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Where's Waldo? A Brief History


Where's Waldo? A Brief History

Christopher Brauchli

Th’ Raypublican Party broke ye, but now that ye’re down,

we’ll not turn a cold shoulder to ye. Come in an’ we’ll keep

ye-broke. —Finley Peter Dunne, Mr.Dooley’s Opinions


In an age of ever diminishing privacy, can we expect great leaders who have no closeted skeletons to emerge? We learn (hopefully) from our mistakes. Things in the past should be considered differently than things ongoing. Things that affect one's family should be considered differently than things that affect one's ability to govern. Society needs to evolve to distinguish between what is pertinent and what is irrelevant.


"We all know how dispiriting it must be to have the party held up to ridicule because a conservative part of the party continues to make trouble for the few of its members who have a semblance of (if often difficult to discern) good sense."

How can they "purge the poisons" from the Republican Party by getting rid of a conservative part of the party, when the entire party is conservative?

Perhaps Republicans should change their name to the "Nazi Party". At least they won't have to disguise where they're coming from. As Trump's big lead shows, they may even get more party members.


Why are you sugar coating Newt Gingrich? The most delusional, devices, loathsome republican of the 90's (well maybe Tom Delay). Wasn't there fraud charges swarming around him also but you know how politicians rarely get charged with wrongdoings.

Newt is why I would never consider a republican candidate, before him I party did not matter when voting, looked at candidate. Not anymore. How many $$$,$$$ did he spend investigating Clinton's. Why does he get air time on talk show, because of selective memories even of a liberal writer? or am I delusional.


Great leaders are capable of Good and Evil. In an age of ever pervasive government corruption, I'm afraid that your skepticism (cynicism?) is warranted. I truly fear the great leaders that may emerge...


Maybe not, but I sure would prefer that effective leaders like the last governor of NY, or a potentially promising presidential candidate from N. Carolina back in 2008 not get hounded out of office over personal conduct on personal time that involved no misused government funds.