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Where Is the Outrage: Standing With Palestinians In the Spirit of Sumud


Where Is the Outrage: Standing With Palestinians In the Spirit of Sumud

As Palestinians marked Prisoners' Day to show solidarity with over 7,000 men, women and children now held in Israeli prisons - and the over 800,000 held since 1967 - the first U.S. delegation of prison activists returned from a visit to likewise honor those political prisoners and demand they be freed. The group, including former Black Panthers, focused not just on official prisons but a "post-Nakba Palestine (that) is tantamount to an open-air prison."


I remember a Palestinian woman who had suffered as much as anyone and more than most telling somebody that the worst thing- worse than the bulldozers, guns bombs and blockades- is "the world's indifference". the worlds only superpower still does not have the strength to stand up to Israel, and the other countries dare not defy USA. So the suffering continues. Most real people are with Palestine, but our voices, like theirs' can never be heard


The US and Israel= "Incarcerations 'R' Us"

And how dare you point that out.

Nothing to see here......

History will not be too kind to either of them.


These terms we use to describe ourselves, create more than just labels. When we stop using them we can see all our shadows are the same color. Until that happens, we will continue to kill each other with mouths, pens and guns. This is insanity.


The Zionist state has imprisoned, often without charges or trials hundreds of thousands over the decades of the Occupation and increasing illegal colonization - annexation - of Palestine!

Israel has openly subverted our republic seriously undermining US sovereignty! US politicians in thrall to this criminal racism have betrayed their nation to support the agenda and war crimes of another - usually called treason!

Marwan Barghouti is the most respected Palestinian leader in an Israeli prison on trumped-up charges and kangaroo-court "trial"!
Our "special ally" falsely touted as the only democracy in the ME - they are in fact a racist theocracy and war criminal terrorist state!


Absolutely right, Erneboy. Most of the leaders of Israel and the U.S. are old buggers (like me) and don't realize that it's a new world out there. All of their corrupt, immoral, greedy decisions are now open for everyone to judge until the end of history. Let's keep reminding them of that fact.