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Whether Trump or Clinton Wins the US Election, What Follows Is Up To Us


Whether Trump or Clinton Wins the US Election, What Follows Is Up To Us

Rebecca Solnit

residential elections are a form of madness that comes over us once every four years. They fit the great-man or -woman narrative of history, seducing us into forgetting how powerful we are. They erase our memory of grassroots power, direct democracy and civil society. Leaders beget followers; people pin their hopes on one person, and with that they seem to shed responsibility for anything beyond getting that one person into office. Or, they wash their hands of any further involvement if it’s not their one person.


Frankly, I don't see anything new in either of her two recent articles in CD. Words, words, words - to say very little, and nothing new.


If Rebecca ever heard of the Page and Gilens study, she sure must not have understood its findings, that Virtually Nothing that the People want ever gets Legislated.

Only the Bribers influence Policy.

That's why Bernie offered such a Dangerous Alternative and why now, to effect any Change, we must go Green.


So I am to understand that Obama's bailing out of the banking industry to the tune of several trillion dollars , his support of ISIS and Al Qaeda in Syria, Iraq and Libya, the ever growing escalation towards Nuclear war with Russia was somehow a reflection of the peoples will?

The march towards corporatism and militarism and the warfare state continued unabated under Barack Obama and will as well under Trump OR Clinton.

Keystone was nothing more than one of the oldest strategies in the book used by that 1 percent so as to maintain their power. It the "give the dog a bone" strategy used to give the illusion of influence.

Under Barack Obama more people that revealed corruption in Government and in industry went to prison then did corrupt government officials or bankers.

Is this a result of the peoples influence?


Well that worked well with Obama, didn't it? He said you (the electorate) need to move me. Well, move he did; right up to the door step of Russia. Great job!


Yes, Jill Stein, Now, and always Green, the dimbots and repubs are both War parties!


“Force a centrist Democrat to deliver genuinely progressive change”? RU kiddin’me? It’s not even Wednesday morning and I feel like its groundhog day! Organize, mobilize, educate, power to the people. Where was the quote from FDR about you got to make me do it? We/ve heard this same stuff from the so-called progressive left every election for the last 50 plus years. And still, that other woman with the only genuine social democratic platform – the Green New Deal - is only polling 4%. Where’s the power in electing corporate lackeys, financial shills, and oligarchic stooges to rule for and over us? Was it that other woman, Emma, who said, “if elections” could change anything, they would be illegal?” How many more groundhog days before “we the people” wake up and see that we are not going to get genuinely progressive change from the top down through the electoral process? We do have power – through our collective action – but right now that power is cultural not political. The real power is in a cultural revolution that people all over the U.S. and globally are building based on autonomy, self reliance and resilience, empowerment (truth force), and solidarity – the uplifting of all.


My disgust is what the media has done to this whole election. I feel like my vote never counted the way the TV announced Hillary the winner before the primary on 6/7/2016.


It likely didn't. Presidents are selected not elected.


I know. It's all the banks and pipelines.


I am with Rebecca, and Hlliary.


I'm trying to understand the majority of the comments here.

They seem to be saying that voting doesn't change anything, but urge us to vote for Stein.

They seem to say that activism doesn't change anything.

So....there's no hope? Is that the message from the majority of the comments here? Nothing can ever get better no matter what we do?

I don't believe that.

I kind of have to wonder if gay marriage would be legal now without decades of gay activism. I guess so, according to the pessimistic comments here, because nothing that gay activists did achieved anything at all. Right?


As one of the first 18 year olds to vote I used to think it was important, it still is. The president is not as important as down ticket reps and local officials. They affect our lives more than presidents, unless they are war hungry. So learn locals and vote for who will best see to your interests. Sorry about the worthless presidential idiots.


The worst thing to ever happen to the left was their descent into conspiratorialism and personalization of all politics - everything is about spooky bad poeple and their bad personal traits and personalities - not bad systems, not bad ideologies. I am convinced that people under 30 or so don't even have any kind of grasp of what "ideology" even means. This whole, deeply wrong, "one percent versus the 99 percent" meme of the now nearly forgotten "occupy" movement was a complete catastrophe for the left.


I'd go back even further and say that identity politics really hurt the Left, but I fear you're right about Occupy. At first I thought that it would be a really good thing that offered a structural analysis of capitalism and its faults, and maybe some tried at the time, but that seems to have been forgotten. But now, it's all just about the "oligarchy" (maybe I'm wrong, but isn't "plutocracy" a better word?) and how it's all "rigged" against us. Well, sure, but that doesn't really tell us much. Even Adam Smith warned against capitalists getting together to screw people over. That's the normal functioning of the system. That's why we had to pass anti-trust laws. We don't need secret societies to explain what's happening. There are bad people, sure, but even without them the structure of the system itself is the problem, not the people taking advantage of it.

The older I get, the more I wonder if Lenin was right about a vanguard, and that just makes me sad.


It is sad. Money buys government and money propagandizes the people. Six corporations own most media sources. All the wealthy corporatists are in cahoots. Including education now as a for-profit system. How does the left get through all this noise? We seem to have been so brainwashed or despairing or feel so powerless. And we are without a movement leader, as Bernie proved. And i desperately hope he continues, and that Bernie supporters got empowered to keep going. Lots of movement leaders are needed, and there are great local ones some places, but a national movement heightens awareness and makes people feel more powerful.


We would first have to come to terms with the fact that we're (those who aren't on the right wing) more deeply divided by class and race than we were a decade ago. I've seen no hint that people are ready for that discussion.


Frankly, the left have largely been drown out of even liberal media. A legitimate left would have been shining a spotlight on our poverty crisis as proof of the grave failures of our deregulated capitalism.


Yes, a result of the people's passivity. Where were the massive demonstrations in the street about these issues? Oh, that's right, they never happened. Everyone was too busy paying attention to celebrity divorces and such.


If elections didn't change anything, then the GOP would not put so much effort into Voter ID laws, gutting the voting rights act, removing names from the rolls of people who are likely Democatic voters etc.