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Which Side Are We On?


Which Side Are We On?

Kathy Kelly

“On the one side, powerful military bureaucracies, influential and richly financed weapons industries, their lobbies, their captive legislators, those for whom paranoia or past wars are a way of life,” he wrote. “On the other side, only reason, the will to survive, the inarticulate poor
—John Kenneth Galbraith, forward to the 1978 edition of Ruth Sivard’s
World Military and Social Expenditures, quoted in the NYT obituary for Ruth Sivard


Kathy Kelly is an angel. On the side of our better angels and the inarticulate poor. BLESSED ARE THE PEACEMAKERS.


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I fear words are not going to stop the MIC bankster juggernaut. We need the sand of our bodily protest heavy into the gears of the machine. Nationwide strikes and blockades.


Clearly, these kids are a stark threat the USAian way of life. They don't take guns to school, they help labourers, they don't like war, they want to be educated, they enjoy school, they think that the money spent on weapons and war should be spent on socially useful activities.

Time for Mr Obama to polish up his assassination-by-drone list. After all, they are merely Muslims.


I have tried here and elsewhere to teach non-violence, to turn the other cheek and that silence can give peace a chance. These kids and their teachers will go on to spread the truth of non-violence. This is where it all begins, at this age. Nobel Prizes for all of them. It may not seem like much, a few kids a few teachers but what did Buddha, Gandhi and MLK start with? I'm old, my kids are grown...but...if they weren't this is one school they'd be spending time attending.