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'Where Will Everyone Go?' New Report Documents How Climate Migration Could Reshape US

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/15/where-will-everyone-go-new-report-documents-how-climate-migration-could-reshape-us


It looks like Canada will need that wall more then ever. Now it not so much the fact refugees fleeing warming might want to flood into Canada as it is the nature of far too many of those people. They will want to bring their guns , fascism and racism with them and as far is they are concerned Canada is “Communistic” and they would want to change that.

Within 50 years of entry this group will be demanding people in Quebec speak “American” and insist they have the right to bear arms as they walk up and down streets with their guns to ensure those with darker skin “know their place”. and “go back to where they came from”


Canada has no hope. Unless the Russians or Chinese bomb us for them. Which may happen if we keep this shite up.

Don’t worry. I’m pretty sure most Americans can’t find Canada on a map of North America.


Most US folks (Americans) cannot find their own country on a map.


Yet another reason to permit hypertext links in your comments threads: saving your poor posters an awful lot of unnecessary effort posting pertinent, astute & enlightening URLs? NYC might just be the safest place, climate & COVID sero-prevalence/ active-case-wise? But “crime” might soon touch rich white folks’ lives, here. Though the wealthy honkies all skedaddled before Saint Paddy’s Day? Friends/ families from San Diego, through Oakland, Berkeley & Sonoma up to Portland can’t really breathe (only two have had COVID) and we’d almost moved to Humboldt. Fuck THAT! I’d tried retiring to The Poconos (!) and thought about State College. But whenever I’m back in Pennsyltucky I know I’d be a very poor fit?


Only those who can afford a ticket on Bezos’ or Musk’s interplanetary flights can actually escape the effects of climate change as many Canadians (and Americans) found out during the 2017 and 2018 British Columbia fires that spewed smoke for weeks as far south as Oregon. The current smoke plume from California fires covers half of the Pacific Ocean in the northern hemisphere and despite a quarter inch of rain in parts of the Pacific Northwest yesterday (areas that have no fires burning) the airborne ppm INCREASED because this smoke is churning around and creating its own weather rather than diluting the smoke as rain has in the past.


Trumpism has ill-prepared the nation for migration as there is so much animosity among the populace that new neighbors would bring much psychological baggage with them. The dust-bowl migrants had common bonds and knew to look after one another. One bad man’s legacy will live on in ways of which we never dreamed.


If it was not ‘poor forestry management’, Trump would have to blame the unprecedented west coast wild fires and off-the-chart poor-air advisories on the ‘Deep State’—the original meaning of which has to do with the fossil fuel industry and its insidious yet very effective lobbyist manipulation of governments big and small. It’s a very large part of Trump’s “the swamp”. Therefore, considering the Trump administration’s increased kowtowing to Big Fossil Fuel—far from genuinely wishing to “drain the swamp”, as he and his supporters claim—Trump seems quite content with wallowing in it.


Actually “poor forestry management” IS a factor that needs to be addressed as urgently as climate change. As Samantha Weil pointed out in her 8/28/20 Propublica article: between 4 and 11 million acres in California burned each year during prehistoric times, yet during the 4th quarter of the 20th century California averaged 30,000 acres of prescribed burns each year. During the past 20 years the average dropped to 13,000 acres per year.

Although Trump discounting climate change is bogus, state and federal gubmits have a much greater ability, and certainly much greater existing infrastructure and labor resources to up their forestry management game than they do to reverse climate change.

During college in northern California a half century ago I worked seasonally for the US Forest Service in some of the areas that are now burning, including Berry Creek. We did fuel inventory, brush disposal, prescribed burns, and fire suppression. Although there was broad consensus that more prescribed burning was needed, today they are doing prescribed burning on little more than a third of the acreage they were back then.

