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Where is the Democrats’ Contract with America 2018?


Where is the Democrats’ Contract with America 2018?

Ralph Nader

What does the Democratic Party stand for? The big question persists! Typical of the Democrats, they delegated this question to political consultants who came up with the vapid slogan, “A Better Deal.” The specifics under that moniker are too general and, as a result, too easily dismissed by the public.

The Democratic operatives need to take a page out of Newt Gingrich’s playbook when he toppled an anemic Democratic House of Representatives in the stunning 2004 elections and became Speaker of the House.


What, no mention of military spending and endless war, Ralph? I know, I know, fat chance the Democrats will fully get behind any part of your wish list, but, before I die, I would love to get the chance to vote for a Democratic presidential candidate who actually takes a stand against war and this country’s obscene military spending. I’m not getting any younger, you know. Please add my wish to your wish list - and that’s all it is, by the way. The Democrats made their contract with America decades, ago, but as you well know, it was a contract with corporations and big money. The rest of us weren’t included.


The Democrats have a Contract with America. It is with the corporate oligarchs. Come on Nader, I thought you were a bit more aware.


He is totally aware and has been for a very long time.


Ah yes, I remember well the Contract on America. There was and is no ‘with’.
The contract is still in force with added clauses making life for just folks, even more hideous and horrible.


Actually Ralph did mention military spending…and by implication endless war…“It is also time to launch a long overdue dedication to major public works and infrastructure projects that will produce millions of good-paying jobs—paid for by restoring corporate and super-rich taxes, along with decreasing the bloated, wasteful military budget that exceeds half of the entire federal government’s operating expenditures.”


Ralph, I’m trying to get you, Bernie, and Obama to come up to Maine (which voted heavily for Bernie in '16, I was a Delegate) — and support ZAK RINGELSTEIN for U.S. SENATE as a progressive and DSA Democrat.

Thanks, “Portland Press Herald” for giving some coverage to Maine’s
Democratic Party candidate for the U.S. Senate — which will help
Maine’s young, progressive, millennials, Gen Xers, and even our younger
‘citizens’ of Maine and America the chance to know that their Maine
Democratic Party candidate for the highest national office of Senator
(and who could change the imbalance in the Senate to popular progressive
sanity) is none other than 32 year old, DSA member, and seriously
principled progressive ZAK RINGELSTEIN — since none of the local TV
media are giving ZAK the coverage he deserves as the first, and one
might say “Leading” [“Dirigo”] progressive Democratic Party’s candidate
for the all important position of being a Democratic U.S. Senator from
our own state of Maine.

In an effort to BACK ZAK, I am pulling-out
“all the stops” in any help I can as a Bernie Delegate in '16 from
folks like Bernie who could come to Maine and help BACK ZAK, as Rand
Paul is doing for this far right Republican candidate for the U.S.
Senate — who would likely increase the leverage that Emperor Trump
would have to turn Maine backward — but we need “to lead” [Dirigo] not
hold back on progress for ‘we the people’ of Maine and America, so I
think it would only fair and honest to ask for some national help on
this all-important 2018 Election (not selection) cycle — which could
break the dangerous trend of “least worst voting” cycles, which is
leading only to our beloved country “acting more like a global Empire”
under Emperor Trump.

“We can’t be an EMPIRE”

And here’s the link to my NY “Times” commentary to persuade Bernie and Obama to come up to Maine and support ZAK:


Keeping Space for Peace

http://space4peace.org/ great website


jneastra, we’ve got real fire-brand of a principled progressive, DSA, Democratic party candidate for U.S. Senate from Maine in Zak Ringelstein — who is both anti-war, but also anti-Empire (which creates the wars), and he’s solidly, as his committed program is to “Get the Money out of Politics”.

Maine could really assert it’s place as the leading (“Dirigo”) Progressive state to get this continuation and completion of our American “Revolution Against Empire” [Justin du Rivage’s deeply-researched and definitive history of our First American “Revolution Against Empire” in 1776] reignited by firing a; loud, public, sustained, ‘in-the-streets’, but totally non-violent “Shout (not shot) heard round the world”!


For a long time, at least since the Korean war, the Democrats have had a contract on America!


Bill Clinton helped make some of that a reality, did he not?


LBJ, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama, and Trump, what a nasty bunch of liars all working for the same goals…the destruction of American freedom and endless war, all pathetic murdering demon scumbags, all enemies of the people.


He’s not aware if he believes the Democrats care about the citizens.


I wouldn’t expect Democrats to take the advice from someone who ran for president on the Green Party ticket.


Disagree on LBJ-----if you listen to some of the recordings of that time it is clear his hand is being forced on Vietnam--------maybe there was some deal on letting civil rights go forward and the MIC would get all its blood money—I’m not sure. LBJ got civil rights legislation passed and Medicaid and Medicare------and the political pro that he was he knew that supporting civil rights the democrats would lose the South for generations.

And Carter could have gone into Iran to get the hostages back to help himself win the election in 80 but went with negotiation(he did launch a failed secret mission). Carter also talked about doing with less , not to be caught up in consumerism------wow did this make the ruling elite upset.

Obama on the other hand was a coward—he needed to convince democrats that this was there moment when he came into office—he should have expanded public healthcare to everyone ----fixed social security(raise payments on the wealthy and increase payments to those on the bottom) and fixed the minimum wage so it stayed up with the cost of living. These are simple basic things any real moderate democrat should have supported.


Have you checked the toilet paper roll bar, Ralph? I’m guessing they may have left it there.


I do not consider even the two top US classes–which rule the masses with an armed arm-- almighty, alknowing, or everywhere. And yet they MUST be, or give up on trying to control all or much of the Planet with any means whatever.

The classes, eg, have not made all Americans multimillionaires of billionaires; in spite of the fact that classes would love to accomplish it.

Jesus or American Jesus could accomplish it; if the Lovers of Jesus and His Word would pray or ask him to make America much or immeasurably greater than is now.

Are they asking? Or do they dare ask? And by daring to ask, make all pastors/reverends/ministers very angry?

Or is only Trump praying? And not to make America much greater, but only great again?


I think we can actually put the period after the word “advice”.

The Democrats should simply replace the donkey with the ostrich


“Shout heard round the World!” awesome; and thats what the People’s World Family Revolucion is about. The more that join, the more powerful W are!


At least the Republicans deliver for their donors. The Dems for years now (since Carter) have been mealy mouthed and have basically promoted no policy at all. Schumer, Pelosi et all either see this and ignore it OR see it and want to keep their power and donors and figure fuck the people. The dems will win in the midterms just because the Republicans are so fucking bad, not because they have good ideas for the people.