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Which 2020 Democrats Are Taking Money From the Healthcare Industry?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/21/which-2020-democrats-are-taking-money-healthcare-industry

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Good information to have. We need more of it, covering all corporate donations for each candidate. Always nice to match donations against candidate claims and stated positions.


That’s an immediate disqualification for Biden.


We should make politicians wear the logos of their “donors” on the outside of their suits like race car drivers do.


Here’s a good start:



. . . as well as Buttigieg, Harris and Klobuchar.   Gee, I wonder why MSNBC has had Pete, Amy & Kamala in for interviews on their prime-time “news” shows during the past couple of weeks. It couldn’t possibly be 'cause Bernie is stomping them in the polls, could it??  And with Bernie now edging ahead of Biden (per Gallup but not NBC’s own more limited – and slanted – polls), the establishment will soon
be getting desperate as their chosen chumps start falling off the stage one by one . . .


The politically expedient “pragmatic evolution” will start to show it’s ugly head soon. This is where they “adjust and fine-tune” their original positions on the popular issues that they have been on the wrong side of from the beginning. Like Hillary did with many issues last time around. And, like last time, the “progressive” talk show hosts will try to sell it for them “see hillary said she now supports $15/hr, she right there with Bernie now, aint she great”. That trick is getting old but they will try to shovel it again when the time comes.

Fewer and fewer people will buy that crap going forward


This should be no surprise, but it should be widely broadcast to the general population. If you’re looking for change in American healthcare, you ain’t gonna find it here folks.
Biden is the guy who carried dirty water for the banking industry and made it harder for poor Americans to go bankrupt.
He’s the Go-To guy for Wall Street if they want Republican Lite.
“But he’s electable…”

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I sure hope you’re right, Phred –   But I sure ain’t holdin’ my breath!

Biden would have been the slightly less evil “Lesser of Two Evils” as compared to Krooked Hilliary, and might even have beaten Tveetle-Dumb in 2016.  But now that the RePoopLickens are fully in charge of both the Dept. of Justice and the SCOTUS they’ll double down on rigging the election. I seriously doubt a political wind-sock like Joe could possibly win, much less a baby-faced boy like Petey or Bait-Oh; it’s going to take a tough old bird like Bernie or Liz to do the job.

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Candidate Biden is willing to cover MOST Americans with PRIVATE INSURANCE COMPANIES and is also willing to allow the Millions of people that cannot afford coverage DIE.

Bernie wants to cover ALL AMERICANS.

Got that Warmonger Joe.

Bernie wants to cover ALL AMERICANS without paying PRIVATE INSURERS Exorbitant Administrative Fees to deny Health Care procedures that would save PRIVATE INSURERS MONEY, But jeopardize the lives of their premium payers.

JOE you are either too stupid to understand the enormous Benefits of Medicare For ALL or you are unethical and immoral for caring more about your Big Donors than WE THE PEOPLE.


In looking at campaign fundraising, it is always important to separate industry PAC contributions from individual donations from people who happen to work for the industry. Then, in looking at individual donations it is important to separate the large contributors from the small contributors.
On this last point, here’s a list of selected candidates from opensecrets.org showing total raised from individuals and percentage of individual contributions from small contributions
Biden ( 22.0 million, 38% from small donors)
Booker ( 9.5 million, 21% from small donors)
Buttigieg ( 32.3 million, 49% from small donors)
Castro (4.1 million, 60% from small donors)
Gabbard (3.5 million, 61% from small donors)
Gillibrand ( 5.3 million, 26% from small donors)
Gravel (0.2 million, 97% from small donors)
Harris ( 23.8 million, 41% from small donors)
Inslee (5.3 million, 45% from small donors)
Kloboucher (9.1 million, 35% from small donors)
O’Rourke (13.0 million, 55% from small donors)
Sanders (36.2 million, 77% from small donors)
Warren (25.2 million, 67% from small donors)
Yang (5.2 million, 67% from small donors)

Bernie’s is certainly doing well in that data.


This article demonstrates very clearly why we have a CORPORATOCRACY and not a democracy. Big money wins elections – pays for ads, campaign workers, speech rallies etc. The corporate-compromised Supreme Court ruled that candidate “donations” are free speech. It costs so many millions to win a rep. seat, a senator seat, governor, and presidency. Last I heard it was about 3 million for a senate seat but I could be way off by now. Without the “donations,” you lose. So there are corporate bribes before, during, and after office (million dollar speeches etc.). Guess who the winner represents?

We need public run and regulated elections, caps on “donations”. And, stop the corporate bribery. It is interesting that AOC and Senator Cruz agree on banning former office holders from being lobbyists. That’s a small start but the real key is stopping the corporations from buying elections and later office holders. If office seekers do not need corporations to get and keep office, maybe, just maybe, they’ll represent the people and not just big money. The “corpses” of course will fight such a thing with all they got because a bought government gives them tremendous advantage to have their way with us such as another idiotic immoral war. The only way this could ever happen is that somehow we the people would have to make a louder noise that all that corporate bribe money. Some where down the road after more senseless wars, a plurality of starving homeless voters, and more people dropping dead in the street from all the inflamatory microwave radiation/frankenfood/Roundup we are being tsunamied with, it might happen, if we are not too far gone by then. Gopherit


They already have rigged the election; the SCOTUS handed down two decisions recently affecting 2020, we all heard endlessly about the census Citizenship Question. But for some reason the corporate mainstream media failed to report the other decision: Gerrymandering by the GOP is OK!


I’ve made that suggestion myself in the past (here). But are we willing to put Bernie Sanders in this same situation, he certainly doesn’t look clean himself if you look at his record here: https://votesmart.org/candidate/campaign-finance/27110/bernie-sanders#.XTZulyZ7lhE
Earlier this month, in comments section on a Tulsi Gabbard video on Youtube, I had to correct someone who seemed to think that Tulsi was running her campaign exclusively on individual donations. Many might have the same mistaken impression about Bernie Sanders (not that he isn’t far and away the best candidate).

Incidentally, I gave to Mike Gravel’s campaign, and then got an email informing me he had made it over the top, the 65,000 individual contributions to his campaign to get him a place in the next set of debates. But then I found this at NPR web site:

Former Alaska Sen. Mike Gravel qualified based on donations alone, but under the DNC formula, polling is given greater weight, thus he didn’t make the cut. Ten candidates will be debating each night.