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Where’s the Second Relief Act? The US Safety Net Is Working, but There Are Capitalists Who Don’t Want It To

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/09/wheres-second-relief-act-us-safety-net-working-there-are-capitalists-who-dont-want

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The only safety net the capitalists really care about is the nuclear triad, because that is where the big profits are. Next comes energy, pharma, insurance, banking, etc., but the People, never–they are fungible and in excess supply.


If you are a Mitch McConnell donor controlling a company that has participated in the $7 T corporate welfare program of the Fed providing zero interest financing, why would you want Corvid relief for the masses when no relief for others magnifies opportunities for you to buy up assets from flailing business and buy distressed properties on the cheap?

By the way, with stagflation there was high inflation and high unemployment simultaneously.

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Remember that the desire to see women in the workplace in great numbers , and the repeal of child labor laws , along with all of those migrants in the USA is NOT about human rights from the perspective of the Capitalist.

It about lowering wages.

Peoples can want the same thing for very different reasons and those reasons tell you what type of people they are. With the Capitalist investor class it always about greed and more money.

Remember that when the Investor class speaks (such as those millionaires wanting higher taxes or those ex republicans that worked to get Biden elected) , even if they seem in agreement with you , they are not on your side. They are working another angle.