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Which Witch Are We Witch Hunting?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/11/26/which-witch-are-we-witch-hunting


The whiney little bit€h in the White House.

He’s drawn a bullseye on himself for all to see.


The witch is in the mirror, looming large right behind McCarthy’s ghost.
The disloyal opposition resurrected him.
Mud wrestling with a tar baby in a fever dream, as reality closes in. A fitting end.

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Oh yes, no doubt we are under assault from him, and the TV business, and, yes, I do believe in “presidential harassment”, and it is us regular people that are being harassed by the grotesque goon from the People’s House, the White House! Have pondered if it would be possible to sue that worthless SOB into shutting the fuck up. It’s unbelievable how wearying that bastard is, all I can really hope for is that RBG, bless her, outlives that monster, well, I hope I see his funeral on the teevee myself. Sorry for the negativity everyone, but…you know how it is. May all have the ThanksGiving they desire!!

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Extrapolate from the life of a WWE fan to the public at large, and you may just get the answer…

“Whenever I ask those who object to my methods to name the objectionable methods, again I hear parroted back to me the Communist Daily Worker stock phrase, irresponsible charges and smearing innocent people. But as often as I have asked for the name of a single innocent person who has been smeared or irresponsibly charged, nothing but silence answers.” – Senator Joseph R. McCarthy, from his own second book “McCarthyism: The Fight for America”

You may get the feeling from the title of McCarthy’s book that once upon a time “McCarthyism” was complimentary. It was.

McCarthy was very much right in his documented charges of massive government coverup of commies on the U.S. payroll. See M. Stanton Evans’ landmark 2009 “Blacklisted by History: the Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy and His Fight Against America’s Enemies.”

McCarthy was not the kind of celebrity to get a Lefty’s Nobel Peace Prize. He cut down George Marshall for his role in giving Eastern Europe to Stalin and China to Mao. He humiliated the coverup artist Harry Truman who then decided not to seek re-election in 1952.

Things looked good in January 1954. The Army did not contest the matter of red moles at Monmouth. And it was Army whistleblowers who first came to McCarthy, not the other way around.

His 50-29 Gallup approval in January 1954 only faded after Roy Cohn took a loving shine to G. David Schine and badgered the Army for Schine’s preferential duty assignment. The establishment would get its revenge.

All true prophets in the Old Testament were persecuted. President Trump, like McCarthy, shoulders unbelievable suffering as he takes on the well-entrenched criminal swamp feeders.

Which witch you got, Tom?

It’s a fun article, thanks. But Tom, please, no more CNN. Take care of yourself.

I know that for years you had to watch drivel so that people like me do not have to. It’s not that I don’t appreciate it. You have no idea what a relief it was to throw the TV off the second-story balcony onto a sidewalk. But there’s really no reason, at this point, that you should not find out first-hand.

We are moving from national empires to an empire with little emphasis on geographical locus, in which all nations may be treated as colonies. This is the center of what stands to evolve from NAFTA and TPP: a more or less legal legal basis to deny local populations voice in large corporate actions, so that people cannot raise Not-In-My-Backyard sorts of objections to nuclear leaks, blown-up mountaintops and poisoned river valleys, massive oil spills and pipeline leaks, corporate ownership and destruction of local water systems, privatization of local public transport, or the usual substandard wages and crippled social net.

For the folks riding this particular chariot and their henchpersons, the US is a big target, though certainly neither the only one nor the hardest hit.

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I’d hate to live in your Birchian world. Where visions of Commies always dance and gyrate in your head. Black or white is not the range of your color palette, only red gets that honored seat.
The " nothing but silence answers " is so precious coming from a freak like the windbag McCarthy. Did he really expect someone with two brain cells to rub together; to see an upside in responding to such garbage, masking itself as just more insane political vitriol? This from an overeaching paranoid loser who drank 2 fifths a day?
Talk about a bad case of the DTs.


With Trump, we have Halloween year around. Witches up the wazoo.

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Sorry, this just feels so hypocritical . . . writing at length about something you’re tired of hearing and seeing all the time.

Guess what, Tom. Me, too! Including another piece by you, about none other than . . . as if he’s not gonna luv it, like, the best evuh.

Geez, pleeze.

Trump is a huckster. When he stands in front of his followers I feel put off by those followers. When I look at them see trump shouting, “Jane Doe, come on down”
Then trump hands out his ten dollar gift certificates and 2nd prize paper towel rolls.
His followers are the blue haired, Bronson bus load, game show travelers.

Should the real witches of the world punish the fake-witch-in-chief for calling himself a witch by making his bone spurs grow until he needs to wear high-heel shoes with hollow heels?

Pro-tip for you bro:

A small squeegee on your desk is handy for wiping all that spittle you are spraying on the screen.

Englehart is right in that we will never go back to normal, but I think he himself focuses too much on Trump, maintaining the implied thesis that Trump is our major problem.

But Trump is not our major problem. If we had a functional system, Trump & all his insane idiocy would be contained, he would literally be simply chasing his own tail.

Moreover, if we really had a functioning system, the supposed adults in charge of the 2 Duopoly Political Parties could have easily stopped him in early 2016. But rather, the parties actively enabled him, greased the skids, rolled out the red carpet.

Trump is the most obvious symptom of a so-called political system which is simply an entertaining and frightening facade to distract from the Military Dictatorship which has been steadily strengthening its grip since 1947.

The show is only going to get more bizarre, more surreal. Looking back at Obama, who gave the world more wars in Libya, Syria, Ukraine, who quadrupled drone strikes, and yet who was given the Nobel Peace Prize & who has canonized by Liberals, that is still more surreal & tragic than the Trump years. For Obama re-branded the worst forms of state violence into Liberal Kumbayah. My god, it hurts to type this.


Best satire of the day!

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