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Where There's Smoke, There's Boehner

Where There's Smoke, There's Boehner

Michael Winship

There was a time when, once they left the job, a former cabinet head or member of Congress would find employment back home casting their seeds of knowledge and experience in the local groves of academe. Or return to naps on the cracked leather sofa at his or her old law firm in South Bend or Twin Falls or Toledo.

I wonder if Boehner is also for releasing the tens of thousands of people incarcerated for simple possession of Marijuana from prison and expunging the arrests off of their records?


Clearly, this massive problem can only begin to be solved by passing a 28th Amendment to the U. S. Constitution. The one that says, “Money is not speech, and corporations are not people”. We have to have that before the greatly need changes can be made. Some of those changes need to be:

  • Only actual, living, citizen human beings of age, can participate in the campaign and electoral processes; and then with limited financial means, very limited. Corporations many NEVER participate in politics, at any level, period. They can only be acted upon by government, not act upon government. No government affairs departments, no lobbyists, absolutely no political contributions of any kind, period! And the contributions those actual human beings can make must also be strictly limited to level the field: Citizens would only be allowed to make very limited contributions (like $100 per candidate or issue, per election cycle - primary and general) only to candidates or issues that will appear on their personal ballot that they will actually cast a vote on. That means that you and the Koch Brothers are limited to giving the same amount of money to candidates or issues you will actually see on your personal ballot. No more crossing political boundaries to make contributions, no more PACs, SuperPACs, or other such artificial creatures. That does mean unions and “good” organizations couldn’t make political contributions, but more importantly, neither could the super-rich or corporations.

  • Permanently close the revolving door between government and private industry. We need a PERMANENT ban on former elected officials and their former staffers, as well as employees of government agencies, leaving government service for the industries they used to legislate on or exercise oversight on. “Thank you for your service”, now go out and get a REAL job that does not trade on your past power or influence.

  • Start once again enforcing the anti-trust, and fairness laws on mega-mergers and mergers that allow unrelated industries to control mass communication companies. Newspapers and broadcasters should only be in those businesses, and only to limited degrees, by the number of stations or publications that they own or control, also prohibiting alliances that try to circumvent the restrictions. Remember, once we take away the special status of money and corporations they can be restricted to serving average people again, and not the rich and powerful.

If we cannot accomplish at least most of this, and fairly soon, whatever shreds of our system that are left will be completely consumed by those rich and powerful interests.


The libertarian Rohrabacher recently tried to broker a pardon for Julian Assange and has himself been so cozy with Russia that he probably qualifies for a seat in the State Duma. You’ll recall GOP House majority leader Kevin McCarthy joking during the 2016 campaign, “There’s two people I think Putin pays: Rohrabacher and Trump. Swear to God.”

Why does this guy have to insert a “Russia evil” clause in everyone of his articles? How many US Political leaders are chummy with The Saudi’s or Israel or that Fascist Poroshenko in the Ukraine?

And why on earth is a pardon of Assange deemed a bad thing? Does Winship still have a bee in his bonnet because Hilary Clinton claims the Wikileaks TRUTHS cost her the election?


Winship sez:
“The infamous revolving door, through which vauntingly ambitious men and women spin from business to government and back to business at an increasingly lucrative rate …”

A quaint, but archaic metaphor. All pretense of a “door” has been eliminated with the amalgamation of “business” and government in the U.S.


It could be worse. He could be lobbying for Lockheed Martin.

Why does the public keep taking what this system dishes out and not do anything about it? Why not have governance for the 21st Century? Afraid of democracy? Believe the public is too stupid?

I’m sure he will as long as he’s PAID.

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HI pony boy—or hey maybe Core Civic will add it into their brownies, since I’ve heard that the food in their prisons is awful. : )

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HI SuspiraDeProfundis: I thought the very same thing------what was the point of that? Does this writer think if he says, " Russia ," that everyone will scream and run away like it’s the 1950s? What a dumb thing to write . : ( I stopped reading after that.

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I agree completely with every single point you make, especially the wording of the 28th Amendment; but, sadly, you might as well try and make a unicorn your pet.
Actually, if a Green New Deal gets traction in the newly-Democratic House, I think some movement toward these goals is possible, simply because it’s an indication of a different mind-set.
I’m certainly going to keep my fingers crossed and, yes, contribute to truly progressive candidates, even though they won’t show up on my ballot.

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We can either be slaves to corporations or they can work for us as honest non citizen partners. There is no middle ground with psychopathic personhoods. It also seems that their pet public servants are a bit hard of hearing themselves.

another of the mass of whores in congress. The american system of govt is corrupt to the core. Who would want to vote .

That would certainly be a treat for the incarcerated.