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Whether Fire or Water, Studies Say Climate Impacts Will Soon Be At America's Door

Whether Fire or Water, Studies Say Climate Impacts Will Soon Be At America's Door

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Americans in many cases have been slow to acknowledge the real threats posed by global warming. But two new studies out Monday found that people living throughout the United States could soon see their communities forever altered by higher seas and raging forest fires.


The only disagreement many of us will have with this article is the projected time scale it cites. By the end of the century is not a call to arms as we saw at the end of the last century. Try talking about the changes that are expected by mid century which is a date that many if not most, expect to see!

By mid century, only thirty years away, there will be enough changes occurring to the climate that worries about the end of the century will not be the issue! In thirty years…exactly what will happen to Miami’s economy? What happens to Southern Florida when that massive mega storm hurricane finally hits?

The author cites a best case version of climate catastrophe. Some cite a much higher rate of sea level rise for example. Somehow it seems far less likely that the best case version of climate chaos will happen by the end of the century. By mid century, we will see the signs of the dire future that lies in store for us.

By mid century, forest fires (and 120F temperatures) will possibly be so immense that letting them burn will mean sacrificing whole cities and towns in some cases. Sea level rise might cause the permanent evacuation of cities like Miami or Venice!

We can’t yet know but damn …based on how much has changed in the last thirty years in terms of climate then the next thirty years will be horrendous!

Thirty years is an eternity in our climate change reality! The republican deniers may reject this perspective and will insist that you should buy some beachfront property from them in Miami but then why are they trying so hard to sell their properties now?

Oops I forgot, you aren’t allowed to say climate change anymore in Florida. The republican governor said so!!!

One can only assume that the denier denies his denial. Perhaps he can hold back the incoming tide with his command.

It’s been tried before.


Can’t agree more, Wereflea.

“Mathew Hauer, a demographer at the University of Georgia, estimates that by the end of the century as many as 13.1 million Americans could too find themselves displaced due to rising sea levels.”

It boggles my mind every time I see projections for 2100 - it’s as if they are designed to keep people from paying attention, or like these articles are filtered to make sure no one actually worries. It’s always what’s going to happen at the end of this century.

No one currently living cares what happens in 2100. Certainly not enough to change current behavior.

Climate change is NOW ripping apart states in the Middle East and Northern Africa (and Europe, more slowly) Florida, coastal North Carolina and Lousiana are sinking, India is building a wall to keep out Bangladeshis. Civilization as we recognize it won’t be around in 83 years, at this rate.

2100 is not “soon”. Not in human terms, anyway.


I heartily agree though I disagree with you…lol!

What you say about climate I agree with. However what you say about whether we or civilization will be around by century’s end …I disagree with!

My belief is that the gloriously beautiful bountiful good green Earth that sustains and supports us will have become a horror show but guess where we will be? Right in the middle of it just as you might imagine!

Maybe the oceans will be dead (or too toxic with red algae, dead zones and filled with jellyfish to swim in) and the forests laid bare and we are surviving eating GMO foods and vat grown meat and possibly eating alternative food (artificial foods containing basic nutrition supplements added in etc).

Maybe the world’s wildlife will have disappeared except for the inbred remnants still kept in zoos and the entire surface of the planet covered by humanity choked cities and suburbs capable of housing some 12 to 20 billion people…


There’s no place like home… even under those toxic conditions!

Maybe we will invent faster than light travel or teleportion (more realistic actually than FTL) in time? Hope so.

Good luck kiddies!


And then there’s always Soylent Green.


Incidentally, the most neglected, significant climate story is the fact that atmospheric CO2 has continued to rise faster than ever, while anthropogenic carbon emissions have held steady. This signifies having passed an ominous turning point: the global ecosystem (oceans, forests, and thawing) has transformed from a carbon sink to an increasingly threatening carbon source.

The only option remaining which has a chance of reducing atmospheric CO2 and methane is an abrupt cessation of anthropogenic carbon emissions. James Hansen denounces the tepid recommendations of the Paris Accord as “just bullshit”.


I am concerned that Republicans will try to repeal everything that Obama accomplished. Americans will have problems selling inefficient cars, trucks, and refrigerators overseas.

When supplies were available. Think back to the scene when Edward G. has had enough and is lying back looking at films of coral reefs and lush green forests, of herds of prancing deer and gorgeous birds and flowers… and he says to C. Heston… “Look do you see how it was? How beautiful it was?”

Young people today (neither you nor me lol) will be his age in 50 years and they will be able to play the role simply from life experiences I’d warrant!

The Soylent Green we won’t need but the global warming and dying seas beckon to us. We will breathe choking air (like Beijing) and eat GMO foods and will have a grand old time talking about it was and how now it isn’t and will never be again forevermore!

“Lions, tigers and bears - Oh my!” Oops, no room - no more. Better make that Rats, roaches and pigeons!

Some billionaire asks us all sincerely… “Hey folks can you spare a dime? I don’t need it … I just want more!”

Good luck kiddies!


