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Where Is the American Spring?


Where Is the American Spring?

Danny Schechter

[CD Editor's Note: While we mourn Thursday's passing of our friend and longtime contributor Danny Schechter, we celebrate his life and work today by offering this selection as a testimony to the power of his masterful ability to cut through current events with a wisdom honed by the past and an optimistic commitment to the future.


wolf-pac.com is actively working, and making real progress that Congress can’t stop. So far, we have VT, CA, IL, NJ on board. Need 30 more for a convention of states. Join us; make it happen.


I agree with you in theory but feel reality and viability dictate that we choose ONE party to form our “uprising” to unseat all these thugs including the Supreme Court. Poster Knox may be on the right track. I’m checking it out.


It’s not going to happen, for reasons that aren’t hard to figure out. Think: Not everyone can work (health, etc.) and there aren’t jobs for all who urgently need one. The US shipped out a huge number of jobs since the 1980s, ended actual welfare aid in the 1990s,creating a poverty crisis. Since Clinton, liberals have responded by waving the Middle Class Only banner. Think about Occupy: What began as an extraordinary people’s movement that could have changed the course we’re on was quickly redefined – by Dem pols, lib media, then many participants themselves – as a middle class movement. The rest of us – the poor, and those who get why unrelieved poverty is sinking the US – walked away.

By definition, if you;re still in the middle class you’re doing great. Many are not. The middle class demands, “No crumbs for the poor!” We were successfully divided, pitted against each other.


As President Obama explained from the time of his first campaign, if people wanted change, they needed to get to their feet and MAKE Congress listen. And we almost did that, too. What we found out is that there is no consensus about what a progressive agenda would look like. The celebrated People’s Budget, for example, ignores our poverty crisis, implying that the solution is in more trickle-down economics. We don’t all “stand in solidarity” to protect the better-off alone, the middle class. In the real world, not everyone can work (health, etc.), and there aren’t jobs for all who urgently need one. What do you think happens to those who are left out?

For whom would you vote, if no candidate represented your priorities? Republicans represent the wealthy/corporations, Democrats today represent only the middle class and rich. To my knowledge, no third party stands for restoring the basic human rights (per the UDHR) of our surplus population – the jobless poor and many of the unemployable. Greens, etc., explicitly stand only with those who are successfully employed.


RIP Danny Schechter . I regret not having connected with your spirit until now.


“Greens, etc., explicitly stand only with those who are successfully employed.”

Baloney - your “woe is us, no-one speaks for us” is just another one of those “it’s hopeless” routines that enervates not energizes … just what TPTB would like …


Wow, great piece - did not see it the first time …


The American Spring cannot come until America goes through its Winter. At this point most politicians and even people are trying everything to stop winter from arising. They put little band aides out there, so even when winter does arrive the people will not feel it with their heaters, artificial lights and gizmos.

Democrats seem to live in eternal Summer and Republicans are living in the Ice Age…


link or full name?


Read the Greens’ party platform. There is no “woe is us” in what I’m talking about. I’m pointing out that, as our own modern history shows, it’s impossible to save (much less, rebuild) the middle class without shoring up the poor. The US is in this mess because of the politics and policies we chose (quality of life plunged from #1 down to #43 since Reagan was first elected). The Green Party, like the Democrats, chose to focus on appealing to middle class campaign donors INSTEAD of addressing the critical issues that have been phasing out the middle class entirely. Just like you can’t build a house starting with the second floor, with nothing beneath it, you can’t rebuild an economy starting in the middle, waiting from trickle-down economics to resolve out poverty crisis.


OK - tell me what in the platform disturbs you …

Frankly I don’t see how a platform that proposes universal free education, Medicare for All, decent living wage jobs for everyone, an anti-war stance, progressive taxation, no corp welfare, racial and environmental justice etc, etc can be considered as “leaving out the poor” … so do elaborate …


Maser, what are you asking for?


Thanks for the link to wolf-pac.com.


Sorry, Toni, re: misdirected post.


No prob! Dunno about you, but this new CD format has me crazy. I don’t like it…can’t figure it out…think it’s harder to read and follow…don’t know what all the little icons are for…


There is no American Spring–We have “Exceptionalism”.
And our POTUS signs the Drone death warrants with every fiber of his Exceptionalist body.

If we want a nonHopium we can forget the 3rd party dream–too clumsy and not enough time. All the other small time parties have to amalgamate and merge into and take over the existing Demo party. Like a “corporate takeover” ! Ever hear of that?
4 % takeover works —and the numbers of dis-enchanted Demos will join in.


Why would we unite with so-called “libertarians”? - the most vile half of the US congress are economic “libertarians”.


What a depressing article! Unfortunately, depression frequently appears as the first symptom of pancreatic cancer. (if it is a typical case, I presume he got his diagnosis a few months later).

But then again there would have been plenty of differential diagnoses to pick from. If my own depression is from cancer, it is a pretty slow-growing one, since it started right after coming home from DC on January 21, 2001 and has gradually worsened. Maybe its a cancer in our whole society…