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While Advocates Declare #HandsOffSNAP, Trump Reportedly Wants Even Crueler Requirements for Nation's Poor and Hungry

While Advocates Declare #HandsOffSNAP, Trump Reportedly Wants Even Crueler Requirements for Nation's Poor and Hungry

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

While social welfare advocates have launched a #HandsOffSNAP campaign to protest Republican lawmakers' latest attempt to make Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits—often called food stamps—less accessible, President Donald Trump is reportedly planning to pressure them to include even stricter work requirements in the 2018 Farm Bill.

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Anyone with half a heart finds this horrendous

And how many Americans don’t?

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When a system is allowed to exist where wealth accumulation is on the backs of others those in the minority that gain this capital from others’ labor tend to accrue enormous amounts of wealth and, thus, buy political power and the politician to ensure that the rest of us don’t cramp their “style” (theft of our labor), they can actually impose how the rest of us live.

The drive to destroy unions, ship jobs to nations where wages are desperately low and thus create another desperate working class at home and offer them low wage jobs–if they can even find them–or jobs in the military so they can risk life and limb in unnecessary wars to profit these same exploiters of labor–these all have the same intention behind them, obviously, to increase evermore the wealth of the robber barons. It is never to provide a life worth living for, never their intention to allow individuals to actually thrive in work they love, where they are more concerned in actually cultivating their talents and, thus, contributing their talents to benefit the entire community. It does not have to be about the products of our talents–why should we ever consider ourselves “consumers”? Why, so we can remain on that treadmill of misery the oligarchy have intentionally devised just so they can have more??

What we can collectively imagine is a new way, a revolution of human expectations and longings to paraphrase Marks and a revolution of values to borrow from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

If we had true equality which would make possible freedom there would be no need for such stingy safety nets in the first place. I mean, why the hell should so many necessities cost so damn much?



You are severely being a “buzz killer.”

Before your version of what is coming to all of us, there will be an attack on the halls of government and any and all s/elected officials that each and every politician will need many armed guards as escorts to go anywhere safely.

Please consider the power We the People possess before making doom and gloom statements which only instill fear in our brothers and sisters.

I know that many are very apathetic to current events in our government, however, when driven to “bread lines” everyone will be aware.

Come now, if these people are allowed to eat how will the one percent afford their Gold plated ice cream?

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Christian Republicans manage to overlook the fact that Jesus’ most important issue was to help the poor. Here in New Mexico, our Republican Governor and Republican legislators want to teach the poor the value of work. They want SNAP beneficiaries who can’t find jobs to volunteer 20 hours a week. At about $175 average monthly benefits, that’s less than $2.25/hr. They should teach them about the value of capital investments instead. Investment income is taxed at a lower rate and more lucrative than labor. And where to get the capital for them to invest? Maybe there’s a workshop to teach people how to be born into wealth and privilege next time around.


The wealthy, especially the wealthy that inherited their wealth, have utter contempt for the less fortunate. Contempt for the less fortunate has been encouraged by Fox “News” and the rest of the right wing media. Why they feel this need to attack poor people is hard to fathom.


Baroque USA, better known as Broken USA.


Keep on writing, however, consider “all” the possibilities.

Ignorance by the masses can be overcome.

It takes a people working together with common goals for the young and old alike, to be progressive in their lives.

When it comes down to it, we all want the same things.

Communicating this to each other is essential.

Trump is blatantly sexist and racist. Why is he considered to be a good president when in fact he only cares about the right wing racist slobs?

Far too many Americans not only don’t care, but also will do everything that they can to take these benefits away from other needier people, many are doing it because their phony heretical Christian ministers and fake evangelical preachers are telling them to do it in the name of God! I watch Washington Week on C-Span and one woman called in and said that she was very angry that “the black family across the street was getting $2,000 worth of food stamps per month for a family of three” and they were “just laying around and doing nothing all the time at taxpayer expense.” She said that “these people shouldn’t be getting food assistance at all” and no wonder America is going bankrupt.

