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'Where's the Party? Come On, Man': Biden Claims Democrats Not Down for AOC-Style Progress Like Medicare for All

Biden speaks for the corporate Dems/Corporate Establishment controlling
the party – and he should know. These are the fake Democrats/DINO’s.

But they’re resisting a tidal wave of liberal voters who want action versus Global
Warming – a Green New Deal – and MEDICARE4ALL.


Biden had better get his tired, corrupt ass out of politics before he ends up busted for all the crimes that got him where he is.

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Biden is the perfect example of what is wrong with the DP as it now stands: Centrist Conservatives control the party and couldn’t care less about what Americans want or need. They hate AOC and all those who stands with her and have always done everything in the power to keep them marginalized and out of office. He’s a freaking dinosaur who still talks the talk of being able to work with the RP. Even Obama will not endorse him so that says plenty and I am no fan of Obama who sold all of us out. Biden cannot beat DT and neither can any of the others in the game. Not even Sanders and DT will eat Warren like a fast food burger with fries. Bottom line: The electoral voters will assure DT another 4 plus. Say goodbye to Medicare and Social Security, and MORE.

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No not the ageism (hell I’m 69)
One of my main goto themes here and other places is that ‘talk is cheap’ especially in politicians. The telling element is the Track Record. This is why I dont’ trust or would ever support Biden or any of the others regardless of age. Outside of Bernie, the ones that have track records pretty much stink and the others haven’t been around long enough to have a track record and therefore I wouldn’t gable. Liz make me nervous


Actually neither Biden nor Bernie are boomers. The max age of a boomer is 72. Everyone is commenting away about the silly response of “ok Boomer”, which I also dislike – it is stupid. The point of the article is that Biden with his folksy “c’mon man” is telling us the party is not there. Maybe the party he knows is just way too full of itself. I am a boomer who is there, been there, for Bernie since 2016. Nearly left “the party” over 2016. It is well past time for the DNC to catch up to the people.

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Well, maybe you’re correct. I’ll have to keep this in mind going forward. I’ve always just ignored it, but maybe I shouldn’t.

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Your statement is complete nonsense and a good illustration of the fallacies of generalization. The best of the Boomer generation fought tooth and nail against wars, against racism, against sexism, against environmental destruction, against economic inequality, against the dehumanizing rat race, and the list goes on.

Indeed it is a list that includes most of the positive changes that have taken place between the 60s and now. The negative changes, of course, outstrip the positive ones, but they have been forced on us by the very power configurations the progressive Boomers fought, the very kinds of people (Reagan, W, Trump) you so wrongly name and foist upon that heroic generation.

And what did the progressive Boomers get for their efforts? They got assassinated, infiltrated, framed, beat up, imprisoned, and marginalized.

You should read more, my friend. Read about Cointelpro. Read about MK Ultra. Read about the Black Panthers. Read about the CIA/FBI infiltration of radical and progressive groups and their hijacking of the agendas. You might learn to better understand what is happening now.


Just a little off topic, but enough related I hope so I can ask the questions here.

‘Every hyperinflation in history has been caused by foreign debt service collapsing the exchange rate. The problem almost always has resulted from wartime foreign currency strains, not domestic spending.’ Hudson https://ellenbrown.com/2018/12/17/this-radical-plan-to-fund-the-green-new-deal-just-might-work/

Who wants to explain this? So few words to debunk such a popular argument. And it seems like two different things. Argentina owes the IMF or some vulture, it pays in dollars, dollars become scarce, the exchange rate goes up. Due to sanctions, Iran can’t get dollars…same deal due to a different cause. Do I have it right?

In a way it seems like the latter applies to us; to fund things like the F-35 in part we need to borrow from China. I’ll bracket out the exchange rate in this case…in this case simply our access to dollars (or small business’ access to dollars) is “crowded out.” Right?

Brown’s got a similar article in 2019, but my search cited “exchange rate” in this '18 article, and these rate thingys are a bear for me.

This interview is pretty much exactly why I am not voting for Joe. Not now, not ever.

