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Which Part of the 1930s Did You Not Get? Americans Finally Learn To Cooperate On A National Suicide Project


Which Part of the 1930s Did You Not Get? Americans Finally Learn To Cooperate On A National Suicide Project

David Michael Green

Americans have, in recent years, managed to secure for themselves a false and therefore undeserved reputation as a people so politically polarized that we can’t agree on even the simplest things anymore. That seems to me a bit unfair.

True, red-staters are puzzled by the concerns of those in blue states, and sometimes you can hear them mutter: “Y’all say ‘gun homicide’, ‘teen pregnancy’, ‘infant mortality’ and ‘morbid obesity’ as if those were bad things!”


On Obama, I vacillate between him either being a pathetic, weak coward; or a narcissistic con man who has no convictions and knows full well he was put in power to serve the elites and move the Empire forward. Either way, he was a disaster as President; and a war criminal to boot!


Wow! This is great commentary that lets no one off the hook. Thank you, David Michael Green.


The Clinton/Podesta/Obama cabal thought they were pulling the wool over the eyes of the American people with their neoliberalism. They weren't. One graph shows why Hillary lost and the Democratic Party is now a minority party. http://www.politicususa.com/2016/11/09/graph-shows-hillary-clinton-lost-democrats-vote.html Democratic voters stopped voting. Excellent article, thanks.


As an addendum to DMG's remarks: To cement the image of a clueless place-holder, Mr. Obama awarded medals of freedom yesterday(? - reported) TO - Hollywood celebrities and sports heroes. Meanwhile Snowden is exiled in Russia, Manning and other defenders of truth, honesty, and legality are in prison or utterly banished and ruined. Watching the news reports of that ceremony I was embarrassed for all, not least for this sorry, sick, scab of a nation.

Yes DMG hit his mark on just about every volley. And Trump will return to the conservative tradition of awarding those medals to liars, cheats, and war-mongers.


With Hillary Clinton's lead over Donald Trump in popular votes now surpassing 2 million it is clear that as a whole Americans favored Hillary Clinton as the next president. So either something funny went on with the vote count or the way the electoral college is set up is does not come close to reflecting the will of the people. With Clinton having won the popular vote by at least 1.5% it is clear she was a candidate capable of winning and many more people voted for her than for Trump. The problem seems to be that three states that always vote for the democratic candidate this time voted for the Republican. All the polls showed Clinton had a good lead in each of these states before the election, even after James Comey strangely alerted Congress about some e-mails that he knew absolutely nothing about. American's understood the 1930's but even though they favored Clinton by a pretty wide margin and supported democracy she still lost.


Instabilities are the only way to create the possibility of/for change. To stand on the edge of the apocalypse - as the author says we are - its as necessary as it is dangerous. I think we can deliver.


Clinton was a terrible candidate, as shown by the fact that she got 12MM less votes that Obama did in 2008. Blame it on all the boogeymen you want, but the sheet fact is that the neoliberal wing of the democrats has to end and give people something to vote FOR.


While I agree with the general thrust of the article there should be a greater recognition that the seeming "ignorance" of the electorate is due in great part to the main stream media which have become little more then a propoganda engine for the 1 percent. This the same media now writing headlines about "Fake news" sites and that same media that wrote about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and Qaddaffis troops taking viagra to commit mass rape.

Here is another example of that "fake news" with the media claiming "The last Hospital In Aleppo" destroyed over 20 times in the last year.

Liveleak was on the list of "fake news websites" that same mainstream media is reporting on.Now a good many of the links are from peoples twittering the destruction of said hospitals, yet the MSM uses the same as "sources". It got to the point to where the spokesperson for the Whitehouse one John Kirby , on being asked to identify one of these Hospitals , implied he did not have to give an answer as RT was not a legitimate news source. Mr Kirby referred to the same type of reports as his source.

That said SOME amount of credit has to be given to the members of the American Public who are able to divine the truth even as they are saturated with a daily dose of lies. This mass awakening will take some time yet but everyone, the world over, will be better off for it.


Clinton wasn't a terrible candidate. In fact she won all three debates which is better than Obama did. Obama was a great candidate. For an African American to win the election he had to be a great candidate. And so was Bill Clinton a great candidate. Hillary Clinton was a much better candidate than John Kerry, Al Gore, and Michael Dukakis. But she had a handicap because her last name is Clinton which is a name hated by Republicans. She was someone who has been the victim of claims about scandals which turned out to be phony for over two decades. So as much as many Republicans could not stand Donald Trump they also found it impossible and cross over and vote for Clinton. Nevertheless Clinton got many more votes than Trump, who was able in the end to get enough regular Republicans to vote for him to win the electoral college vote while still losing the popular vote by a sizable margin by flipping three blue states. The fact is that small conservative states have a big say in the outcome of presidential elections and because of that sometimes the majority of Americans do not get the candidate who they voted for.


