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Where Is the Outrage Over Anti-Immigrant Bills?


Where Is the Outrage Over Anti-Immigrant Bills?

Sonali Kolhatkar

While many of us are rightfully angry over Donald Trump’s treatment of the media, over the GOP’s attempt to gut health care for millions of Americans and over myriad other issues, two little-noticed but impactful bills sailed through the House of Representatives last week with barely a peep from progressive voices. The bills were the first immigration-related pieces of legislation taken up by the House since Trump’s inauguration and apply harsh penalties for undocumented people.


The lack of comments here confirms the author's contention


2 parties.

2 parties who believe in deportation.

2 reasons to end the duopoly.



Something one can always depend on to elicit a big yawn from the CD readership are articles on:

  1. Racism,

  2. Migrant and refugee rights; and,

  3. Labor rights and the right to organize.


There were certainly few, if any, articles or warnings about these bills.
* I think we can come up with a picture of what is going to happen regarding these Islamophobic bills. There used to be at least some debate in the SCOTUS. It often takes years for issues to be accepted in the court.
* One of the first things done after the election was to put another racist Nazi on the court. Trump's Muslim ban XO's were thrown out by two layers of the court system as Unconstitutional.
* The case got thrown into the court's lap in record time and almost immediately, "Part" of the Orange Mamba's case was accepted by the Supremes, quickly reviewed and part of it allowed while they "study" the rest. It was passed by, you guessed it, 5-4. Three of the five stated that they would have voted the whole Muslim Ban into law.
* My guess is that, fairly soon, the court will finish its study, find that it is all constitutional, and it will become law. Meanwhile, all of this other crap is going on.
* Read a little history as to what happened in Germany after Hitler became Reichskanzler. Minorities, and people that Hitler didn't like, wound up dead or in a concentration camp. Labor Unions were outlawed, any dissent was outlawed, finally, even listening to anything on the radio that was not Reich propaganda could get you shot, or tortured by the Gestapo.
* The Junkers (Germany's Oilagarchy, their 0.01%) were given all kinds of tax relief. Retirement pensions were taken from the People and given to the Junkers to use as they saw fit.
* The Wehrmacht was assured that they could rebuild and rearm. The German People paid for that, too.
* As Santayana said, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." Boy, are we getting that with both barrels. The only difference between Hitler and Twitler is that, while the Nazi Wehrmacht had very effective combat weapons for their day, Today's US Fourth Reich Wehrmacht could end the world with the push of a button, but they find it difficult, or the Oilagarchy has decreed it, that they not win any of their many wars, as that would cause a drop in profits. There seems to be enough nuts in the bottle that would be happy to push that button, just for the Hell of it.


For years the Republicans wanted illegal immigrants for cheap labor, Cesar Chavez and other Democrats opposed this. The Democrats were the party against illegal immigration. Now the Republicans cleverly have it both ways. They get massive amounts of workers who work cheap, are abused and have no rights or Unions. They get a no lose issue which revolves around stopping illegal immigration. Perfect. The rich owners get their slaves and the rabble get steamed because their wages continue their fall. They can't connect the dots. Progressives need to connect the dots and take a pro labor stand on illegal immigrants working. Refugees need a different policy position. But supporting illegal immigration is a horrible issue for Democrats. Go back to Chavez. Stop letting Republicans demagogue the issue.


The same place the outrage at the empire's murderous military activities, in the corporate/gov't round file.


Expecting the cowardly and dishonest individuals that infest 90% of the corporate media (and all too many in Clinton/Obama Repblicrat wing of the Democratic party) to have any sense of empathy- much less any outrage over the treatment of people (i.e. anyone other than their own sorry selves) is too much to ask.