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Which Side Are You On?


Which Side Are You On?

Sonali Kolhatkar
A powerful song written by the wife of a union organizer in 1931, popularized by the radical folk singer Pete Seeger and later adapted by the civil rights movement, perfectly expresses the moral question of our particular political moment: “Which Side Are You On?” I hear the refrain of that song in my mind each time I read about a fresh new horror in the ongoing crisis of forced separation of undocumented immigrant families by Presid


For a deeper look at immigration and taking sides, try this:



“They will find themselves on the wrong side of history—the same side that Nazis, slave owners and lynch mobs were on.” Well-said. Sadly, a very large chunk of this country’s citizens are firmly and enthusiastically on that wrong side of history. They will not be remembered well.


“Homeland security”=POLICE STATE>>>>>>>>>>WAKE UP-------The supreme court has destroyed the Bill of Rights. We all have a natural right to be free-----we all have a natural right to clean water,land, air and food to sustain our selves.


“White House Bible Study Group”? Sessions, Nielsen, Pence? I’m surprised that their Bibles didn’t spontaneously burst into flame.

We certainly do need to build a “Big Beautiful Wall”. A much stronger wall between Church and State!


I read that some children are sent away and there is nothing—not even a paper trail to say where they have gone or where they are. One source notated that adoption agencies are taking some. OMG.

I read in Al Jazeera a few days ago, that this stealing kids for adoption is a very old scam. In fact, since people are bringing up nazis, this was an article about Israel, when Holocaust victims arrived . Many were not able to have children due to physical issues…but here was another horror for the Arab Jews. These women went to Israeli hospitals to give birth--------------- but were told that their babies died at birth and were sent home without their babies or even a death certificate . Arab Jewish babies ----- were adopted out to European Jews--------while the Arab Jews lost out on their own children
This was happening 70 years ago--------and I’m sure that this inhumane scam has been adapted quite successfully and acted upon with all of the terrorized immigrants from around the world.

Children sent away like Hansel and Gretel ----into the woods----------without even bread crumbs to mark their trail. I’m beginning to hate the for profit prisons and adoption agencies-----because they seem not to work for people, but only for profit. : (


Immaculate immolation?


This is one of the difficulties with espousing a deep compromise during an election.

I have read and listened to Kolhatkar before, and I am certain enough that her heart is on the right side of the immigrant issue. I suspect that I would find the dominant theme of the article, to dichotomize this as though there were truly two simple camps with little significant nuance between, to be a relatively benign one were we clearly dealing with only this single issue. The decision that systematically traumatizing children is unacceptable really is not complicated.

In a larger context, though, the dichotomy becomes a real problem. Look at this rhetoric:

“So which side are Americans on? On the side of Trump and his child abusers or on the other side?”

I certainly think the abuse should stop. But if “the other side” means the butchers of Libya or Syria, the internationalist finance mafia rather than the nationalist bigots, I’m not on either.

And I do not find myself somewhat aligned with either any more, to my disappointment.

Yes, let’s get those kids and their parents together. Yes, I’d like to feel I had allies that stay with the struggle beyond any one particular event. But in the wake of the last few years’ events, the “sides” theme here gets creepy.

Were this just me, it would not much matter, of course. But most people no longer find any leading party particularly representative.


Yeah. 1400 kids “lost”?–followed by the news that some are being tortured by government personnel in Virginia.

There’s a lot more to unravel here.


My thoughts also. Separation of church and state and all that…

Isn’t this illegal as if that makes any difference in a world where all the mighty go forth with impunity while the poor go to prison AKA detention centers, correctional facilities or kindercare.

All paid for by the tax payers of which the rich are exempt.


Yes, and follow the money trail. This is not about “National Security”, that very convenient cover. It is about racism. It is about keeping the Trump base manically distracted. It also is
about the billions of dollars in Government contracts for “detention” to enrich the shareholders
of the Geo Group, CoreCivic, and others. Incarceration and detention have become very big
business in this country. There is a reason their stocks have gone way up since the 2016 “Election”. Do people know what’s in their portfolio? Do they even care?


You have seen the light, stardust. This “zero tolerance” BS is just that. This is about keeping the cash flow surging into the pockets of the Punishment/Detention/Cruelty Industry. Sadly,
the Base of Trump/Republican support seems to really get off on this.

Sonali is right. One must be on one side or the other of this issue. I am not, and will never be on the side of Trump, Sessions, Nielsen, ICE, CBP, or DHS!


Given the reprehensible actions of the trump regime and its lap-dog subservience to Israeli racist extremism, and trump’s ripping Latino families apart, separating them, with children moved hundreds of miles away from parents, some into foster care, the linked story is relevant.

We have seen the extent of Israeli subversion of our politics, Congress, foreign policy and electoral processes, there are also numerous other malevolent influences including “training” US cops in “crowd control” by Israeli forces inside Israel - the same sniper murderers of “crowds” of unarmed peaceful protesters in Gaza, teaching US cops and potential linkage with increased cop murders of Black and Latino Americans instead of Palestinians.

Now there is the revelation (and immediate cover-up, and hiding evidence/documents by Israel) of kidnapping babies of immigrants and giving the stolen babies to Israeli Jews.

Has the Israeli racist influence reached into the US border atrocity? It certainly has reached into the WH! E Israeli supremacist racist bigotry and violent military policy are exported to many areas of the world, especially the US where they have subverted our sovereignty, Congress and WH to their own malignant ends/agenda!

_"For nearly 40 years, everything about Gil Grunbaum’s life was a lie, including his name. _

He was not, as he had always assumed, the only son of wealthy Holocaust survivors who owned a baby garments factory near Tel Aviv. Grunbaum had been stolen from his mother by doctors at a hospital in northern Israel in 1956, moments after she gave birth.

His biological parents - recent immigrants to Israel from Tunisia - were told their child had died during delivery. They were sent home without a death certificate and denied the chance to see their baby’s body or a grave."


The role of trumps “senior adviser” the odious Stephen Miller especially in the family separation policy and its racism foundation, must be noted: Miller was “the driving force behind President Trump’s decision to enforce the family separation policy”. His role in that and cultural background as it relates to his demonstrated racist links, actions, mindset, and tribal supremacist mythology should also be examined.

Millers right-wing extremism and moral depravity caused 17 Jewish groups to write an open letter to trump WH demanding Miller be removed!

The trump regime is full of de facto racist and white supremacist sentiment, dialogue, and actions…including the legend-in-his-own-mind, trump the great!