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Which Trump? Early Signs Not Good


Which Trump? Early Signs Not Good

Ralph Nader

Optimists are hoping for a Trump makeover. They cling to his brief victory remarks suggesting that he wants to be the “president of all the people.” In his 60 Minutes interview following the election Trump said that the protestors were out in the streets because “they do not know me.” They recall his statement some months ago that he had to say outlandish things in order to get greater media attention and reach more people than his Republican primary competitors.


With all due respect to Mr. Nader, I don't think it is going to be the "billionaires and senior-citizen patriots" who are going to save us. Those are the folks who brought us Clinton, and by way of Clinton, now Trump. Rather, it will be the younger generation that propelled Bernie through the primaries that will clean up this mess. In 8 to 12 years their demographic will have enough strength, and enough of the "senior-citizen patriots" of which I am one will have died off, that they will be able to bring change.


Thanks Ralph for your article - very worthwhile read.

And yet !!!

"Then there is the explosive crackdown on immigrants – many of whom benefit millions of Americans by working in low-wage jobs – that can produce daily turmoil, not to mention the exorbitant human cost of breaking up families in communities across the country." (from the article)

You have bought in - hook line and sinker - to the modern capitalist paradigm.

Just how do low paying jobs for disadvantaged immigrants help anyone but the financial oligarchs in their pathological search for ever more profit in the hands of the few????????????

"As I would not be a slave, so I would not be a master. This sums up my idea of democracy, and whatever differs from this, to the extent of the difference - is no democracy."

  • Abraham Lincoln


Let Trump start messing with Social Security and Medicare and watch those "senior citizen patriots hit the streets."


Nobody knows what it is like to be president until they are president. Given his temperament, reliance on lying, lack of knowledge about domestic issues and foreign policy, the reality that the best people do not want to advise him, and his reputation of not taking advice, the next four years should be a disaster. Nobody is really prepared to be president. Many presidents have successfully grown into the position. Maybe that will happen. He has to change. Others have so maybe he will too. But there is no reason for optimism.


"advocate for transforming... governance"? Yes, I guess I am! Thank you Ralph, and please see my forthcoming book, FEMALING OUR FUTURE: How to Restore Women's Voice.


I agree. Yet I lament that by the time the young get a chance to seize power away from the old guard, it will be too late and they will inherit an irreversibly dying world.


According to Nader, everything would be so BAD for USA in the next four years...to a point, may be we could have Obama run the country on Emergency....

Actually, first two years would be wonderful...Then next two years will have all the thieves come in and suck the system out...In the mean time...enjoy the show.


I hear ya, but I don't think he'll change. I think he'll become more entrenched than before, with a "it's my way or the highway" attitude and then some.He will never "grow", but only continue morphing his bellicose ego into a more greedy, power-hungry demagogue than he already is


I'm one of those olders who supported Bernie. And there were others.

Don't write the boomers off so fast.

Billionaires probably of whatever age.


Drumpf may once have believed his own BS about working for the working man (doubtful), but there is no way that he will follow through. He knows that if he crosses the people who run the republican party, his days will be numbered and we're talking about president Pence. If he steps out of line, he's gone. The repubs once were good on impeaching Nixon, so there is no reason to believe that they'll stop with Drumpf.

Given how much the wingers pay attention to what is really happening, it will be no problem at all for the Koch's and Fox to convince them that Drumpf has gone over to the enemy and has to be taken down. There are already winger groups forming to make sure he keeps his word, and the republican movers and shakers can easily co-opt them if they haven't already.


There's a little bit more to it than that. Communities that have a large number of Hispanic immigrants, documented and undocumented, also have a vibrant economy with restaurants, grocery stores and all the other services that small entrepreneurs are so good at. When the Migra comes through and removes a large part of the community, the whole thing goes into the toilet. This has happened more than once.


Yes, of course texasaggie - I understand what you are saying.

But aren't you proving my point?

Yes, our common humanity sees in these immigrants fellow beings - often vibrant and seeking a better life.

But as they are not US citizens - their communities are subject to destruction.

This benefits whom?

Everyone loses - save those same moneyed interests I referred to, for whom turnover is just a part of the business plan.

Low, non-living wages are not restricted to immigrants - and this too is toxic to everyone but those same few moneyed interests, who are not smart, just ruthless.

It is often said these days, in a renewal of 'Technocry' thinking, that macines and robots will set us free, giving us more leisure time etc...

But this too is toxic.

A man needs to work - it is his inherent right - and not only that - but at a satisfying job that contributes materially to his community, and pays the bills without recourse to food stamps and government aid.

In effect, we now have governments subsidizing big corporations through aid programs - welfare if you will.

Also toxic in the long run.

This puts those so disadvantaged into the position of veritable slaves - dependent upon an often abstract bureaucracy.

It has taken me many years to see this system for what it is - to see thru the PR - the SPIN - the smoke and mirrors of a highly developed propaganda machine.

The artists see it much more quickly.


Blah, blah, blah. All words, no action. Trump is immediately impeachable and indictable for crimes already committed, as was Hillary. Get rid of him or suffer the same fate as the Germans in 1938 who could have summarily removed Hitler and instead, well... we see what happens if criminal minds are allowed to seize and hold power. How many times does history need to be repeated before we learn from it?


I am also one of those boomers. Standby folks, it is about to get real when Medicare is repealed or replaced. We should all send a jar of Vaseline to Don at Trump Tower so that he can adequately prepare us for what is to come.


Trump's personality was shaped at a very young age and included merciless bullying that over time played a major role in driving his brother to an early grave. His sociopathy is just a hair away from becoming psychopathic with his hubris fired by the pending power of the presidency, which he is already sensing/embracing during this "transition." The condescension his mannerisms and expressions (choreographed for emphasis) displayed during his meeting with President Obama were disgusting. His narcissism is pathological. There is NO WAY IN HELL that he will change as his behaviors/strategies have, in his mind, served him well thus far. DJT is the quintessential Haedes-dwelling shape-shifter.

"There is also the success-oriented narcissist. He/she will be your friend and keep you close to him/her as long as you are useful. Once you do not have anything more to offer and he/she has taken all they wanted from you, you are history. You are no longer desired, wanted, or sought." Now, who does that sound like? (Wonder how Putin would react to DJT throwing him over for another favorite/flavor of the moment?)


Greed is no longer good, it is now gold.