Well, for starters, no one gets $2,000 worth of food stamps each month and as far as laying around and doing nothing all the time, that would be hard to evaluate without having more information. However, most people who get food stamps do work for a living but are paid very poorly and have very high low income rents. Her whole rant had a tinge of racism about it because she was a white woman talking about “these people.”

I sincerely doubt that America is going bankrupt over food stamps. Usually recipients get so little that they can barely feed themselves and have to live on shells and sauce and Top Ramen noodles with a little meat and vegetables once in awhile. Sometimes they might splurge on a very small piece of steak, and I hope that everyone in the checkout line doesn’t sneer at them for buying a piece of steak on food stamps. I have seen this happen when a woman with a toddler bought a package of cookies and a bottle of ginger ale with food stamps. Some of these people ought to be forced to live on food stamps themselves for awhile and have no more income and see how they like it. Should I sneer at them when they buy soda or cookies or ice cream and pay cash? I guess they only sneer when people use food stamps. I wonder how they even know this. They must watch poor people like a hawk. This white woman probably got her ideas from something that she heard on right wing media, that is my guess, Men like Limbaugh and Hannity are mouthpieces for people like the Kochs and the Mercers. The Koch brothers want all public assistance to end, even Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, and even meals on wheels, so they don’t have to pay any taxes except for the military and law enforcement. I read this about the Kochs in Democracy in Chains. The Kochs practically own the entire Republican Party and they gave 900 million dollars to republicans in 2016 and plan to give at least 400 million for 2018. This is why the republicans in Congress and Trump are doing these things, to please the multimillionaire Kochs who have over three hundred billion dollars but will never be happy until millions of Americans starve, many of them are elderly,disabled, and young children, and disabled veterans who cannot fend for themselves. These men are like the devil himself, and sometimes I feel like I’m living in an earthly version of hell.

Anyway, what can you say to people like that? Are we Americans, in one of the wealthiest countries in the world, so stingy and mean spirited that we will get upset when a woman with a child buys a package of cookies with food stamps? It seems so, and I’m beginning to think that about half of all .Americans think and act this way. They are bigoted, racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic, self righteous, judgemental, cruel, selfish, stingy, mean spirited, snobby, nosy, malicious, hateful, arrogant, ignorant, entitled, rude, crude, vulgar, gossips that love to think the worst about other people, backstabbing, filthy minded, greedy, ungrateful, uncaring, bullies, and sometimes they are even sadistic and seem to enjoy other people’s suffering, they are illogical and thoughtless and they jump to every conclusion that one could easily assume. They never apologise or admit when they are wrong and never forgive others if one should accidentally step on their toe you must have done it deliberatly. I could probably find more bad things to say about them but that is enough for now.
I have witnessed this behavior and these attitudes many times, especially during the 2016 campagn and right after, but not as much lately. I wonder if people calling out Trump’s bad behavior is making them think twice. I hope so and that this will wake them up.

The problem for me is that I am a bleeding heart liberal and proud of it because I wear this as a badge of honor against people with these attitudes and to show solidarity with others like myself who feel that we are under assault. People hate me because I choose to care and be loving and kind whenever I can. I’m not perfect or anything, far from it. It’s just that someone has got to stand up to these bullies and I can’t let them get away with it.

However, it is making me feel more and more like I don’t belong in my own country. I dont even know if I want to live alongside of people like this. I have seen that many people in very poor countries are much kinder than this and they have nothing, yet they are so nice to be with and fun while far too many Americans make me afraid, angry, ashamed and disgusted, and it is not any fun to live in this country with people like this. I think about moving to Uruguay or someplace.

I am also thinking about fighting back by starting an all Gospel only lay Christian group where we get together like the early Christians did for the first three hundred years before the Catholic Church was started. I’m thinking about writing a book about the perversion of the Christian Churches in America. People are so turned off by bad Christianity that they don’t think that there is any other kind. I am a Christian Liberal who believes in love and truth. See the Christian Left website. I am angry at the desecration of my religion and I want to fight back. This mean spiritedness and cruel ugliness must stop somehow. It’s making me ashamed to be an American.

