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Whether It’s the New NAFTA or the Old NAFTA, It Serves the 1 Percent

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/18/whether-its-new-nafta-or-old-nafta-it-serves-1-percent

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All “trade deals” are simply corporate capture of the regulatory and judicial systems.


If NAFTA 1 and NAFTA 2 were intended to promote the well being of the worker over the Corporations profits , the Corporations would never have supported these agreements as vocally and as actively as they did.

It that simple. These agreements are always about maximizing Corporate profits.


Don’t forget, Mick Mulvaney is also acting director of the CFPB, which is he appears to be actively dismantling and destroying - he has no time to meet with CPFB advisors because he’s too busy reeking havoc elsewhere in the white house, so he’s firing them and planning to hire a few of his cronies to tell him what he wants to hear…

Mick Mulvaney fires all 25 members of consumer watchdog’s advisory board

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There’s always a massive trade deficit in fairness

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We are all labor – and we exist in chains as Elites dance.

You have to understand that when union people talk about swift and certain enforcement of labor (and environmental) standards, which has been lacking, they are NOT talking about all the provisions which give rights to corporations. THOSE provisions, when violated by local or federal laws to protect people, DO get enforced, by sanctions. For example, Mexico tried to block US corporations from setting up a toxic waste dump across the Mexican border, and were made to open the dump and pay a $16 million fine. NAFTA 2.0 does do away with ISDS tribunals…except for fossil fuels, which are among the most important items disputed. Those are exempted, and fossil fuel companies will still be able to sue for billions if not allowed to do anything they want, and use the ISDS tribunals in which three unelected corporate lawyers rule on the case, in secret. What a deal, eh?

People have to understand that the term “Free Trade Agreement” is a euphemism for “Investors’ Rights Agreement.” The old NAFTA and the new NAFTA are defined as such.