Vote rigging wouldn't surprise me. But how ironic if it did happen to Hillary since the same charge has been leveled at the Dems against Sanders.


Sanders clearly did not lose because of vote rigging. He lost by about 4 million votes and 400 pledged delegates, It was not close enough for any rigging to be a factor and there was no hard evidence of any rigging. The presidential election was a lot closer. Apparently there is a difference of 55,000 votes in three states that Trump flipped. That seems close enough for rigging to have played a role. It is a little hard to see how Clinton could have won the popular vote by over 2 million votes yet not have flipped a single red state and had three blue states flipped by Trump. Maybe that is just what happened but it should at least raise some questions.


Wow, Professor Wonderful,

So Obama was only Inept, not Corrupt.

"I also doubt whether there has been (a President) with anything remotely close to Obama's total lack of understanding of the Presidency, itself..."

This surmises that he actually ever had any thought of improving the lives of Anyone, or Anything, besides the Intelligence, Military and Financial interests that control Our Country, and he so ably served.

This article, like all of Prof Green's articles, is entertaining reading, but the thought of his Captive Audience of students getting this flawed perspective, so articulately and glibly delivered, peppered with so many good and true observations, yet missing the True Meat of the Matter, gets to me.


Actually if people had gone to her website they would have seen a whole range of detailed policies that would have benefited them. Just her belief in climate change and policies to address the issue should have been enough for rational person to vote for her rather then some clown claiming that climate change was hoax by China. Clearly the problem wasn't Clinton it was the voters. They voted for their own demise and the demise of their children. How stupid is that. What is a Democratic candidate supposed to do it so many voters are so dumb they would vote for a climate denier?


She won california by 2MM votes, NY by 1.5MM votes and lost the rest of the country.

She lost because she had nothing to offer working class people who are severly struggling. She ran completely on being a woman and not being donald trump. It was almost enough to win, but there was nothing of "hope and change" in her - just more of the same. He had all the identity politics wrong, but was at least promising to help the upper midwest regain jobs again after 30 years of Clinton-led decimation.

Let me put it an easier way. SHE LOST TO DONALD TRUMP. Donald freaking Trump!!

How can you say she wasn't a terrible candidate? She lost to the most disliked person ever to run for the presidency. The fact that it was even close is a sad testament to how abysmal a candidate she was.

Her, and the entire neoliberal order, need to be banished from the democratic party forever. Let them move back to being republicans and let new deal democrats retake the party.


Wisconsin voted for Scott Walker several times for governor so maybe it is a lost cause. The Democrats probably need to forget about that state and go after states like Georgia and Texas which are getting bluer. Any state that keeps voting for Scott Walker as its governor has got to be a problem for any Democratic presidential candidate.


Clinton gets no free pass. Obviously she picked up more votes than Trump on the left-coast where most people are liberal and voted for her regardless of her failings. But it's electoral votes that count.

Hillary deserved to lose, period. She knew the rules of the game and the game is electoral votes. Without the electoral college the largest and most liberal-leaning states would "pick" our presidents, the rest of the country be damned. Hillary is neither a liberal nor a progressive. Maybe if she had actually talked to a few voters that had lost their homes, or jobs, or health care she might have made a difference -- instead she spent her time bellowing how "America is already Great!" as she hosted $100,000 a plate fundraisers and did flyovers from coast to coast with Beyonce, JayZ and Jon Bon Jovi in tow. She's damn right, America is great for the few, Clintons included.


Yes, Wow! I'm drawing a deep breath and thinking..."Well... now that you bring these issues up, I tend to agree (tell us what you REALLY think). Puts a finger right on the pulse of what's been bothering me about President Obama, especially during his second term, which I believed would be far different from his first. McConnell and the Republicans who have put party above country with every president since LBJ (who knew how to keep them in line) are deplorable to the point of treason, of course.


No one believed anything she said. And, most of her policies were "more of the same" as Obama. She misread the electorate that they wanted more of the same when people desperately wanted a new direction.

In her speeches to Goldman, please see her "public position" vs her "private position" and ask yourself why anyone would believe anything she says to them?

Stupid is believing a known liar. (don't get into lesser evil of Trump because i also think he is a horrid human being and am ashamed that we elected him)

To blame the voters a candidates being completely unable to address their needs is hubris. You are effectively saying "she was wonderful, but those voters were not deserving of her". Get over it. She was a terrible candidate who should never have been nominated and now she, and all her ilk, should retire and leave the rest of us alone.


What was she supposed to offer these people? Their factory jobs aren't coming back. The factories are coming back but not the jobs. Because of automation factories need about one-third of the workers they used to employ. She did offer them a huge infrastructure and green energy package that would have created many jobs. She had a program to help coal mining towns as those jobs are phased out. She opposed the TPP. I think the economic stuff is simply cover for voters who want this country to me more white. One thing Clinton wasn't offering was a whiter country and Trump was. That is probably why he did so well in those type of areas in the US.