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While Americans Slept in 2019, Uprisings Reshaped Iraq, Lebanon, Sudan, and Algeria

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/12/26/while-americans-slept-2019-uprisings-reshaped-iraq-lebanon-sudan-and-algeria

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Americans are uniquely asleep amongst the countries that need street revolutions, but don’t have one.
That’s why I love the movie “They Live.” It well illustrates the “asleep” theme.
As long as Americans have buffet junk food, plenty of television, movies, mindless theme parks, NASCAR, sports, booze, pharmaceuticals, cheap gasoline, video games, and other shackles and diversions…they’ll allow the country to be taken over by gangsters.


Looking for reasons of why consumerism is the main force in modern times the answer is a bit more complex. But one main driving force is the efforts by ALEC to destroy the educational system which is pretty much a done deal.

Worthless educational programs and the distraction of mass media propaganda plus the major part of the population are working dopey jobs which milk you of any desire to learn and use your intellect.

In 1973 the American Legislative Exchange Council or ALEC was founded by “conservatives” to dilute power of the EPA, destroy price controls and put their own into positions of power to further destroy the country for the regular worker citizens. They are and have done an almost complete job with the help of the evangelist groups.

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