polluters will become public benefactors and all the people will have their basic needs met. The best of capitalism and socialism would result.

In Greece and the world,

Let the people decide!

Direct democracy.


Amazing how your Left-sounding comment works as a pitch FOR Fracking.


Dear Mr. Andreou:

The world would be a better place with more compassionate souls like you in it.

I appreciate the way you explain the situation with political savoir-faire, and then go on to humanize it using the example of the retired teacher. It’s perfect pitch in driving home what Greece’s citizens are truly up against.


It is happening here. Just look at Detroit or drive up I95 on the north side of Philadelphia. The area looks like a war zone and most cities in the United States have areas that are similar.


This is so very much like we have been living in the U.S. for three decades. Just of late Wall Street is going after teacher’s pension funds. Yes, the business model sold by Reagan was indeed that of the gutter. It took all the dignity from the country in the 1980’s and we have never regained it. Teachers here have a similar plight. My heart goes out to her and all the people in Europe who have been subjected to this.




lacking softness

a mask
of absence
a requirement of loss
a hollowed face

one’s requirement
to be completed by another
a debt
a waterless place


without taste

a cell
a whole country
required to pay again
after it has paid enough

empty seas
starving fishermen
wandering women
a chant of one

a dirge
taken from one
to be given to another
without a song

the women tear cloth
old stories

blamed on the refugees
silent walk
river of the dead

nothing decorative
a room of need
have eaten grass

You cannot have us.
sour to the taste

or ease

– Bob Vance


It’s official: Private global financial institutions eat countries now to survive, and use the euphemism “austerity” for “death.” The only good thing that can possibly come out of this is the acknowledgement that this is indeed the case, and that the entire system is so corrupt and out of control that it needs to be abolished forever. Remember, this whole thing started with Goldman Sachs convincing Greece to hide it debt to GDP ratio in credit swaps. Mainstream media has such a short memory of scoundrels with global wealth.



“If a European Union which produces E28,000 of GDP for every single one of its citizens cannot provide a safety net for her, then it is profoundly wicked”. WELL SAID.

However, there are other reasons why the EU project is now profoundly broken. e.g. The fact that the officers of the various EU institutions and EU member countries are actively pursuing policies that are wholly against the interests of a united Europe and the citizens of the member countries - in full view of those EU citizens - beggars belief and causes profound cognitive dissonance. An easy example is the demonisation of Russia and the extension of unjustified sanctions as a slavish extension of US foreign policy that is deeply detrimental to EU member countries. Observers (ie EU citizens) can only speculate as to the reasons for this bizarre behaviour…