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Which Side Are You On? A Question for Labor Day—and Every Day

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/09/02/which-side-are-you-question-labor-day-and-every-day

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I can’t say this here (or anywhere) often enough; UNION YES!!

I retired at age 54 with a modest pension from a Teamsters local and am 72 yrs old now, AND couldn’t be happier. Not a millionaire or even close, but my bills are paid, my modest house if paid for and my 5 yr old car is paid for, AND I still have a couple of bucks left over.


They should call for repealing Taft-Hartley.


Seriously? Just vote for Democrats again? For those who are sick of bait and switch Democrats, eagerly telling you whatever you want to hear, then endorsing more corporate predators, try the Green Party.

We need to know who the union haters are and stop the preaching to deaf ears.
It’s past time to rattle some cages, impress some wisdom, point some fingers, and and sharpen the pitchforks.
There are more of us, than them. Let’s take advantage of that. Or do we like the constant pushing around that workers are used to?