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Which Republican Will Call Out Trump For Rationalizing This Hate Crime?


Which Republican Will Call Out Trump For Rationalizing This Hate Crime?

Bill Scher

Donald Trump’s ability to say offensive things and continue to rise in the polls has cowed other Republicans from attacking him directly for his bad behavior. Jeb Bush and Rand Paul have begun challenging Trump’s conservative bona fides, a sensible attack line in a Republican primary. But some comments are so beyond the pale that to ignore them is unconscionable, regardless of the political implications.


Trump is just saying what most conservatives think but won’t say.


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How about they return that area from Texas to California, to Mexico? Then we can talk about deportations!


If you watched his show you would have seen a bully in action. He only liked other bullies. We, as a nation are supposed to be working against bullying! It looks like the bullies are winning!


Yes, Trump is simply an abusive, intimidating white man is testing the boundaries of Americans who know better and fellow party members. Trump is being fueled by the cowardly and spineless non-response he is receiving.
When will American women and others who can easily identify that his behavior has nothing to do with politics but all to do with aggression, abuse and intimidation, call him out for who he really is or are we to understand that American will stand by while he embodies a new version of hitlerism and nazism in America!