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'Where's the Party? Come On, Man': Biden Claims Democrats Not Down for AOC-Style Progress Like Medicare for All

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/06/wheres-party-come-man-biden-claims-democrats-not-down-aoc-style-progress-medicare

Enough with this ageist “boomer” crap.


Question: How many of you “Boomers” out there are tired of hearing "O.K. Boomer" when you are as progressive as hell?! Are you tired of being glommed into a group just because of your birth date? Doesn’t that kind of need to be called “AGEISM”?!

I went to jail for protesting a war I had just left two weeks before! I am a PROGRESSIVE TO MY CORE and yet I am being told that I’m “entitled”–or whatever nasty shit they want to add–because of my age!

O.K. Sorry, folks. That was a vent and I know it won’t change anything because it has become acceptable to put down a whole group of people in one shot, no matter how unfair and BULLSHIT it is!


Thinking people know better than to broad brush a whole generation. But then, thinking people seem to be in the minority these days.




I’m a boomer. My generation had it easy in lots of ways.

There’s no denying it.
College tuition costs have soared.
Housing prices, too.
The generations that followed ours have less net worth and more debt at comparable ages.

Beyond that, ByeDone is right about the party.
The d-party establishment will not back EIMFA.
What the actual voters want is a separate matter.


Medicare for all is a money maker for the nation, Capitalist pirates want to privatize every last penny they can squeeze from an already austeritized and increasingly unhealthy population.

Medicare for all as it exists at 100%. Executive order. For national security.


I’m glad for you but a lot of us were born into poverty. I don’t think I “had it easy” at all. As a matter of fact, I joined the military for all the wrong reasons to have a chance at getting ahead. Well, THAT didn’t turn out so well since there was a war going on at the time.


Well, just now on his show Hartmann argued FOR Centrism, Incrementalism, PACs
Is he going to do it to Bernie again like he did in 2016?


I loved grandma and grandpa too, but trust them to be POTUS? Please.

Of course we shouldn’t distrust ol Joe based solely on his age. We distrust him because of his track record of being a corporate shill. The bat shit-senile-crazy old man stuff is just the cherry on top.


Yep, It’s the Track Record


Complete BS. To understand why just plug Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren or FDR into your formula to see how rankly prejudicial it is. Shame on you.


Can’t tell if you’re agreeing with his ageism or not.

That’s why I never watch that Democratic Party shill. He blames EVERYTHING on republicans and never ever talks about the Dems corruption. Thom is a sheep herder. He is a millionaire and pretends to be one of the people. He uses the lesser evil bit all the time. Threw Bernie under the bus and supported Hillary.

Bernie 2020


I’m 69. I worked like Hell for Bernie last time, and I’m donating ever couple of months and getting ready to work like hell again. IL Primary is 3/17/20. — St. Patrick’s Day !!! LOL

O.K. Boomer" Is a pejorative but I ignore it.


That’s nice but completely evades the issue of ageism. Do you think Bernie should be disqualified because of his age?


The thing about derogatory words, I won’t mention any here, is that if they’re ignored then they get normalized, even at progressive places like CD.


Explain why it’s BS (to this boomer)?
We currently have a POTUS who is obviously suffering the throws of early stage senility. Normally that would be fine, however that dingbat has the nuclear football and can enact almost any law or policy he wants at his very whim.
Judging by Joes recent performances, he’s in the same crazy train as Trump.


Yes, in fact he cuts anyone off if they even start to head towards being honestly critical of the Party.
SInce you can’t fix a problem that you can’t talk about I have to wonder if fixing the Party is of any interest to him,.


Just because you say you’re a boomer is irrelevant. Lots of stigmatized groups use racist and sexist terms and are regularly, and rightly, denounced for it because of the evident lack of self respect and cravenness it involves. You still run away from the Bernie and Liz issue. Are they too old to be prez?

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