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Where to Turn


Where to Turn

Kathy Kelly

In July 1941, Albert Einstein, ten months a U.S. citizen, wrote Eleanor Roosevelt asking her, as First Lady, to raise with the president the matter of lifting bureaucratic hurdles so that Jewish refugees threatened by Hitler’s final solution could be granted entry into the U.S. “I know of no-one else to whom to turn for help,” he wrote. But the U.S. government chose not to heed Einstein’s appeal.


Well said Kathy.


I kept this article on my internet bar for several days now, knowing I wanted to read this. Now I have. It is, as all you write, Kathy Kelly, so revealing, simple, meaningful.

This is the truth. There is other truth, too, yes, but this is a fundamental truth. These stark terms are very meaningful: indeed, we in the U.S. need to recognize this, recognize the truth of what has happened to Afghans, what is happening, all due to our country's choices. Do we care about these people? Our culture tells us we don't need to, and no one else does, so why should I? Even here on Common Dreams, who is reading this? Why should Kelly even think she should write here again?

Kathy Kelly, I thank you for writing this. I wish to take this in and truly see how I can help. I am a teacher: I can share with my students about this. I am a student of Dharma: I can pray and practice for Afghans. I can speak with my friends and colleagues about this. I can ask my union to speak out on this. I can do things.

Each of us can do things. If we value the lives of our fellow human beings, we can see that these Afghans are human beings, and we U.S. people are directly connected to their conditions now. We can see this and speak about this, and make this meaningful. Wouldn't this be so beautiful, for us to show we can care about this and seek to turn it around? Maybe if we do this--with the people of the country our country first attacked after 9-11, we might, through doing this, discover new ways to act and live for peace and transformation for a better world.