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Where the TPP Could Lose


Where the TPP Could Lose

Julia Paley

After years of secret negotiations and silence in the media, the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) has risen to headline news. Now that Congress has voted to give President Obama “fast-track” trade promotion authority to push the deal through the House and Senate with limited debate and no amendments, efforts to finalize the agreement among member countries are proceeding in earnest.


How pathetic is it, that we must rely on foreign governments, instead of our own “leaders” as the only way that this monstrosity might be stopped?

But tragically, the TPP will be passed. By hook or by crook, our One Percent overlords shall make sure it ruins tens of millions of lives…


Just say NO, Chile! We would be so in your debt if you could stop this terrible, tyrannical takeover.


Excellent–and promising—article.

Often when the first individual (or nation) steps out of formation, that action serves as a precedent. As if by some force of “contagion” or cohesion, others suddenly gain the courage to do likewise.

Latin and South America have enough experience with U.S. corporate malfeasance to sense a Trojan Horse behind this promoted-as-benign (and sure to lift all ships) treaty.

Let’s hope that a reverse domino effect occurs by which other nations back out. BRICS should pound the drums for this mass exit… now!


I cannot believe there are only four comments on this article.

I pray to God the TPP can somehow be defeated. Passage of the TPP will insure the end of national sovereignty of the United States. As if this nation isn’t fucked up bad enough as it is.


but but but—I would be head over heals falling for this wonderful “surprise”–
if it was not for the fact that the entire GOP has not accused Obam of something!
And the entire GOP is in total support of this socialist pres and this “surprise”? How can that be?

The woossche you hear over head is the flight of money going to the other nations.
I bet there will be no standing in opposition,


You nailed it. They are the Overlords. They could care less about the inhabitants of the various nations and their well being, or their General Welfare.

The TPP is the greatest threat to this nation since the WWII Fascists.


The Overlords thought this Hawaii meeting was a done deal to pass the TPP.
So I am encouraged that it fell apart.

BUT, having noticed how Congress got the exact number of votes necessary
(218 in the House and 60 in the Senate) to pass the TPA after they put on
their dog and pony show for the benefit of the anti-TPA’ers,
this may be just another maneuver before they pull the rabbit out of their hat.

Hopefully, New Zealand and Canada will join Chile to keep the process in limbo.


Incentive?—after the deal is passed?—
“After” the deal— is a wham bam thank you maam in spades.


New Zealand has already been thoroughly Thatcherised by its former Labour government (1984 onwards), and with a millionaire Tory Prime Minister and a single House of Parliament one can expect nothing of New Zealand. Likewise of Australia, where both Labour and Tory parties have been involved in a number lunatic trade agreements that are contrary to Australia’s needs and where the TPP is unknown among the general populace.