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#WhichHillary vs. #OnlyOneBernie: Contrasts Drawn on Stump and Social Media



The 9-minute video shows a TRUE statesman! Mr. Sanders has stood (and often fought) for the same issues for 20+ years. That level of consistency and integrity mean something.

And if DHFabian shows up... I hope that poster listens to the video. Mr. Sanders certainly DOES speak for the poor, along with low wage workers and the vanishing would-be Middle Class.


Where is Elizabeth Warren????
Her "passionate" words on America’s rigged system, corporate crime, Wall Street, Citizen's United etc. etc. will ring hollow and be just meaningless words if she does not step up and translate them into action by endorsing Sanders immediately. Seriously-----what IS she thinking?



I'm hoping the FBI investigation into Hillary's email server use jeopardizing national security comes into sharp focus pretty soon. If the results of their extensive review are as bad as it sounds, she will be a severely wounded candidate that the Republicans will pounce on for the kill. Last night Bernie was asked by a student about it and he changed the subject rather than comment on it. Lt. General Michael Flynn ( former Defense Intelligence Agency Director for President Obama ) has called on Hillary to stop her campaign until the FBI investigation has run it's course but no chance of that happening.


I am here now to proclaim that a Clinton "victory" for the nomination by insider dealing and lying about Bernie will be a hollow one, because she will have alienated a large enough cohort of his supporters to lose her the general election. Not only will we never vote for her, but many, myself included, will actively campaign AGAINST her. Keeping her out of the Presidency and taking the Democratic Party back for the people is FAR more important than one election. And please, quit with the threatening about "The Court, the Court, OMG the effing Court". Yes, that is important, but not as important as taking one of the major political parties back for The People, something that will never happen as long as the Clinton/DLC faction control the Democratic Party. She MUST lose this election, either now or in November.


Another contrast was Ashley Williams of Black Lives Matter being escorted away from HRC when she held up her banner that said: WE MUST BRING THEM TO HEEL. Compare that to what Bernie did in Seattle when people from Black Lives Matter took to the stage and Bernie backed off and was perfect gentleman.


Well, think about it. The GOP controlled Congress will wait until Clinton is the nominee because that is the D candidate they really want to run against. If I had any loose money to wager on this scenario I would. Sorry to put a damper on your hopes, but I am as sure about this as I was about no WMD's in Iraq.

Moving on, what do you think would be a good name for the new political party after the Democratic establishment self-destructs in November?



Robert Kagan endorses Hillary, and Robert Parry doesn't endorse Bernie. Is it any wonder that Bernie's strength lies with the unknowns, not the established punditry?


Yes and even by hook and crook a Hilary nomination will only mean a definite presidency by Donald Trump since so many dislike Hilary so deeply. My vote will go to Jill Stein of the green party but most Bernie supporters will surely vote for Trump over Hilary or not vote at all.


Agreed but the GOPers don't like Trump because they know that Trump will destroy the GOP as it stands.


Wow! I got goosebumps watching that "30 Years of Speeches by #BernieSanders" video. That guy is a Mensch!

Guess I'm going to have to learn what this hashtag stuff is all about, too: between #BernieSanders and #WhichHillary, it just might be worth it... (I'm more used to thinking it's something the kids like to waste time with.)

Speaking of the kids, here's a bit of fun some of them got up to this week.


How about the current Democratic Socialists of America Party just moving in to fill the void?


First full Bernie speech i have heard in awhile. Glad he has broadened what he talks about to include racial discrimination not just class oppression.


Siouxrose, did you get a chance to view the full video of Sanders's speech to Chicago State? Also, on youtube is his meeting with people in Flint. both dated 02/25


You haven't been listening to enough speeches. This really isn't anything new.


Here is my take on it. She is waiting this out, hoping that she can endorse Hillary as the only choice, thereby preserving her chances within the actual establishment that she really never actually attacks. I never have trusted her.

Also, by waiting she is increasing her own political capital to the establishment Democrats – which obviously has been shaken by the real populist movement coalescing around Sanders – as the one person in the party who could ultimately bring in disgruntled Sanders supporters to vote for Hillary. Also, I think she may believe that holding out long enough may force Hillary to pick her as a running mate to accomplish bringing in that support.

All reasons to not count on Warren ever supporting Sanders as an official endorsement.

Edit…ultimately I don't believe that most Bernie supporters would ultimately vote for Hillary, Warren or no Warren.


Should Hillary Clinton win the nomination I don't see why Elizabeth Warren would be needed to get supporters of Bernie Sanders to vote for Clinton. I would think Sanders himself would be the best person to accomplish that. If he is not nominated. I would think he would want to play a big role in shaping the platform at the convention. So I would expect him to put in a big effort to get his supporters to vote for Hillary and try to maximize his influence within the party now that he has declared himself to be a Democrat. If he doesn't win he will nevertheless want to push the party to the left.


If he does that, then he will essentially prove himself to be not worthy of my trust as well. No one with true credibility fight with such passion against what is happening to this country at the hands of the oligarchs, turn around and advance the oligarchs interests.

If that happens, it will show that he is ultimately putting party and person above his principles. Early on I had my suspicions that Sanders might ultimately endorse Clinton, with his campaign being a device to corral support. I then decided to wait and see, supporting what his candidacy has stood for thus far.

If that happens those of us with the means should go OCCUPY the Democratic National Convention and stir things up.


As I recall he has already said he will back the nominee of the party. He has said on a number of occasions he has great respect for Hillary Clinton.