I think,that they are really very insecure. Most bullies are really insecure cowards. Sometimes the very wealthy have been so spoiled that they don’t have to develop themselves, their money let’s them get away with everything and people will still be nice to them. The other thing is that having great wealth is a real burden. Everyone wants you to donate some of your money all the time. So many good causes need funds. However, it would be very easy to give away all of one’s wealth in one fell swoop to charity. Then they would no longer have wealth at all. This leads them to feel guilty and this guilt makes them angry and resentful. There is also a kind of snobby competition about wealth. The wealthiest are considered to be the top of the heap.

If you never develop yourself and your wealth defines your self worth then the more money that you have the better you like yourself. The problem is that we are really spiritual beings having a temporary physical existence and like Christ said “man does not live by bread(wealth) alone.” We need God to fill us up and no amount of money will do it. Materialistic people don’t get this and they are unhappy but they think mistakenly that more money will make them happier, and when it doesn’t work, they mistakenly think that they need even more. One unhappy wealthy stockbroker realized this and started giving his money away to help people and as he made others happier, he grew happier by sharing and caring. We cannot serve God and Mammon(wealth) both, so we must choose. Some still have chosen Mammon. This is the greatest sin of America, our unbridled materialism and greed. This sin feeds all the others.

The odd thing to me, or perhaps it is not too odd, is that I am disabled and in chronic pain. I am sixty years old and I cannot do what I want to do. My illnesses make me very swollen and ugly and I am overweight on top of it. I can only walk short distances because I injured my back at work when I was young and skinny and I thought I was strong, but I had a genetic defect in my back. Then I developed genetic lymphedema, then fibromyalgia and chronic myofascial pain and the arthritis, then I tore my left shoulder helping my father get up stairs. He fell on me and .I had to hold up his full weight of over 200 lbs. I have painfipul foot problems and heel spurs. They won’t do surgery because of my lymphedema as I am high risk for infection. Because of the opioid crisis the state reduced my pain meds by 2/3 even though I have never abused them for fifteen years. It is now too painful to get in the shower anymore. Yet despite all of this and more, I really like myself and as long as I have enough to eat and a place to sleep, I am pretty happy. I’d take a new body anytime, but I don’t care about money and I would not be Donald Trump or his wife or any of his children or trade places with anyone because it has taken me a very long time to develop my inner self to where I like myself. It seems odd to say it but I really am pretty happy despite everything and all of my losses and failures.

Anyway thanks for listening. I ramble on sometimes. I do get a bit lonely as I don’t get out much.

These are phony Christians but many of them don’t know it. The whole thing was started by bigots opposed to the Civil Rights Movement. Paul Wyrich and .Frank Shaeffer started the idea of the Christian Right and it has grown from there. It is the false Christianity of the KKK and the white supremacists and the Koch brothers. These people are being told by these dominionist Christians that it is wrong for the government to provide for the poor, when it is not because the goal is to get rid of any government entitlements and expenditures except the military and law enforcement so the very wealthy billionaire oliogharchs don’t have to pay much in taxes.

They have actually replaced God with Mammon and their phony “Prosperity Gospels”. They really are not Christians at all but are more like the real enemies of Christ, the Pharisees. Christ spoke about these fake Christians in the Gospel. The phony heretical dominionist so called Christians say “blessed are the wealthy,” reacher than “blessed are the poor” as Christ said. They are full of lies and hate and bigotry. God is a god of love and truth. I need to write a book about this because not enough is written about this. They see homophobia, xenophobia, being anti-abortion and against birth control as being essential to being a Christian even though Christ NEVER mentioned any of these things in any Gospel. They are actually the direct opposite of everything that Christ teaches. This fake religion was created to use to get rid of Civil Rights and to defund public schools to end desegregation. The prolife attitude is really a fake attitude because they only care about life before it is born, not after. The Bible only cares about life after birth, not before. Abortion was sanctioned and legal and practiced during Bible times. It was never prohibited. You had to be born in order to be able to be murdered, so abortion is not murder according to the Bible. Primitive birth control was used and not prohibited. Women had one hundred percent control over pregnancy and birth, men never got involved. It is only since men have become male doctors and gynecologists and obstetricians that abortion or birth control was ever though of to be banned. The birth control ban started with an “infallible” Pope. All babies were breastfed until they were three years old and then they were weaned. See Issac, Abraham’s son.