By all the past estimates on the global warming/poisoning time line of the early 70’s, we are about 30+ years ahead of original estimates. What has been transpiring now wasn’t to happen until mid 21st century, so we’re way ahead of schedule and gathering speed. Individuals can’t solve this problem alone, it will take leadership with a strong backbone and will to tackle this growing crisis that most folks won’t acknowledge or except. Only when they watch their dreams burn up or get flooded and blown away do they notice, by then it’s too late to do something. The leadership is beholden to corporate corruption and payola, only to forget about the folks that voted them in. A concerted paradigm shift is the only thing that will save mankind, and personally I think it’s already too late. As people watch coastal cities become unlivable, droughts threaten food production, mass immigration to escape war and famine, the oceans dying due to poisoning and excess CO2, folks will ask; what happened to our leaders that were supposed to watch out for us? They will be counting their worthless money in gated mansions, unable to procure food or clean drinking water. And Earth will breathe a sigh of relief.


Well the Republicans voted for ol’ Trump buddy and now will come to realize what a fraud he was as he decimates social programs, regulations to keep air quality, water, seas, workplaces, civil rights, pubic schools, etc. in place. Then watch the ultra rich capitalists destroy what’s left of Earth and her inhabitants. THANX!!!


“Americans in many cases have been slow to acknowledge the real threats posed by global warming.”
Naaaa,Ya think? ,Hell here in central Florida, there are so many dumb asses who simply refuse to believe in real science that it ain’t funny. The seas are rising all around the state and the interior is burning up. It’s only April for God’s sake, and already temps are dancing at the high 80’s most days. It was NEVER like this 40 years ago, or even 30 years ago. Things are getting that bad, that quick. Yet still, so many ignoramuses are listening to Trump, all glassy-eyed and enamored with every word that sonfoabitch says.


You mean governor (Android) §Rick Scott? He was Trump before we had Trump. A test run you might say, and of course in my beloved state of Flori-DUH

Yeah things are happening that quick. I think that is why the elites have usurped control over democracy. They actually believe that global warming is real but they were taken by surprise as to the rapidity of change they are seeing. So they panicked and set out to establish control so that they have a little leeway to protect their investments by delaying even mentioning the term.

Much easier to get that funding for a new hotel along the beach and sell that luxury condo for an extra couple of million while yet the market is strong. Imagine the rate of investment if a massive Katrina style hurricane walloped Miami (and washed away miles of high profit beachfront hotels)?

So shush …we are yet pretending that nobody knows the truth… we have all this beachfront property to sell in the meantime!


Wereflea… you state some good stuff… however, what do you propose will be happening with the over 400 nuclear power plants around the world… we will be “down” some good number of people by then… and other issues… so… who will be babysitting…?

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I just don’t believe that we will fall into complete dystopia that’s all.

However I do believe the natural world of our once bountiful oceans and abundant forests and fertile croplands will suffer a massive collapse. We may not end up glowing in the dark from 400 Fukishimas but we may end up glowing in the dark from the GMO foods and artificial foods that will be all that is left for the majority to eat. Yes a wealthy elite will be able to buy an organic real tomato and not a GMO superglow tomato that grows on toxic residues or whatever like most people will have little choice but to eat…

But eat we will. The natural world will go but only man will remain! How about a glow in the dark hamster burger? Too expensive? Oh well! We will carry on nevertheless.

Oh and so will our roaches and rats and other vermin that we always bring along with us through the centuries.

Wereflea… you know that we only need a few more plants to melt down… and that’s it… there will be so much radiation in the atmosphere… people will be dropping dead, with in a few days, weeks, months and just a few years… it’s already a problem. Say, three more go down over the next 10 years… that’s it…


Hate to say it but look at what Russia did with the Chernobyl emergency. The government forced people to go in. The Japanese government stands accused of something similar with decontamination efforts.

Let us hope that nuclear plants will be decommissioned properly in the future and stored radioactive materials are not released into the environment either.

On the positive side, the Nuclear Industry is entering upon hard times as investments falter. Likely only military reactors will continue while civilian reactors will no longer be built. That is where things stand right now. New civilian reactors are not generating investments. A good sign. Nuclear power is now the most expensive form of energy production. There is little to recommend pursuing that line of research when solar and wind are not only safer but also far cheaper for consumers.

So take hope…things change. People are not stupid …lol …and even if they are…their kids aren’t! Lol

Americans in many cases have been slow to acknowledge the real threats posed by global warming.

Two major reasons for that:

  1. Climate change deniers
  2. Scientists (and others) who keep saying “we have more time”. We don’t have more time. The time to act was the early 70s when the first alarms were sounded. The calamity is upon us and will only get worse regardless what we do now. We can adapt to it, to a certain extent, but that won’t stop it.

Because, because we have so much history showing that this is how affected governments act when facing catastrophic breakdown?
Having the power plants, nuclear and non, along with the roads, airports and railways under water, will not be merely an inconvenience. The millions of dead will not merely be an uncomfortable line of text but will mean mega-epidemics. crops underwater, famine, contaminated air and water and total societal breakdown.
This is the minimum we are risking with the future. There is still the potential for runaway greenhouse gases and that risk will continue to increase. Earth may become a twin to Venus with as much life surviving here as is there. That to me is what we are looking at if we don’t turn this around.
I think I was hoping to find another way but from my recent travels (my bad), Americans are more aware of global warming than those I have met in Africa and Asia where those societies are all following the West’s failed model and the people know nothing of what Global Warming actually means.


All these climate studies are a Chinese hoax? More like an American hoax.