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Where's Tillerson? Secretary of State Ducking Press Amid Reports of Being Sidelined


Where's Tillerson? Secretary of State Ducking Press Amid Reports of Being Sidelined

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will embark on his first trip to Asia next week, visiting Japan, South Korea, and China. In what some journalists are calling an unprecedented move, he will not travel with members of the press.


I have an idea. Why don't you journalist fly commercial airlines like the rest of us citizens. Maybe you will have a more objective viewpoint instead of a pampered one.


When you name a senator or congressperson, you should identify him or her by party affiliation as well as state.


"America, F-yeah!" The Trump supporters I know have tuned out, and are ignoring the so-called Administration's blatant subversion of traditional US protocols of so-called transparent democracy... while the so-called, pink-cat-ear-hatted "resistance" might as well be howling at the moon. Is it the GMOs? Flouride? Chemtrails? TV "programming"? Background radiation? Vaccinations? Or just plain ole Stockholm Syndrome?

Ignore-ant pod-people are a poor excuse for humanity and are being handled like excess slaves on a putrid and stinking, slowly sinking, unmaintained and unmanned "ghost ship." But the slaves don't seem to care, as long as they have their tv, time-share, I-porn titty shows, fantasy football, and on-line shopping, all supported by crappier-all-the-time slave jobs!

It's over- somewhere in a remote chalet or private gargantuan yaught, the real powers that be are clinking their glasses, puffing on nice cigars, and raping/killing/eating children, exclaiming, "Mission Accomplished!"

RIP Earthlings- see you on the other side :wink:.


I guess Tyrannosaurus Rex still thinks he is the CEO of Exxon; not a government employee working for all of us. No embarrassing questions allowed!


The masks are off. The gloves are off.
These so-called people see no need for the pretense of acting like public servants.


Does anyone care anymore? The entire political system has been abducted so far into authoritarianism that almost every issue raised by the 1%T-Rex tRUMP is meaningless. Did the press traveling with Hillary stop her from coup-ing Honduras or destroying Libya, or prosecuting US Empire all over the world? What point is having a press free to be utterly worthless for the social needs of the 99%? Getting into this FAKE conflict is a mirror of the FAKE differences between the TwoParties. Either way we are screwed. We need to make Policy and they, the lawmakers, should be hired legal technicians to make it so or be fired!


It's simple really. The cabinet picks were chosen not to run their respective departments but instead to dismantle them. All the day to day operations of government will be done by rump's inner circle of advisers.


Coup! Coup! Coup. Trump Family coup of United States of America. Thank you to all you Trump supporters.


Good points. That is the one thing I have to agree with DT about: " the press is the enemy (of the (99%) of the people".
What free press?


It is fairly clear that Tillerson is simply continuing to act as Exxon's representative with any foreign leaders he meets. Any actual foreign policy decisions are handled by Jared.


I think it is only on the plane when the press really has access to the secretary of state. It has nothing to with being pampered. It concerns obtaining information about the government, a vital function of the press in a democracy. This appears to be yet another attempt by Trump to undermine democracy and move the country toward authoritarianism.


I confess to a vicarious thrill witnessing corporate media and corporate government fighting among themselves. :laughing:

Online Direct Democratic Party by Tor


Perfect description. There should be a minimum requirement to be considered 'human' such as a conscience, a social one that is.


I do believe their travel is paid for by their employers. It is work. The intent is that they report on the travels of the secretaries and staff. Not just travel. But Hate the press.


That's all he wants you to agree with him on. The rest is easy.


As much as I disdain and have commented on fake news the media has fed us since 1996 telecom ownership consolidation legislation, we would be hard pressed to find anybody or any organization in the Western Hemisphere that has created anywhere near as much fake news as Donald Trump and the GOP during the past two decades.

Perhaps Tillerson needs the seats on his aircraft that were formerly occupied by media to provide enough room for his international cadre of oil barons to occupy so he can make more secret deals enroute ?


I bet T-Rex doesn't last a year. He's reached the highest level of his incompetence. He's an empty suit.


Ya like dat must be in the constitution, right?


Looks like Don and pals are making a fool of this sack o' woe. They've proposed to cut the State Dept. budget by 37% - no comment or appeal from Rex.