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Half a lifetime ago, when my brother and his sweetie started their family in Berry Creek, CA, it was an idyllic spot to bring up the kids underneath a fully starry sky. How were they supposed to know such hoofbeats of apocalypse would crash down this decade – two years ago a near miss from the Camp Fire (which took nearby Paradise), in 2020 a direct hit from the Bear Fire: no more Berry Creek. Fifteen dead up highway 162 somewhere, with another dozen missing. Where 162 bridges Lake Oroville, it just looks like the maw of hell on the Berry Creek side, and on north to Brush Creek and Feather Falls. Profoundly hazardous hills from now on. Rips your heart out.

I keep thinking about the owner of the little general store on Bald Rock Road – one of the town centers, such as it was. I don’t know that person, but I imagine they might feel some sense of obligation to rebuild – that for them in particular to clear out at this point would be like throwing in the towel on Berry Creek, and then someone else would have to make up for the duties they abandoned. My brother might also be feeling that way – about rebuilding up there – a community obligation. Everybody knows everybody up there.

Nobody ever asks my advice. I can’t look out at the world through my brother’s eyes anyhow. Closer to home, I’m still worried about where the birds went. Four weeks of unprecedented continental smoke, and reports arise from all over about disappearing birds. From New Mexico I’m hearing of a mass avian die-off this morning – I don’t know if that has to do with our smoke further west.

Here in Richmond, CA, the air is finally a little bit improved this morning, with a slight breeze. But the birds remain remarkably scarce, so far.


The jokes on us buddy!
We’re not going to be here in 50 years! By then we may all have migrated, to another ethereal plane.


When I was a kid my grandmother used to say that, if you could not hear the birds today, something bad was going to happen.


And most don’t even have a passport.

When I read the closing part of the article this morning, I felt the same way you do – please don’t do what the article posits and move here. And I live in metro Detroit!

Friends of mine settled up by Zelionople where they could cycle, kayak and avoid city lights to star-gaze. Until a bright light way to the west was joined to another, then another. Eventually, 78 well-pads surrounded their lovely paradise and they’ve moved above Connellsville. You can guess the rest? I’d found a swell $55K house, right across Cliff Mine from The Montour Trail, away from any flight paths, and above a closed redneck bar we’d considered to re-open for the local home-brewer’s club. You can guess the rest?



“From New Mexico I’m hearing of a mass avian die-off this morning…”
The experts don’t know why either, here’s a link in case you haven’t seen it.



No one is mentioning the very large problem-overpopulation. Too many humans on a finite world, consuming as if there’s no future. Gaia can only support a billion homo sapiens sapiens if they live a normal USA lifestyle.
There will be a massive die off in the very near future. All those predictions of 9 billion humans or 14 billion are pipe dreams. The four horsemen will take care of that-disease, war, famine, natural disasters. C-19 is one of many other pandemics in the pipeline.
We’ve not even enjoyed our centuries of unregulated greed. If we had lived life to its fullest, with song and dance and beauty, it might be worth it all. But no, we lived lives of outright desperation, competing to be successful, to be worthy of love.
I’ve waited to post this on any social media, but when a culture states a person, an actor for a global megacorporation, a corporate shill to sell toys to boys, is a hero because he continued working while dealing with cancer, is a culture that has lost its senses, literally. We’re so blinded by the corporate images of uber-mensches, as described by Nietzsche, that we no longer see the beauty of everyday life, of the caring gestures made by people. Nihilism is just another word for fascism.
And it will be billions, not millions, of people who will be climate refugees, the survivors of the great die off.


Surprised there was only a passing reference to the mass migration resulting from the Dustbowl years.

A brief essay i wrote a while back


“…A Californian called Fred Edwards drove his destitute brother-in-law from Texas into California in 1939, and was found guilty of violating a California statute criminalizing transportation of indigents into California. In 1941, the Supreme Court unanimously struck down the California statute as unconstitutional and no longer did individual states possess the authority to interfere in the free movement of peoples…”


Good Question, just where are you to go?. Ask yourself where Must you go. Live near farmlands so that you have access to food.
Learn to live without a car for you may not have access to one nor fuel. Do not live in earthquake zones. Do not live near the coasts nor rivers nor other large bodies of water. You have entered a new world. The other world will not return. Things will be and are very different now. We have passed over a threshold into a new world reality, a new paradigm.

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