Veteran '66-68


morgan –

Very much enjoyed reading your comments and agree will all you are saying –

Except for this minor point …

We all need to stop allowing these right wing corporate-fascists to be called
“centrists” or “Conservatives.” They are nothing of the kind.

The nation has been pulled so far to the right that now the center is the right wing.

The truth of Conservatives was that they had respect for Nature, were against
exploitation of Nature and moved in many ways to protect Nature and Animal-Life.
They certainly had respect for the authority of the other branches of government and
for the power of the USHR to investigate agencies, intelligence, and all parts of
government. And to control the purse.

Basically, what Trump also did was to try to violate new regulations put in place after
the Impeachment of Nixon, who seems to have tried something similar at that time,
where Presidents are now NOT permitted to hold up or prevent monies voted on by
Congress from reaching the nation for which they were intended.
There’s another “need to know” here about how exactly that HOLD was put on the aid
for the Ukraine because it was certainly at the direction of Trump and without cause.

And none of the things that Sanders supports are new – the New Deal provided Welfare
for 60-70 years which prevented homelessness. And provided permanent Unemployment
Insurance which has now been reduced to 2 years – and which also helped prevent
homelessness. That was a protection against workers being enslaved and forced into jobs
that were unacceptable to the worker – and which didn’t provide fair compensation.
Yes – more people are working right now – but I’m wondering how many have gone back
to work at 2/3rd of the salary they were previously making?
There was also Rent Control which pretty much limited rents to approximately 1/4 of
monthly income. And there’s some talk again about trying to reinstate limits again on rents.

Also – there were colleges and universities which provided free education –
In fact, California was one of those states until Ronald Reagan became Governor there
and overturned them At that point all of our colleges and universities were being corporatized.
If not militarized by the MIC and its influence over colleges and universities today –
in fact, with too much influence over youth even at the high school level.


Yup. You got yours. Good for you.

Well, whatever it is I got, I point out that being a Boomer helped.

College was cheap.
Housing was affordable.
I was lucky.
All Boomers were in relative terms.

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No, Biden. You and the corporate wing of the Dems won’t have Medicare for all because you believe it will scare off your huge private donor base and by default the voters. Here’s a novelty, Joe: AOC and Bernie stand for Medicare for all because it is the RIGHT thing to do. Doing the right thing, not the logical thing, what a concept. You should try it some time, Joe. I’m not holding my breath.


Sorry folks, but Biden is an idiot. It has nothing to do with ageism, it has to do with his record.


We all should. Creating, weaponizing and demonizing demographic groups is a key strategy of the right wing and we shouldn’t mimic it. Bernie never does that because he’s trying to build a national support base by changing the conversation from white supremacy to class oppression, racism and sexism.


Neoliberal incrementalism is crawling to the right. They really don’t tick any of the boxes of actual Democratic voters. New Deal policy all the way.

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Ol’Joe may be an idiot, however, he’s a very useful idiot to those forces who want to continue saying we citizens can’t have a decent country for all. Powerful forces inside The Swamp don’t want their taxes raised, they’re taxes used for M4A and, they certainly don’t want the status quo disrupted in terms of MIC/Police & Security State appropriations and Neo-Con ( New World Order ) foreign policy.
Just look at what happens in the alliance of NATO nations in the coming future. The expansion of NATO is the expansion of the 1%ers
and the NWO/ Neo-Conservative agenda. This requires vast sums of formally budgeted money and a large amount of dark money, hidden by the sleight of hand of people supporting Biden, Bloomers, Petey the Mayor, Klobuchar and Booker, at least. Like Obama, the moderate Dems are a front group for the 1%ers and the Neo-Cons running a NWO agenda, etc. And, in the end, they’re all crooked as a dog’s hind leg and mean as hell to about 50% of the population. They have to be to achieve their ends.
If Biden is an idiot he’s an Exceptionally Useful American Idiot.

Useful idiot, yes, but the reason to oppose him is not his age, but hs terrible record.

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All in Congress have health care for all – compliments of the taxpayers!

That should be overturned until the Congress passes MEDICARE4ALL.

True. And common sense ain’t so common.