Therefore, these guys don’t even know their Bibles or their Gospels! Yet due to the help from billionaires and fake TV preachers and their money they have almost taken over all formal Christianity in America with many small exceptions. They are very sneaky. The dominionists want global world domination and so do the wealthy Russian and American oliogharchs. All of this evil is their plan to take over America and rewrite our Constitution and make America into a dictatorship. This is why we must vote for democrats. The democrats oppose this dominionism for the most part, despite any corporate campagn money. It is very hard to win elections when the republican Koch brothers can outspend democrats by seventeen to one and to have to overcome gerrymandering, overly strict voter ID laws and voter roll purges. Now the republicans are even rigging the census and collaborating with Vladimir Putin and their Russian oliogharch friends. They are getting tired of having to spend money on elections so they want a permanent dictatorship like in Russia under Putin.

I hope that this explains things somewhat. Read about Dominionism and Capital Ministries run by Drollinger who is a dominionist but he denies it and he is not telling the truth. He wants to indoctrinate all of the elected officials of the world to influence their governments as he does ours with thrice weekly Bible study for republicans. He is in sixty six countries already. This is what the army of the Anti-Christ does in the end times.

Yes, the evil Koch brothers motto is the vile maxim: “All for myself and nothing for anyone else.” This is the motto of the Anti-Christ, the antithesis of everything that Christ stood for. As Christ was God, this is a direct affront to God. Destroying God’s creation and making war for profit is also a direct affront to God. Bigotry is an insult to God, the Creator, but these men are vile bigots. God stands for truth and love. These men stand for hate and lies and greed. Satan is the father of lies!

Thomas Jefferson was prophetic when he said: “When tyranny comes to America it will come draped in the flag and carrying the cross”. Thomas Jefferson was right. He also said that we would end up “homeless upon the shores that our fathers founded” if we did what we did in 1913, over one hundred years ago with the Federal Reserve.

We must fight this, any and every way that we can, win or lose. I don’t care if I am seen as Don Quixote! I say all for one and one for all! Liberty, equality, and fraternity! Let’s get out our pitchforks and guillotine! Marie Antionette Mnuchin is waiting. I’ll be Madame LaFarge! I want Pruitt first! The republicans are almost all seditious traitors! I will fight these evil traitorous men and never give up until I am dead!

Every American must vote democrat because it is our only chance. The Greens or Democratic Socialists cannot win yet. Let’s get Bernie in this time! Write him in if we have to! That is all that we can do except join real old preCatholic early Christian groups that only follow the four
Gospels and nothing else. Don’t be fooled by phony Christians or phony Republicans. Primary out the DINOS. We need a left wing real grassroots Tea Party!

This is all I have. Any other ideas folks? I am not going to get discouraged. I am mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore! I plan to fight. I will vote if I have to come back from the grave to do so!

Susan, in this society, we are programmed to always look to “the
other” as our tormentors - to look to our sides and “below” us, but
never above.

We are also taught to view ourselves (speaking as a white boy
originally from apartheid Miss’ssippi) as superior to those “others” -
and the worse our lives become, the less we seem to be able to
empathize with those who’ve had it even worse for a very long time.

Reason would dictate we unite against our common exploiters

But we ain’t on Vulcan, are we?

Still, some folks get it (I did, despite my daddy’s membership in the
White Citizens Council and growing up in the midst of strict
segregation), and we can’t allow our rightful pessimism to blind us to
opportunities to open eyes, or at least make plain where one’s true
self interest lies.

In the end, the demographic shifts occurring in these here United
States may be our saving grace, and maybe … just maybe … enough
white folks will suss just who’s screwing with them to tip the scales
toward justice.

Time tells all.

As for Christianity


Sue for defamation of character?