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Where Is the Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders of Foreign Policy?


Where Is the Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders of Foreign Policy?

Katrina vanden Heuvel

When a prominent Washington peace activist was asked recently to name the leading anti-interventionists in the Senate, he responded, “Rand Paul and Mike Lee,” both Republicans. Democrats are in the midst of a furious struggle over what they stand for and who is included in their coalition, yet on foreign policy questions, their silence is deafening. When President Trump decided to drop 59 cruise missiles on Syria in response to purported use of chemical weapons, there was more debate about the attack among Republicans than among Democrats.


This is rich coming from KVH, who has a long record of apology for the Democratic establishment with all its warts.

Whoever the current crop of Democratic politicians are, each of us needs to be standing up and speaking out AGAINST the entire US foreign policy establishment and war machine, which remains unquestionably the "greatest purveyor of violence in the world" today as it was in MLK's time when he said so.

We need to be clear about what we are up against, and we need to be against it. We need far more than to be "against Trump."


There is such a Democrat, Tulsi Gabbard. I can't think of any other. For the most part the Republicans and Democrats happen to have pretty similar views on foreign policy. I can't think of any major difference. No matter how much money the Democrats want for the military the Republicans will always claim we need more. I think right now we are in a transition to a more robotic military. This will put fewer US lives at risk but it will make waging war politically easier. However, several other countries have similar technology so the the US will probably no longer be able to rely on a clear technological advantage although that will certainly remain a goal of the military.


Excellent analysis and brutal truth from KVH. When the democrats EXCEPT for Barbara Lee signed off on the AUMF and the Global War On Terror, they made their deal with the Devil. Today he is collecting. Their enabling the fraud can never be corrected, the damage is done.

Still, Tulsi Gabbard is the only voice of conscience on the democrats side. For shame.


Dennis Kucinich.


Tulsi Gabbard (sad to say this is an issue) is more photogenic.


Such an ancient political trap. Otherwise reasonable people falling for the same trick over and over, from ancient Athens to today. "Over there", over and over. Like Europe before WWI. Guess what - there is no "over there." Unless one is ready to receive live fire on the battlefield, one should keep it shut.


We don't have a two party system. We have one unified, corporate War party that administers domestic policy via two competing divisions. Nothing brings them together, though, like a good missile strike or dropping one of those super bombs on a poor third world country. Yeah, team!


Well said, Ms. vanden Heuvel. Exactly.

Isn't it time for the Democratic Party to adopt a set of principles that articulates the values of democratic governance, justice, the public interest, and world peace into their rightful places for a party so-named?


I understand the frustration, given the apologetics that too often emanates from some writers at The Nation. However, in this case KVH is right on the money and I think that's worth acknowledging on its own merits.


In the almost 50 odd years since 'they' killed MLK jr the war machine known as the US government keep chewing up resources, soldiers, families, millions of foreigners, taxes, for what? Are we safer now than then in 1968 when he was calling out the policy for what it was? The most violent nation anywhere. Have any lessons been learned except that war is very profitable for the makers of weapons systems? I'm so sick of this perpetual war machine I could scream: Why the hell won't somebody stop this insanity?


Just think how much progress could come out of even 50% of the military budget spent on life saving and ecological technologies instead of on how to kill more efficiently. The sums are truly staggering!


On what the American Global Empire has cost us:

Below is a quote from an article that William Rivers Pitt wrote in 2003 called "Blood Money", t r u t h o u t | Perspective, Thursday 27 February 2003 (http://www.truth-out.org/archive/item/43670:william-rivers-pitt--blood-money) where he predicts that the Empire that the PNAC was about to pursue would cost us our freedoms, and gut our social, medical, educational and retirement services.

This movement, cloaked in democracy, is in fact a PNAC-inspired push for an American global empire. It behooves Americans to understand that there is a great difference between being the citizen of a constitutional democracy and being a citizen of an empire. The establishment of an empire requires some significant sacrifices.
Essential social, medical, educational and retirement services will have to be gutted so that those funds can be directed towards a necessary military buildup. Actions taken abroad to establish the preeminence of American power, most specifically in the Middle East, will bring a torrent of terrorist attacks to the home front. Such attacks will bring about the final suspension of constitutional rights and the rule of habeas corpus, as we will find ourselves under martial law. In the end, however, this may be inevitable. An empire cannot function with the slow, cumbersome machine of a constitutional democracy on its back. Empires must be ruled with speed and ruthlessness, in a manner utterly antithetical to the way in which America has been governed for 227 years.

Some costs of empire that Pitt did not list were the lost opportunities to solve environmental and social problems that we forgo because of our having an Empire. Some of these are quite eloquently listed by Dave Swanson in his speach in Burlinton on April 22nd titled "The F-35 and the Incinerating Ski Slope" (http://www.smirkingchimp.com/thread/david-swanson/72355/the-f-35-and-the-incinerating-ski-slope). There is so much potential to solve and fix problems, especially once we solve the problem of how to govern ourselves without creating hierarchies in ways that are vulnerable to excessive control by the greedy and power hungry.

This immoral Empire is too costly, both to us and the world. Our parasites want too much.


My thoughts exactly, Olhippy. Good post.


I, for one, felt comfortable that Bernie would have rallied the American Populace, through the Bully Pulpit of the

Presidency, to begin to see our "Foreign Policy" for what it Was, and to what it Should Be, and would have

appointed like minded people to his Cabinet (a, today, almost unimaginable concept) to implement it.

Van den Heuvel, on the other hand, must not have, as she refused to help Bernie (and us), when she could have.

And, yet, here are more of her Opinions, for our reading pleasure.


When the Entire Media is allowed to be controlled by only a few, they easily Demonize or Marginalize whomever they want, for their own benefit.

Kucinich has always been on the right side of the issues, and should have been the Dem Nominee in 2008, much as Bernie should have been in 2016. (They were both threatened into complicity by irresistible forces, each in their own situation.)

A look at Bernie, for instance, as he dismantled Alan Greenspan before Congress, showed what a true exhibition of Strength, Intellect and Decency was, rather than Matinee Idol looks.

Irish Setters, as a Breed, it is said, after years of breeding for looks alone, became, as one observer pointed out, like hiring Firefighters on the basis of how good they looked in the Uniform, as opposed to their qualities of Courage and Character.


"There is such a Democrat, Tulsi Gabbard. I can't think of any other"
Tulsi is great, and what about Barbara Lee?


We find difference between the two parties of the world's greatest empire on domestic policy, sure, but foreign policy, don't make me laugh. When trump was slow to act aggressively enough to satisfy the deep state after a couple months, he was reminded whose in charge in Washington and the cruise missiles were launched and on their way to Syria, just hours before HRC was calling for the same.
The empire is a heartless behemoth that will collapse eventually from its own inability to act rationally, if it doesn't take the whole humane race with it in nuclear conflagration.


Ultimately it is up to us, collectively, to organize and stop it.


Tulsi didn't have ANY town hall meetings during the recent recess. We wanted to talk with her