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Which Side Are You On: Still Blocking the Coal Train In Harlan County

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2019/08/25/which-side-are-you-still-blocking-coal-train-harlan-county

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I think the article didn’t explain total grievances. OK, three weeks back pay.
What about pensions? Gone?
Stock in company at all? No. Bankrupt.
Vacation due. Gone?
Other items?
What about company assets? Are they frozen?
What about suing? Standing in line with other claimants, i m sure.


Their “enemy” is not only the company holding back owed wages but Bitch McConnel as well. So…I guess that means they’ll re-elect him AGAIN!

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You’ll Never Leave Harlan Alive
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I hate it for these coal miners. You know they voted republican because they believed the lies they were being fed by the republicans. Talk about voting against your own best interests. Conservatives try to say us progressives have been voting against our best interests. Wrong, its the other way around. Labor who votes for conservatives are the ones voting against their best interests. I wish laborers would learn this lesson. Conservatives have historically been at odds with labor. Why does labor get fooled so easily?

Bernie, take a few hours off the campaign trail, grab some beer, and head to Harlan County to sit on the tracks a spell. Take an army with you and maybe sing some Woody Guthrie tunes. When you leave, tell the army to stay. Populist progressives win when they see folks in trouble and go help. They are us no matter who they voted for. Forget politics, this is class warfare and these brothers and sisters need our support while their union has sold them out then abandoned them.

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Good idea. If someone Would help Moscow Mitch across the street during rush hour it would be greatly appreciated.