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Where to Invade Next: New Michael Moore Doc Offers 'All Solutions'



Michael Moore is a lying, hypocritical jerk. Calling his movies "Documentaries" is a slander to the word itself.


Slander is the best you can do? Without a word of explanation? Why waste our time?


The invasion is of the desperate left behind by the wars of choice and piracy by the West. Massive movements of desperate people create chaos. NAFTA set up the need for Mexicans to move north by destroying some of their agricultural products at home. People matter. U$INC is Rome ready to fall. The Roman people lived in so much corruption they opened the gates to their enemies. Thank you Michael Moore. You tell it like it is. Look what SICKO predicted. We still have a health care system designed for the profit of the owners of the system who will throw poor sick out the door.


Pick one. Half truths, partial truths, untruths. As for him personally, It is enough to see his repeated denials in interviews that he is in the 1%. His divorce proceedings showed he is in the 1% of the 1%, worth tens of millions of dollars. I don't care if he's rich, I care when he turns into a liar and a hypocrite.




Haha! Got me there...but so did Dr. Goebbels. I'm not the only one to feel this way. Christopher Hitchens, in an article written for Slate magazine, had the following to say about one of Moore's "documentaries"..." To describe this film as dishonest and demagogic would be almost the promote those terms to the level of respectability." So, im not alone in thinking he is a liar and a fraud.


What ever one thinks of MM, I always find his movies provocative and entertaining.


Yay! MM finally releases a European travel log for 1% wannabe American expats. Look out Iceland, Spain, and Denmark- Burning Man refugees are heading your way! Mike's Happy Movie, indeed!


I will hold comment until I see the whole movie.


"Most people have a conscience and know right from wrong and they’re just afraid or ignorant, and once those things get fixed we’ll stop living in fear and being stupid."

It might not be so simple to fix the physiological causes of conservatism. There are differences in conservative and liberal brains:



I have my criticisms of Moore, such as ultimately being a cheerleader for Obama yet amazingly not seeing such a hypocritical stance. That said, he aint all bad.

Heightening awareness among the US citizenry that other countries exist where the citizenry are actually served well by their governments is a good thing, in fact a necessity that more of that message gets amplified.


Fascists, racists, serial killers, violent criminals, most CEO's, Banksters, Warmongers, Theocrats, Oligarchs, Republicans, DNC and Blue Dog Democrats call themselves conservatives. If they want to be called conservatives, why shouldn't we call them that?


That's evident by the comments of one particular poster here. And, Christopher Hitchens and Mr. Moore have much more in common, you'd think, than differences. Does that quote even apply to this documentary; obviously not. That's pretty lame, btw. Using Goebbels, even lamer. Of course, neither are Pauline Kael or even Roger Ebert, so there's that, too. This bligh guy ain't fly, imo.


Hear Mr. Hitchens defend the Iraq War, and George Galloway's razor sharp put down.


I have always enjoyed MM's work, can't wait to see his "happy" movie. He may not be as fun as the Coen (sp?) brother's but he is fun.


So I did some research to find out what you were talking about. What you are talking about is Christopher Hitchens' review in Slate of Fahrenheit 9-11, which was Moore's examination of how the Bush administration used 9-11 to go to war with Iraq. Hitchens attacked it, which makes sense since at that time he was a gung-ho liberal interventionist supporting the war.

Hitchens later realized he was wrong.

So... you can't say HItchens attack on Moore is at all credible.


Are you aware of the history of Neo-Conservativism?

The first Neo-Cons were Old Leftists who had a conversion experience to Cold Warriorism in the 70s. Their heirs are our current batch of Neo-Cons. The Neo here applied because they were newly conservatives and really only on Imperialism, not social conservatism or in favor of small government.

The "God Father of Neo-Conservatism" was publisher and author Irving Kristol, who started off as a Trotskyite and then changed into a defender of American Imperialism. He was the leading light of the movement, embracing the term "Neo-Con" and influencing all the later generation, including his son and literal heir, William Kristol.


haha...apparently math ability eludes you...1% of of 1% of U.S. population of 300,000,000 equals 30.000. So you are telling me there are 30,000 BILLIONAIRES in the U.S.? Damn, I better check, I might be one...BTW...he was denying he was in the top hundred in wealth, not the top 1000 (which he is) ...dont take my word for it, poll a random 100 people and find out if there are any worth north of 50 million dollars...acquired by....wait for it....Capitalism like Mikey (while he attacks it ) What a phony.


Fair enough. I had no idea that Christopher Hitchens was gung ho on military actions by Bush. If you can tell me where he retracted his statements I will gladly retract my reference to him. Thanks.