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'Where's the Party? Come On, Man': Biden Claims Democrats Not Down for AOC-Style Progress Like Medicare for All

Yea, that’s a good point.
What do you suggest?

That applies to some but not all. The word “INDIVIDUAL” seems to be slipping by these days as it is just so much easier to fit people into a comfortable BLOB instead of evaluating on merit.


Well for one thing not having bigoted terms like “yes boomer” in your subheads.


Having followed Biden for a long time, it’s very difficult to tell when he’s being disingenuous and when he’s jut lazy and uninformed. He’s coasted a whole lot of his career. Either way his statement is just dead wrong. The primary electorate is firmly behind MfA and a Green New Deal and subsidized tuition. Every poll shows this. It’s hard to tell who he thinks he’s talking to, but it’s not going to help him in any way. As for the “OK Boomer” thing… can people maybe acknowledge that they’re talking about affluent white people, and maybe question therefore whether this is helpful at all? Most “boomers” are struggling to pay for heat food and medicine, because this is America. In what way does this point to progressive values and policies, claiming that one generation is screwing another? It’s the rich screwing all of us. If you don’t understand that, I can’t take you seriously as a leftist.


Joe Malarkey sez:
“But where’s the party? Come on, man."

Cheech Partyman: “Hey, man, it’s Party! Open up and let me in!”
Malarkey Chong: “Who?”
Cheech: “Party, man! It’s me; c’mon, I got the health care. Open up!”
Chong: “Party’s not here, man!”


Bu “my generation” you mean middle class and upper middle class white people. Most “boomers” are struggling to pay their bills. Rich people and their outsized influence on policy, that’s the problem. Some of them are old, some of them are young. All of them need to be less wealthy and less powerful or the rest of us are ****ed.


Establishment dems won’t back progressive agenda…this is why legislation that helps working people never gets done.


Yes, they are.
Did we learn nothing from Reagan? Nothing from Trump? Are you saying that the 25th amendment shouldn’t exist?
You seem hell bent on changing the subject of this article, which was to point out how just out of touch Joe is with the views of the democratic electorate, and of course his provincial views, and his inability to keep his feet from his mouth. Hopefully those backward assed views of his are a result of some form of senility. Because if they are simply a result of him being an arrogant out of touch asshole that makes him very dangerous indeed.


And many boomers keep voting against their own best interests.

Ole uncle Joe his mind is moving kinda slow at the junction. Petty coat Junction. Lol. Seriously the majority of DC politicians have been so owned and controlled by the corporate campaign donations, they are clueless to what their constituents want. I’m in the insurance business and the larger the pool of insureds the less risk to the insurer. The largest pool is the 330 million population. End of story. Also the disingenuous cost claims are ridiculous. What will the total premiums paid to current health insurers over the next decade ? Don’t you think there will be profits after the claims are paid. Let’s compare those numbers to Medicare for all and it will be a no brained !!


You’re slip sliding away from your defense of a bigoted term. I never said anything about the 25th amendment. That’s a ridiculous dodge. But I’m glad you concede the point that “boomers” is a mistake. And the point of the article is that Biden is a corporate tool and bought out opportunist. Using bigoted terms for people born before a certain year is what’s different. Same for the right wing’s use of “snowflake” to describe young Bernie supporters. This is divisive and stupid and people on the left should fight it.


Another boomer here (68 y.o.), and of course ageism is wrong. But Biden’s support is heavily concentrated in the over-60 age bracket. It is silly to deny statistical realities; rather, we should try to understand their causes. It strikes me that older people have, on balance, accumulated a certain amount of wealth over their lifetimes that they are understandably trying to protect. Of course, there are a lot of poor elderly, but my guess is that age highly correlates with wealth. Secondly, older people on balance become less flexible, less amenable to change. Thirdly, older people tend to depend heavily on corporate media for information, owing to less developed computing skills and ignorance of alternative news sources. These are real problems. It doesn’t make one an ageist to point them out.


Last thing I’ll say on this. Pointing out economic demographics doesn’t make one an ageist. What make one an ageist is invoking trendy bigoted terms to stigmatize an entire social group.


Biden is out of touch with the electorate and the 100 million that didn’t bother to vote in 2016. He is serving the same interests as Hillary does asJohn Kerry who endorsed Biden this week - centrist Clinton/Obama bots, all serving big-money and profits above the people’s interests and any sustainable future. That myopic stupidity and DINO establishment constipation/arrogance enables the R’Con nutters and corporate/banker/Wall Street/insurance industry parasites feeding off the rapidly disintegrating middle class and poor.

The future lies with other than that corrupt mindset and servitude to wealth and power; it lies with people of conscience, with the new generation of voters and youth that see the truth of corrupt politics and party hierarchy for the deceit they try to push - like Joe “credit card” Biden!

The future lies with the issues championed and personal integrity shown daily by Bernie Sanders, as he has shown his entire political life!


I never said using the term “OK Boomer” was a mistake. As a matter of fact, it’s a pretty accurate summation of the views of that particular generation. You know, the generation that gave us Ronald Reagan, W, and now Trump.
My generation, the Boomers, have quite simply been a disappointment to the American body politic. They were told by their parents, the WWII generation (the arrogantly self described “greatest generation”) that they were the most selfish and entitled generation ever. That same moniker that the Boomers so hated but has now been picked up by them and used to denigrate generation Xers and millennials.
And now that Boomers are struggling because of their poor choices, instead of looking in the mirror to see what the problem is, they are trying to project it others.
I wish the millennials and genZers luck. They’ll need it, but we boomers have, by in large, been no help at all.


I don’t come from money. Middle class at best.

I paid my own way at a public state university here in MI working part time as a waiter and janitor.
My student loan debt was only a couple grand – payments of $77/month.
My first “executive” position in New York City paid $15k/year, but I could afford an apartment in Queens.
With only one roommate not five.

Sure, younger people paint our generation with too broad a brush.
But frankly, carl, your life experience is leading you to paint our generation with too narrow a brush.


There are Boomers in their late 50s.

And guess what, Boomersplaining is annoying even to a Boomer like me.

None of which has anything to do with ByeDone being a Boomersplainer whose message is about lowering expectations and Bernie being the type who prods toward uniting into a mass movement driven by the need for big solutions to big challenges.

And personally, I don’t care about either of their ages. Just policy positions.
And the candidate I dislike most in this race is the youngest.


Seems like lumping Bernie and Elizabeth in with other old people as incompetent is going a little far. I think you missed the bus. Age might make your grandpa and grandma senile, but what evidence do you have for Bernie? There are those in their 90s or even 100 years old with their mind completely intact. You can’t argue with that.


About 60% of people who identify as democrats are capitalist, militarist, consumerist, feckless, shallow people who disagree with the GOP on a few social issues such as immigration, abortion, LGBTQ rights, public schools.
They love Hillary, Mayor Peat, Biden, Obama, Pelosi.
They want the earth-killing luxurious American lifestyle and empire to continue.
They’re enemies of change and progressivism.
So Biden does have a point, it’s just too bad he’s regressive and doesn’t want to lead the party in a progressive direction.


I am a lot older than Biden, but it is clear he is still living in the past. He is not the future, but AOC and Dems like her are the future,